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Fandom Searching For My RP Soulmate

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((Oh, look, another search thread.))

Hello, my beautiful roleplay lovers! To the ones Who have RP’d with me before, welcome back! To the ones I’ve never talked to before, nice to meet you! And to the lurkers, you’re only a stranger until you’re not! I'm here for anime role plays, mainly two series specifically. But first, let's get into the boring technical stuff.


I'm not really versed in the RP literacy lingo as it tends to vary from site to site. If I had to guess, I would say I land somewhere between the lazy-lit and lit categories. I tend to average somewhere between three and five paragraphs per character, sometimes more, sometimes less, and expect at least that much in return. I understand the muse isn't always there and the roleplay may slow down for a few posts and always quality over quantity, but one-liners are very hard to work with and I do not want to be the only one moving the RP forward.

On the other hand, I tend to get intimidated by really long "wall of text" posts because I can't give the same amount back. I don't want to limit your writing if that's your style, but please refrain from taking a whole 5+ sentence paragraph to describe a wall.

What I'm Looking For In A Roleplay Partner

I'm looking for someone who I can flesh out plots with. I don't like going into a roleplay blindly. I want a partner who is okay with discussing the specifics of the roleplay before actually starting and will continue the discussion even after it has started so we can continue bouncing ideas during the roleplay.

Please be an adult. I'm 27 years old, and prefer my partner to be 20+. I may be willing to accept 18+, but no younger than that.

Grammar and spelling. Please, please, please try your best. If you don't know, don't guess. That's what Google is for. I understand mistakes happen (I will make them, too). A missing punctuation or a misspelled word here and there won't bother me, but every other sentence is ridiculous. Most browsers have spell-check so please pay attention and use it.

Idle chat. As stated above, I love talking to people so OOC chat is a must for me. I'm looking for a friend to talk to as we roleplay. I like getting to know the person I'm writing a story with, that way if the roleplay doesn't work out for whatever reason, it isn't a total loss because I made a friend in the process.

Communication. We're all probably guilty of ghosting at some point, but let's try to avoid that. I'm ditch friendly. I mean, I can't exactly force someone to continue an RP. But please try to let me know before running off so I know it's time to start looking again. This also goes for hiatuses/breaks. I'm cool with it, just let me know.

((Discord details will be provided at request only and will ONLY be used for plotting and chatting, NOT roleplaying.))


I'm not interested in anything M-Rated. Romance is fine, but if anything M-rated comes up between our characters, I want a time skip.

I only do MxF pairings. Unpopular opinion, I know, but that's how it is. However, I do understand that there are different types of characters so if you want a side homosexual pairing, I'm not going to stop you. You will just be responsible in playing both sides.

I don't want excessive language. As someone who doesn't swear in real life, my posts won't contain swearing. Some swearing here and there on your end is fine, but there is a limit to how much I can take.


Dark Themes



<3=I would love this. The more <3's, the more I want it.
[strike]Strike[/strike]=Currently not feeling it or already in one.
Bold=My role

Yu Yu Hakusho<3<3<3<3<3
Always craving!
KuramaXMy OC<3
AnyoneXYour OC<3
Platonic Relationships
Suggest plots!
Will Double!

Fruits Basket<3<3<3<3<3
AU With No Tohru
YukiXMy OC<3
KyoXYour OC<3
AnyoneXYour OC
Next Generation<3<3<3
RatXMy OC<3
CatXYour OC<3
AnyoneXYour OC
I have plots!
Suggest Plots!
Will Double!

Daughter of Evil/Servant of Evil<3<3
Alice Human Sacrifice<3<3

RPs are not limited to this list. For other anime, please refer to my anime list:
My Anime List
Note: MyAnimeList is not always up to date. I will also need convincing and a solid plot before agreeing to anything that isn't on this thread.

Please don't be afraid to bring me your own plots even if I have plots of my own for a series. I'm not against combining or changing plots!

With anime-based RPs, I typically don't do AUs. I like staying true to the series, but I may be willing if you give me a convincing argument. After the series stories or additional side adventures are fine, but if the series can't back it up, I need to be convinced. This goes for pairings as well. I will only do cannon pairings. The only times I will break this rule is if the cannon character doesn't have a cannon romance (in which case, I love CannonXOC) or if you can give me a convincing reason why the cannon pairing is no longer valid for the story.

Koya glared at the group as they left, making sure they were gone before looking back at the girl. She looked familiar, but he couldn’t place a name. Until recently her seat in class had been empty. That much he noticed. He shrugged it off. It didn’t matter. He typically didn’t make a habit of talking to anyone at school and didn’t intend to change that just because he helped scare off some thugs.

“I didn’t need your help.”

He smirked at her response. Of course. It figured that the one time he made his presence at school known and tried to intervene, it was unwanted. He had interrupted without thinking and no plan if the scene had taken a violent turn, and this girl wasn’t even grateful. He turned to leave without a word to the girl when she spoke again, causing him to stop and turn to face her again. As she stepped closer to him, he stepped back, trying to maintain the same distance between them.

“Just…be careful,” he told her, looking away from her gaze. “You may not have help next time.” With that, he left for his class.

He had never felt comfortable at school. He was different from everyone else there and he could tell by their stares and whispers that everyone knew he was, too, though they may not know the extent of how different. As he entered class 4-D, he saw his cousin talking to the new foreign exchange student. He didn’t have the social skills Taru had. Everyone in school knew who he was, class president, top scores, and the most popular boy in school, all traits he took from his father. Compared to him, Koya was nobody. He was an outsider, low marks, and barely passing. If it wasn’t for his parents insisting that he go, he would have dropped out a long time ago.

Ignoring the scene, he closed the door then took his seat next to the window.
Alex expected Evelyn to reject her offer so when she leaned against her for support, it surprised her. She quickly shifted her weight so she could help support her and make sure she didn’t fall then began walking at a slow pace so Evelyn would have an easier time keeping up. She gave Evelyn a confused look at her first question then smiled. “Because you needed help,” she simply said.

They walked in silence for a short while when Evelyn suddenly apologized. Alex let out a small laugh. “You have a hard time talking to people?” she asked, forced humor in her voice. “I can’t even answer a simple question without messing it up. ‘The stupid American of class 4-D.’” She talked lightly, making it sound like the words didn’t bother her, but really, they were like a knife cutting into her heart. They were the words she heard her classmates mutter day after day. At first, she tried using them as motivation to prove herself. However, as time went on and the more she listened to the teasing, the more she started to believe it. She knew the language, but when she tried to prove it, her words would get jumbled and she would end up making a fool of herself, only making the teasing worse.

Remembering the current task at hand, Alex quickly pushed her thoughts aside and put her focus back on Evelyn. She laughed lightly at her last question. “Why should I be afraid of you? You never did anything to me.” She heard the rumors and saw the way everyone looked at her, but she also saw the loneliness Evelyn felt created by isolation. In a way, they weren’t all that different.

Slowly making their way down the hallway, Alex made sure to stay close to the wall just in case Evelyn needed a little extra support. They rounded a corner and just as they were about to pass the boys’ bathroom, the door opened and Koya and Taru walked out. Alex didn’t notice in time and would have ran face first into Taru, but he quickly put his hands out to stop them. His unusual reaction to almost bumping into them caused Alex to ram into his hand with her shoulder. She quickly backed away and bowed apologetically. “[I’m so sorry!]” she exclaimed.

Taru noticed Evelyn immediately and inquired about her injuries. Alex looked at Evelyn, and assuming she wanted to keep quiet about the fight in the bathroom, promptly stepped in front of her and answered for her. “She slipped on some water in the bathroom,” she lied, thinking quickly. “We were just on our way to the nurse’s office.” Considering her injuries, Alex knew the lie sounded farfetched, but she hoped it was enough to keep him from pressing the issue.
"I don't answer to Koenma anymore," Hiei answered as he followed his friend down the path to the portal. "Mukuro was the one who ordered I go. Anything that may happen while I'm away is her responsibility now." He said this in a way that would make him seem indifferent to the situation, but actually, he had taken his new role in Demon World very seriously. He had worked hard for his position as Lord Mukuro's right hand man and took pride in it. Leaving his duties in the hands of someone else ticked him off. However, Kirin, being her former right hand man, was next in line. While Hiei had more successfully earned her trust and at a much faster rate, Kirin had been at her side much longer and had deep respect for her that he recognized. If Hiei were to trust anyone to take his place while he was away, it would be him.

Stopping, Hiei placed his hands in his pockets and scowled at the portal in front of them. Since earning his place in Demon World, he had never imagined there would be a situation for him to return to the city he had been confined to stay in for so long. He hated the Human World and never wanted anything to do with it, yet here he was, returning to the place, once again, for whatever job Koenma had managed to scrape up for them. A screw up on his end, no doubt.

"Let's get this over with," he said as he pushed past Kurama and entered the portal first. He disappeared before Kurama made it through, almost seeming to vanish into thin air, leaving the fox demon behind to make his way to the temple alone. He was leaving him alone to explain his reasoning for the child in his arms. Hiei had decided not to be a part of the fallout that was sure to come from that.

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