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hi everyone! after a hiatus due to school, i’m finally back online and ready to find some new rp partners! i’ve got a few rules for you to please please read over, then we can get to the good stuff!
lowercase is for the aesthetic only!

about me:
my name is bucky, and i'm a 17 year old canadian high school student! i'm really interested in psychology and cooking. i can speak three languages, prefer coffee crisp over any other chocolate bar and peach juice over any other drink.

the rules:
1. please be over the age of 15! i myself am 17, and i’d prefer to rp with someone close(r) to my age.
2. we might not click-- that’s okay! if we get a couple replies in and you just aren’t feeling it, let me know! no hard feelings, no nothing. in turn, i’ll give you the same respect: if i’m not feeling the rp, i’ll let you know. if you don’t wanna do that, that’s okay! i’d prefer to be notified, but i too have anxiety. if i don’t hear anything for a week, i’m going to assume the rp’s done!
3. proper grammar, punctuation, etc. this one’s a given. typo’s + punctuation errors every once in a while are a-okay, we all make them, but please use spellcheck.
4. i love long replies! i match the length my partner writes (with the exception of short replies: you’ll never get anything less than a paragraph per character from me.) , so please feel free to write as much as you want. that being said: try and keep the length of replies for your oc and my character’s interest an even length. a couple lines or so difference won’t bother me, but don’t give me a 5 paragraph essay for your oc and a one paragraph reply for my character’s interest. please no one-liners: this will make me lose interest and drop the rp instantly.
5. i love being friends with the people i rp with! it’s gonna be a lot more fun if we can chat and get to know each other.
6. please be patient with me. i reply at least once a day for sure, but please give me a couple hours for those longer replies. i’ll definitely let you know if i’m going to be super busy or offline for the day. if i don’t reply within a couple hours or so, feel free to send me a (nice) reminder!
7. long term! i’m not lookin for a ‘we send two replies then dip’ kinda rp. with the exception of rule 2, please please give the rp a little bit to get to the good stuff.
8. this is supposed to be fun!! wanna change the plot? cool. wanna start over? lit, let me know!
9. i’m not gonna write NSFW, sorry babes. kissing & shit is cool, but making out & NSFW is a no-go.
10. i do doubling, aka oc x canon character! my original character’s are, for the most part, all nonbinary. i’m fine with fxf, mxm, mxf, bascially anything goes here lads. (canon x oc meaning i write my oc and your character’s love interest, and vise versa.)
11. in the case of canon relationships: i ignore canon. if you want your OC to have someone who’s in a canon relationship as a love interest: congrats, that love interest is no longer in a relationship.

now for the fun stuff!
fandom - love interest
note: ones with commas! they wouldn't all be at once, you'd get to pick who you rp as.
bold = im begging for this please
italics = my go-to
underline = not super into it right now, but i’ll gladly give it a go!

the seven deadly sins - merlin or king arthur
fire emblem - chrom, silas, henry & xander
heroes of olympus - jason grace
akatsuki no yona - kija
danganronpa - makoto naegi or rantaro amami
prince of stride - health
violet evergarden - claudia
a court of thorns and roses series - cassian or mor
avatar the last airbender - zuko
code; realize - van helsing
collar x malice; okazaki kei

parings! underlined would be the person i'd be playing (for parings). i'm more than open to combining.
elf / fae x human
vampire x human
x target
bodyguard x client
death x mortal
royal x royal
immortal x human
time traveller x human

original plots! italicized titles are the ones i’d love to give a go.

monsters and men - medieval fantasy, angst, platonic but could work as romantic too.
muse [a] is a royal in a country known as Omania. muse is a royal in a country known as Salico. these two countries have been at war for decades: petty starts with bloody, brutal ends. when muse [a] is out wandering one day, they accidentally cross into Salico. they end up running into what can only be described as a monster; a tall, pitch-black figure with glowing eyes and a too-big mouth. muse ends up saving muse [a], warning them of what’s to come. in a romeo and juliet twist, both muses must convince their countries leaders to work with the other-- when that fails, they go off together to find a solution to save their kingdoms: if there is one.

doesn’t matter to me which muse i’d play!

swing sets at three am
- death x mortal, hurt/comfort, angst with a happy (or unhappy) ending, modern setting, romantic or platonic.
muse [a] doesn’t exactly have the best home life: their parents are absent, often leaving them alone in a big, empty house. because they’re alone-- and their parents don’t exactly keep an eye on them-- muse [a] often goes out for long walks. their destination? a swing set in the local park, most often in the middle of the night. one night, something is just a bit different. muse [a] stumbles upon someone already on their swingset-- muse . muse seems just a bit out of the ordinary: after all, muse [a] hasn’t ever seen anyone else out and about at this time of night. in a tale of loneliness and friendship, must [a] and muse become friends-- maybe even something more. however, the relationship between death and a human is forbidden: after all, anything death loves only leaves them.

i’d be playing as the mortal, aka muse a

all we have is time - time traveller / immortal x time traveller / immortal, slice of life, fluff, romantic or platonic
muse [a] and muse spent their days saving people and travelling through time. their job? keep the universe on the right track and avoid another major extinction event. it isn’t always easy: there’s people who just can’t or don’t want to be saved. the pair have brought on companions before, but they were never able to stay for long: some sort of disaster always struck, so now they remain with only each other for company. this plot is one of the more laid back plots for more of the casual folks out there.

(this entire thing [fandoms, prompts & parings] will be updated every so often! please check back every once in a while.)

really any fantasy-eqsue kinda stuff i’d love to do! i'm 100% open to pretty much everything. pm or feel free to comment below.
wanna rp a fandom, but it isn't up there? ask! i'm missing quite a few, so please please ask.
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hi there! i've never actually heard of that before-- let me take a peak at it and i'll dm you if it looks like something i'd like to give a go!


oo now that i look at it, i don't think i've ever played that before (i'm assuming you're talking about the game). sorry about that!


Hiya! I'm equally interested in all three of your original plots as well as playing my boy jason grace! If you're cool to rp with me, is there any one you're craving more or should I pull out a dice?


Hiya! I'm equally interested in all three of your original plots as well as playing my boy jason grace! If you're cool to rp with me, is there any one you're craving more or should I pull out a dice?
hi there! i'd love to do a heroes of olympus rp, shoot me a dm!

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