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azra is an eighteen year old canadian student who is in their senior year of high school. chemistry and psychology are their passions, and they hope to pursue post-secondary education. azra can speak english, canadian french, and basic japanese. they feel comfortable roleplaying in english only.

azra brings six years of writing experience to the table. they write a minimum of six hundred words per character per reply, and tend to reply within two days. they role-play any gender pairings and any gender. they consider themselves semi-literate and can write upwards of a thousand + words when motivated. they write in third person point of view and use lowercase for aesthetic purposes only. they are ghost friendly and prefer quality over quantity. in the case of fandoms, oc x canon only please.

please be at least sixteen years of age, comfortable with mature themes (within RPN’s guidelines & excluding anything NSFW), able to write at least three well-written paragraphs per reply, use proper grammar & willing to tell azra if we don’t click (and accept the same thing in return). one liners & text talk (when the characters are not texting) will cause a lost of interest in the rp. after a week of inactivity the role-play will be considered finished: no hard feelings!

for doubling, please have a minimum of three well-written paragraphs per character per reply & somewhat the same length between original characters & canon characters.

fandoms (italics is craving) ; a court of thorns and roses series , ayakashi romance reborn , akatsuki no yona, avatar the last airbender , boku no hero academia / my hero academia , danganronpa , demon slayer / kimetsu no yaiba , doctor who , hakuoki , harry potter , nightshade , your turn to die , 9-1-1

pairings ; vampire / human , royal / knight , bad boy / sweetheart , soulmates/soulmate aus

word bank ; forest , goodbye , lost , past life , sweaters , hurt / comfort , ripped apart, samurai , urban , late-night

this thread is updated every so often! please comment or pm if interested! don't see a fandom up there but you'd like to rp it? ask!

mini f.a.q:
' i haven't gotten a reply and its been two days.'
im gonna be honest here i probably got caught up in work or had a late shift, just shoot me a message and i'll reply asap.

'why do you only do canon x oc for fandoms'
because i'm a basic hecker and i'm comfortable with it. it's also great writing practice.

' i commented 'interested' and you still haven't gotten back to me'
thats because i don't know what you're interested in!! please please tell me what you're interested in.

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