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7th Level Procrastinator
Heylo Lovelies!! Looking to find rp partners again. Things finally settled down this year to where I want to get back into having a few consistent roleplays. ( and yes, this is a repost of an old thread )

What I'm looking for:
  • Over 18
    • I'm just at an age where I'm not comfortable doing stories with minors v__v
  • Decent Replies
    • I don't mind how MUCH you write, so long as it progresses the story. I always prefer more over less, but I know some days you just need to get those quick dialogue posts in.
    • I prefer more over less. Please make one-liners a last resort. I'm likely to lose interest if I give you a paragraph or two, and you respond with one-liners on a repeated basis. I understand sometimes it happens, but it can be really hard to respond to just one sentence.
    • Its a small thing, but if most of your replies are your character monologuing with an NPC, or not giving much action or dialogue to respond to, I am likely to put off responding. Mostly because its hard for me to respond to something my character isnt involved in, or is purposefully pushed aside for.
    • Basic grammar ( duh haha ). Basically, if I don't understand what you wrote, I'm not going to be able to reply. I'm not perfect at grammar, and I'm certainly out of touch with it since my hiatus on writing seriously since college. I just want to be able to understand and get into the groove of the story.
    • I don't need purple prose. So while the curtains are a fascinating topic to go in to depth describing, I'm not quite interested in them if they serve no purpose to progress plot or character development.
  • Plots are Conversations
    • I love to discuss plot and build a story together. I'm always open to changing how things are going, and I really enjoy when we have a task to work towards.
    • I would prefer a separate OOC conversation so it doesn't convolute the RP.
    • If you PM me, and all you're adding to the plot/discussion are a few sentences while I'm typing much more, I will assume that you are not as invested ( especially if you are not adding anything to what I'm suggesting. ) This is an almost automatic denial since I take the plotting stage to be an anticipation of what to expect in the future for the rp.
  • Romance is the side dish, not the main course
    • I love romance. I hope for it in every story, but it is by no means the main story/plot. I like things to develop over time, even if the protagonists both have crushes or one-sided crushes. But I'd like other things in the plot to drive the story that's not just the relationship between two characters.
    • If you don't like romance in roleplay, I'm not the girl for you. While I want more to the plot than just a love story, that doesn't mean I want to forgo it altogether. If I wanted a piece of story with two platonic friends, I'd stick to my dnd campaigns or short stories.
  • Nothing Fancy required
    • You dont have to do a faceplate ( or image of your character) unless you want to. You also don't have to provide a character sheet unless you would like to. I don't usually do them these days myself, but I am willing to make one if my partner prefers them. I also will not be decorating my post. I used to care more for looks, but I find the coding tedious when I just want to RP. xD
  • Thread or PM?
    • Both are okay, but I definitely prefer PM.
  • Gender Preference / Roles
    • I prefer to play females roles, but I will do male roles as well. Usually, I double up if I need to play a male. Any pairing is okay, but I dont subscribe to dom/sub ideals.
    • I can play however many roles the story needs to progress and be interesting. I just ask that my partner take a fair share of roles as well, as needed.
  • Ditch Friendly
    • I'd prefer you'd tell me if you lost interest, but if you ghost on me, I won't chase you down about it. Sometimes things happen and we just lose interest in things. It's life.
  • I draw sometimes
    • If i like our stories a lot, I might draw our characters. Let me know if you're not okay with this. Its usually just random doodles between trades/commissions.
  • Reply Frequency
    • I will always try to reply at least once a day, and I love if we get on a roll and have an hour or two of replies/stories with OOC in between. But if you can only reply once or twice a week or such, that's completely fine! I'm a no-pressure partner. Ideally, I like to have multiple RPs with different people, so I will always have a way to feed my enjoyment of continuous story immersion.
  • Fandoms
    • I don't usually do fandoms. If I do, its more that we take an original twist to the tale or we play in the universe as our own characters.
  • Long Term
    • Ideally, I'd love to find someone willing to do roleplays long term and who gets equally obsessed with a good plot. Its not required, but it's the ideal.
    • This may mean I'm also a little picky on choosing who I start an rp with.

Word Bank
Beauty and the Beast with a twist (always up for this one)
·· Winter King ·· one night stand, but turns out to be more ·· right place, wrong time ·· werewolves ·· dragon-shifter ·· beast and nonbeast ·· fantasy ·· steampunk ·· fairies ·· Gundam scifi ·· space(picky) ·· fantasy ·· paranormal investigators ·· witches ·· vampires

Grim Reaper x Secretary ( prefer this role ) | dark · romance · modern
Death has always been a tricky business, filled with paperwork and bureaucracy. A bitter reaper goes through several assistants over the course of their decades-long tenure. They've been reprimanded for overworking their assistants due to their own workaholic nature. The secretary they are assigned this time is not so easily persuaded to quit. They not only keep up with the reaper, but start to predict the reaper's next actions; always having paperwork ready beforehand or already scheduling an appointment at their favorite restaurant before its requested. As they work together, they start to uncover something darker going on than just solemn soul retrieval, and maybe something more than friendship starts to grow between the two.

Beauty and the Beast - with a twist ( f/f - playlist link - prefer princess role ) | arranged marriage · fantasy · shifter · magic
A beastly emperor plagues the lands with neverending war as they conquered one kingdom after another. Terrible rumors circulate about the tyrant that is trying to consume all land and kills nobility without batting an eye. In an effort to assuage the emperor's war efforts, a small kingdom in the north has sent one of their princesses as a tribute with the full intention of that princess using her beauty and whims to tame a tyrants heart. Upon her arrival, however, the princess discovered that the beasty emperor was not a man, but a woman. She hadn't fully intended on seducing the emperor, but now it seemed the assumptions of her father and his advisors would sentence her to death. Surprisingly, she's invited to dinner instead. Living in an unknown castle, the princess starts to uncover more about the tyrant's curse, why they conquer the lands and the shadows that haunt the castle.

*** Princess/Princess ( f/f ) | arranged marriage · fantasy · romance · accidental pairing
A princess is set to wed the eldest child of a neighboring kingdom due to a truce negotiation. When she arrives on the week of the wedding after her adulthood birthday, she finds that she was set to be wed to the eldest princess of that kingdom. While the kingdom she is in makes no qualms of who marries who, the arriving princess finds herself in a bit of a confused and bewildered state. She was expecting a prince around her age at best, or an old man at worst. This, however, was nothing she thought possible. She has a week to navigate the odd situation, and the princess she is supposed to marry isn't quite like any royal she had met before.

Mostly looking for F/F pairings atm. *** means craving it atm.

Pairings / Vague
Knight x Princess / Noble ( craving for F/F of this, or this can really be any pairing of Protector x Protected like prisoner x guard )
Villain Sidekick ( I prefer this role ) x Villain / Hero / Hero Sidekick
Soldier x Soldier (small idea for this )
Scientist x Alien ( more romanticized than scifi )
Witch x Werewolf
Soldier x Nurse
Queen x Princess/Knight/Maid ( f/f and kinda wanting something on this line in some genre )

Any pairing you may want that's a mix of the above word bank can work too.

DM me if interested in anything above and we can discuss. :3 I will not respond to comments here.

PS. If you just DM me and say nothing of your own interests or what you want to do in rp, I'm probably not going to respond. I don't need a novel's worth of an introduction though. I basically use you initial DM it to tell if you've read what I've written here, or if you just looked at the pairing list and decided to DM me.
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7th Level Procrastinator
Just looking for something casual/easy. Def wanna focus on maybe a gushy romance with mild drama XD

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