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Multiple Settings Searching for partners! (multiple ideas and fandoms inside!)

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To The Stars Who Listen
ello! I’m searching for a some new RPs! I don’t have many rules, just a few ‘requests’ more like. I prefer my partners to be 18 or over! It’s nothing against anyone younger, I’ve seen people younger write beautiful things. However, I’m 23 so I prefer to not write with minors. I’m not picky about post length as long as what you’re writing gives me something to go off of! I do prefer to use discord just because there is more creative freedom there but I will use this site if you aren’t comfortable with that!

Now onto the fandoms! I will put ** by the ones I’m really craving but all of these have my interest! ( I am to canon x canon, canon x oc, oc x oc. I am also open to all gender romantic pairings as well!)

••I double, I do prefer to do so to have more to write but I’m okay with just one pairing as well!
•The Hunger Games** (I have a few different ideas in mind for this, feel free to PM if you’re interested in hearing them!)
•Harry Potter (all eras)
•Star Wars
•AHS (Coven specifically)

A specific Marvel Plot~

•Old Flames
I have an OC who was taken by the government after Steve flew the plane into the water. She was friends with Steve and Bucky before so in an attempt to recreate Steve the government tested on men and women, one being her. She was frozen since she was a successful case. She is unfroze to help fight against Thanos but disappears with the snap. After she comes back she helps with the final battle of Thanos and like Bucky, has to attend therapy. Bucky didn’t see her during the battle for obvious reasons, so they attempt to rekindle their friendship while they heal from their trauma. (I need someone to write Bucky, I am of course willing to double up and write any canon you would like for you OC or canon ship.)

Random Plots

•God x Human
In this RP the God would fall in love with a human. As they slowly fall in love the human begins to gain powers like the God, only to find out later the God is losing their powers. As it a curse placed among the all Gods who love humans.

In which a sailor is on a voyage to discover lost treasure when they are lured in by a siren. (This could be enemies to lover, platonic, romance, whatever, there are many possibilities)

*Dystopian Living
The idea is that this is a dystopian setting, the world is not as we know it anymore. This would involve a lot of world building (would there be districts, factions, etc) however when someone is deemed a criminal or accused of treason they are threw beyond the borders to survive. Do they live? What really lies beyond the walls?

•Murder House [Loosely based of Murder House AHS]
2 long time friends decide to buy and flip a house together. Muse a is a skeptic to supernatural things while muse b is a firm believer in ghosts, demons, so and so on. When things start to go amiss at the house it puts a strain on their relationship until eventually muse a has to save muse b and is forced to confront those supernatural entities.

I also enjoy things like

•Historical Romance

Basically I like a lot of things so feel free to ask about anything, chances are I might have an interest!

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