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"Hello there"
I must really stop using that as an opening line.....

As one might be able to tell from the title, I am again in search of Fandom-related roleplays. With a little more spare time, I figured why not post a new post here. My old, has become quite clustered and messy. In this, I shall attempt to keep things rather organized.

  • Aliases:
    Bo, Kilroy.
  • 1st, or 3rd Person?:
    I humbly ask, that any possible partner and myself, write in third person. I do not care for first person, and find third a tad bit easier.
  • Reply/Post Length?:
    I usually aim for a paragraph at bare minimum. If a certain length is agreed upon, than I shall aim for that. A general rule of thumb I follow, is enough for my partner to reply. Of course, if you feel you need more, please say so. Communication is key.
  • OOCC?:
    Yes, communication is key. I like general talking, and nerding out about stuff.
  • Canon or Oc?:
    Hmm, that is a tough question, as it is very much a base by base situation. Most times, I prefer sticking (Both sides) to Canon characters. Though, will make exceptions here and there. Personally speaking, I've had bad experiences with RP's dealing with mainly OC's. So, I try to be mindful.
    If we do go a more OC route, I do wish mostly OC. I don't care for mixing OC and Canon too often.
  • Genres, and themes within RPing?:
    Quite open to this as well. Open to Canon Re-tellings; Canon Divergent. Slight Romance ((With that, I can not do a whole RP about romance, I need something more. ))Canon Re-writing, AU's. Time-Line Stuff, Groundhog day cliche,Gender-bending, New-Game-Plus+, General Adventure/Action, Mystery. And so on. If any of that made sense!
    Not sure if you can call it a theme/genre. But,I do like a sense of an uphill fighting. Characters going against something that is far beyond their limits.
  • If there is anything else you wish to know, please ask!

Here, I will simply list any Fandom I fancy at the moment and wish to write with. Any thoughts or snippets will also be marked down(If I have any). These are in no real order by the way. No snippet of whatever I write, is set in stone. We can dive completely into a new thought together. These are here, more to get thoughts spinning, ya know?
  • Persona 5/Persona 5 Royal:
    • For this, I would love to maybe have Ren/Akira gender bent as a female. (Or, all the cast, as such.)
    • As for slight plot ideas, we can go off of? Well, I've seen fan art of people suggesting a different character be the focus. Like Makoto.
    • We could always dive into the Adult Confidant AU (from a Artist). Maybe Scramble Route, set after the game.
    • Or, During the events of the game,but with new events. (Maybe new palaces, of new villains we craft.) Could do some sort of cross over with another Series, as well.
    • Perhaps Gender Bend all the Thieves in women. Or, just Joker.
    • Maybe something timey whimey. Ground hogs’ day . Something with some time loop.
  • Kingdom Hearts:
    • I am fully caught up with the series, and currently playing the Dark Road story, app thing? My favorite game within the series, is 358/2 Days.
      We could dive into rewriting any of the stories, within the series. Personally, I would change up a little how KHIII went. Maybe pace it a bit better. It felt rushed, to me.
    • Re-writing the series, as a whole is an option. Alter some things, and swap thngs up! Personally, I would want to give the series the vibe of the manga.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • I think, someone with Gohan, could be fun. I always felt, he was cheated out of his win in the Buu Saga. They built him up to be the next hero, just for it to be taken away. So, perhaps an AU of sorts, here. Where Goku, after his one day on Earth, remains in Other World. Once Vegeta gives his attempt to stop Buu, also remains defeated. Leaving Gohan, Trunks, and Goten, even Videl (as I like the idea that she stays a fighter, too) to deal with Buu.
    • Or, we can dive into Universe 6, and play around with those characters. I rather fancy the Universe 6 Saiyans a lot.
    • Also, saw this fan art a while back, with Future Gohan and Trunks, dealing with Goku Black. Something we could build off of, as well.
  • Power Rangers:
    • If possible, I'd love to continue the 2017 Movie, universe. As I rather enjoyed it.
    • Or, Re-write/Re-do/Make Better, Super Mega Force. Perhaps, make it more like the Sentai Counterpart, or adapt some elements from Boom Studios Comic series, to help explain why there are Ranger Keys and all this other stuff. (I rather enjoy Gokaigers,) LOVE ME SOME RANGER KEYS!
    • Also, open to crafting our own team!
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure:
    Would be open, to craft our own characters into a Jojo Universe.(As the multiverse, does exist. Our own, Jojo, if you will.
    Or, we can play with Canon characters, in some Timey Whimey mess.
  • DC's Arrow-verse:
    • One idea I've had, would be set (before how things are now, after Crisis) in the Future. Like, how Oliver Queen loses his arm, and gives up the fight. (In the Time line, from Legends.) William and Mia, dealing with a crappy Star City. (We can even blend in the Connor Hawke from Legends). Meta humans, in this dark time line, are more or less abused. Like from Nora West-Allen's future. Basically, I want to mend all these dark futures into one. ANd have the next generation of heroes deal with stuff together. Make light, in their dark time. We'll need a character from the Super-girl/Superman line, to be added in. Maybe a Bat character, as well. (Maybe a Batman/Batwoman Beyond?)
  • Catherine:
    Perhaps, our own characters, dealing with some nightmare fun! Perhaps, Catherine, also tries these mind games with women too!
  • Pokemon:
    I will admit, I am mostly a game fan. And started reading the Adventure Manga. My favorite Gen, is 3. Four, is a close second! We could simply due a re-telling of the Gen-3 games, but give character to Brandon/Ruby, and May/Sapphire.
  • My Hero Academia:
    Not too many thoughts here. If anything, I would want the character, Melissa Shield used somehow. I liked her in the first movie, thought she bounced off the others well.
  • Star Wars(Disney'Canon)
    I'm weird, in my military love.
    So, part of me wants to Re-write Battlefront II (EA)'s story. Since its a special Forces unit. And, was marketed as playing as the Empire. (which in reality, is only for what like two missions?)

    What about,a Qui-Gon AU? Had he survived the Duel of Fates on Naboo?
    How would he have handled the Clone Wars? Would said War even still happen? How would have Anakin turned out, under Qui-gon's teachings?

  • Sword Art Online/Gun Gale Online:
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Naurto/Boruto:
    I recently started to watch through Naurto Shippiuden, and I Have seen/keep up to date most of the time with Boruto. I know how Shippuden ends as well, but have never sat down to watch through it all. Though, that is my quest currently. Along with One Piece.
    In this universe, as a lot of Flashbacks have shown, the Third Great Ninja War, I have found myself really interested in that setting/conflict. So, perhaps something set during. Maybe a re-write of sorts! change up stuff, since I really like Obito pre-being Evil. But, thought I would toss this onto the list.

    Or, we could dive into the Fourth Great Ninja War.
    I am currently watching through that, though I feel the lack of actual Ninja (being alive, and wanting to fight) on Obito’s side, kinda keeps everything morally good. I would want to re-write part of this, and have actual smaller village Ninja, aiding as well. Add some grey into the mix! Have that the Shinobi Force is not only killing the Zombies and Zetsus, but also those who believe in ’Madara’

    If we dive into something Boruto related, I would want to alter things a bit. I feel, Boruto's real problem, is the same with Dragon Ball. While in DB, Goku and Vegeta are relied on to fix everything. Same for Boruto, Sasuke and Naurto. I want a story, where they can still be there, but give spot light on the new characters. Perhaps go as far, and say that peace has broken in the Ninja world, for some reason!
  • Others, to be added.
Thanks for reading!

If you are interested, in anything here or wish to discuss or what not, let's get in touch! I prefer, if you just send a message right away over commenting. I will reply when I get a moment to. Though, again, any questions? Ask them~! Feel free to. If you have any thoughts for a Fandom, I've love to hear them. Or, we can build from the ground up!~

Thanks for reading!!!
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