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Fandom Searching For My RP Soulmate (IPC)

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A bit of a pre-warning: I have anxiety that has been pushing me into random depression spells lately. This may cause me to go quiet from time to time. If I seem flakey, please bear with me and just know that am trying.


I'm not really versed in the RP literacy lingo as it tends to vary from site to site. If I had to guess, I would say I land somewhere between the lazy-lit and lit categories. I tend to average somewhere between three and five paragraphs per character, sometimes more, sometimes less, and expect at least that much in return. I understand the muse isn't always there and the roleplay may slow down for a few posts and always quality over quantity, but one-liners are very hard to work with and I do not want to be the only one moving the RP forward.

On the other hand, I tend to get intimidated by really long "wall of text" posts because I can't give the same amount back. I don't want to limit your writing if that's your style, but please refrain from taking a whole 5+ sentence paragraph to describe a wall.

What I'm Looking For In A Roleplay Partner

**If we have roleplayed before, feel free to shoot me a message! We can pick up where we left off or start something new!**

I'm looking for someone who I can flesh out plots with. I don't like going into a roleplay blindly. I want a partner who is okay with discussing the specifics of the roleplay before actually starting and will continue the discussion even after it has started so we can continue bouncing ideas during the roleplay.

Please be an adult. I'm 30 years old, and prefer my partner to be 20+.

Grammar and spelling. Please, please, please try your best. If you don't know, don't guess. That's what Google is for. I understand mistakes happen (I will make them, too). A missing punctuation or a misspelled word here and there won't bother me, but every other sentence is ridiculous. Most browsers have spell-check so please pay attention and use it.

Idle chat. As stated above, I love talking to people so OOC chat is a must for me. I'm looking for a friend to talk to as we roleplay. I like getting to know the person I'm writing a story with, that way if the roleplay doesn't work out for whatever reason, it isn't a total loss because I made a friend in the process.

Communication. We're all probably guilty of ghosting at some point, but let's try to avoid that. I'm ditch friendly. I mean, I can't exactly force someone to continue an RP. But please try to let me know before running off so I know it's time to start looking again. This also goes for hiatuses/breaks. I'm cool with it, just let me know.

((Discord details will be provided at request only and will ONLY be used for plotting and chatting, NOT roleplaying.))


I'm not interested in anything M-Rated. Romance is fine, but if anything M-rated comes up between our characters, I want a time skip.

I only do MxF pairings. Unpopular opinion, I know, but that's how it is. However, I do understand that there are different types of characters so if you want a side homosexual pairing, I'm not going to stop you. You will just be responsible for playing both sides.

I don't want excessive language. As someone who doesn't swear in real life, my posts won't contain swearing. Some swearing here and there on your end is fine, but there is a limit to how much I can take.


Slow Burn
Dark Themes
Heavy Themes
Fun Times
High School
((These are to be added with the fandoms, not plots on their own))



<3=I would love this. The more <3's, the more I want it.
Strike=Currently not feeling it or already in one.
Bold=My role

Yu Yu Hakusho<3<3<3
Always craving!
KuramaXMy OC<3
AnyoneXYour OC<3
Platonic Relationships
Suggest plots!
Will Double!

Fruits Basket<3<3<3<3<3
AU With No Tohru
YukiXMy OC<3
KyoXYour OC<3
AnyoneXYour OC
Next Generation<3<3<3
RatXMy OC<3
CatXYour OC<3
AnyoneXYour OC
I have plots!
Suggest Plots!
Will Double!

Seasons 1 and 2 Canon Only
OCs Welcomed
Human Pairings Only

Daughter of Evil/Servant of Evil
Alice Human Sacrifice

RPs are not limited to this list. For other anime, please refer to my anime list:
My Anime List
Note: MyAnimeList is not always up to date. I will also need convincing and a solid plot before agreeing to anything that isn't on this thread.

Please don't be afraid to bring me your own plots even if I have plots of my own for a series. I'm not against combining or changing plots!

With anime-based RPs, I typically don't do AUs. I like staying true to the series, but I may be willing if you give me a convincing argument. After the series stories or additional side adventures are fine, but if the series can't back it up, I need to be convinced. This goes for pairings as well. I will only do cannon pairings. The only times I will break this rule is if the cannon character doesn't have a cannon romance (in which case, I love CannonXOC) or if you can give me a convincing reason why the cannon pairing is no longer valid for the story.

**Ask me about video games**

Shino looked up at Hariku as he turned to face her. He lifted his hand and reached out to touch the shackles on her wrists, but stopped when the girl, Rhial, accompanied by a man entered the area. The pair, she noticed, looked like they had just been in a fight. Taking her eyes off of Rhial, Shino looked at the man. A human, but she could feel demonic energy emitting from him. Half-breed, perhaps? But there was something familiar about him that she couldn’t place. No matter. She would deal with them next.

Turning her head back to Hariku, she saw him smirking at the newcomers before he looked back to her and said, “You know what to do.” The hand touching her shackles glowed a bright red color and the bindings on her wrists and ankles snapped open and fell to the ground. She looked at her wrists and smiled. She always loved the freeing feeling she got when her chains were removed. It was one of the few things she had to look forward to.

Snapping her head up, Shino looked at her target in front of her. Her whole demeanor changed. Her smile was gone, and in its place a scowl that matched the dark hatred in her eyes. She was no longer the fragile slave that Rhial had met earlier. She was now the killer she had been conditioned to be.

“You should have listened,” she said to Lyn as she dropped the bag she was holding and slowly began walking towards him.

“Are you going to kill me?” Lyn laughed. “I’ll give you one last chance. If you continue to resist, I’ll have to take you by force.”

It was then Shino took action. In one swift movement, she reached down to unsheathe a small dagger she had attached to her thigh, hidden by her black dress then ran at Lyn. Lyn was surprised by her sudden attack but managed to block her and jumped back, only receiving a single cut on his arm. Shino watched the blood drip from the cut. She wouldn’t be able to do much damage with that, but it was a start. She ran at him again, going in for another stab. This time she managed more than a cut. She felt the blade dig into flesh as blood immediately began to drip from the wound. Perfect. But as she pulled it out, dizziness took over her again. She tried to jump back and let the feeling pass, but Lyn grabbed her arm.

“Too slow,” he said. The electric energy she felt from him returned as a light blue, almost white aura surrounded his body before centralizing around the hand that held her arm. Shino felt heat coming from his hand. At first it was comfortable, but quickly grew unbearably hot. After feeling a slight tingle, a surge of electricity entered her arm and flowed through her veins, causing her to cry out in pain. She tried to pull away, but Lyn tightened his grip as he continued to send the electrical waves through Shino’s body.

Shino was in unimaginable pain, but she forced her free hand up to touch the stab wound on Lyn. The blood had already begun to clot at the opening. She needed
to hurry. She focused hard as a red aura formed around her hand. She felt Lyn’s veins enlarge and took that as her signal to let go, but kept her hand hovering over the wound.

“What are you doing?!” Lyn cried. He was beginning to turn pale. He had to be in an extreme amount of pain. Shino was pulling all the blood in his body to that one wound. It spilled out, causing the hole to become wider and wider. She listened as his heart raced, trying to keep up with the blood loss. But it would soon give up. His grip on her arm loosened and he fell backwards, motionless.

Shino let out an exhausted sigh before staggering backwards. Even at 100%, that ability took a lot of energy. She felt drained. Her body felt heavy as she fell to her knees. She couldn’t move. Glancing over to where Hariku had been standing, she saw he was no longer there. He must have used the fight as a distraction in order to leave. She needed to catch up. But as she tried to stand, her vision blurred and a high-pitched buzzing started in her ears, overtaking all of her senses. She closed her eyes and felt her body fall forward before everything went silent.
Shortly after Alex had begun drying the mess, she felt Yuki’s presence appear beside her, but she refused to look at him. How could she? She had gotten a second chance to have a decent conversation with him, and, once again, she had blown it. To say she was embarrassed was an understatement. She felt completely pathetic. Her face grew hot as she so desperately wished she could turn back time.

Yuki said something to her, but she was too engrossed in keeping her emotions under control, her mind couldn’t translate what he had said in a way that made sense to her. The words sounded familiar, but she couldn’t understand them.

As her mind wandered elsewhere, her body seemed to go into autopilot. In an attempt to busy herself so she wouldn’t start crying again, she found herself scrubbing at the same spot over and over until it couldn’t possibly get any cleaner. Feeling the towel leave her grasp, she snapped out of her trance and watched Yuki slide it away from her and toward the main source of the mess. He turned back to her and gently took her hand to inspect it before grabbing her arm to lift her to her feet. The motion was unexpected. She felt her feet tangle underneath her, almost causing her to trip as he tried guiding her to the sink nearby. But she was able to regain her balance without much trouble and allowed him to run her hand under the cold water.

Watching the water pour over her hand as Yuki gently cupped it into his made Alex form a small smile as she felt her heart begin to pound. His immediate concern seemed to be her wellbeing rather than the mess she had made. Thinking about it rationally, that realization seemed silly, which was enough for her to keep it to herself, but it also comforted her. Receiving careful consideration rather than judgemental words and glances was a nice and welcoming change.

She wasn’t sure how long they stood like that, but when she felt him let go, she quickly reached over to turn the faucet off then grabbed a napkin to dry her hand and dab gently at the burn. “I’m okay,” she responded to his suggestion to further aid it. She didn’t want to admit to him that she, in fact, didn’t own any first aid supplies. “[Thank you].”

His next question confused her. “The program gives me a monthly allowance to spend on things I need, but I do all of my shopping myself,” she started trying to explain. She then followed his gaze to see what had piqued his curiosity. The ramen packet remained unopened on the counter just where she had left it and she immediately became visibly embarrassed by her dinner choice for the evening.

“Oh, no, no!” she replied defensively. “I have food. I just- I didn’t feel like making anything…,” she admitted quietly, her cheeks turning a light shade of pink. “But I was thinking that since you’re here, I don’t mind cooking if you would like to stay for dinner.” The words came out before she knew what she was saying and the pink shade on her cheeks became deeper and more vibrant.

Rather than waiting for an answer, Alex looked down to avoid meeting Yuki’s eyes before pushing past him altogether to continue cleaning up the mess. If he was to reject her offer, she wanted to appear busy to distract him from her disappointment.
Footsteps approached, and Hiei turned his head to see Kurama. He frowned at the news. Koenma dared to summon him? He no longer worked for him. The only reason he was there now was the nature of their captives. Once their sentences were carried out, his business there would be done and he would be able to return to Demon World to continue the human trafficking investigation.

However, he saved his complaints for the toddler upstairs. Instead, he eyed Kurama suspiciously. The current arrangement was due in part because of Kurama’s compromised behavior. Hiei couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was going on inside of the fox’s head, but it seemed to have something to do with the girl inside this particular cell. Even now, Hiei noted his friend’s awkward stance as he noticed Kurama was forcing himself to look at him before finally turning to the girl.

“Your emotions are one of your greatest assets,” Hiei said as he turned away, “but they’re also your greatest weakness. Take care to keep them in check.” The severity of the situation compelled Hiei to remind Kurama that there was absolutely no room for mixed emotions. There was no doubt that whatever intentions he had were good, but his judgement had been clouded before because of good intentions. This was not a situation that could be taken lightly.

Ascending several floors up, Hiei took the elevator to the floor that Koenma’s office resided. A red ogre, much larger than him, met him mid-way down the hall and led him to the Prince’s office. Opening the door, the ogre entered first, bowing to the toddler sitting at his desk. “Hiei is here,” he simply stated before leaving the room and closing the door behind Hiei.

Hiei watched Koenma quietly shuffle through papers in a particular folder then glanced to the side to see the girl Kurama had captured. The girl had changed sides at the start of the fight in the market and helped rather than running away. Her sentence couldn’t have been too severe, especially with Kurama’s influence in the situation, but she still seemed uneasy. Koenma cleared his throat as the shuffling stopped, and Hiei looked forward again, ready to get the meeting over with.

“Hiei,” Koenma began, moving the pacifier in his mouth around as he talked. “This is Rhial.” He motioned to the girl standing just a few feet away from him. “She has agreed to join the Border Patrol in Demon World and will be your new charge.” Koenma spoke matter-of-factly as he stamped the paper in front of him with his seal, indicating that a decision had been made.

Hiei made no effort in hiding his annoyance. Not only was this toddler who no longer held title as “boss” to him was making decisions without consulting him first, but the decision he did make required him to be responsible for one of their prisoner’s actions. “Need I remind you that I don’t answer to you anymore?” he asked, crossing his arms. “Your authority in Demon World became moot when our current government was decided, and we are doing perfectly fine without your influence. Besides, babysitting some demon princess is not what I signed up for when I joined the ranks.”

Hiei’s response didn’t seem to faze Koenma. In fact, it looked as though he was expecting it. “That might be so, but I’m still in contact with your government. Seeing as this involves Human World, as well, Enki has welcomed my influence.” He carefully picked out Hiei’s words and used them against him. “I have already spoken with Mukuro, and she has agreed to take the girl into her division, appointing you to show her the ropes.” Koenma’s smile showed Hiei that he had him cornered. He didn’t answer to Koenma, but he did answer to Mukuro, and her authority was one he absolutely could not go against. His position made him scowl at the Spirit World Prince before turning and walking out of the office.

Note: Please do not post here. I will delete any posts that aren't mine. If you're interested, send me a PM.
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