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Multiple Settings Searching for Exceptional Writers for Long-Term Stories! (Multiple Stories!)

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Junior Member
Hello Everyone,

I am on the search for active, long-term, and above all else advanced players. As for a little about myself, I have been writing for a long time (too long sometimes) and my average posts tend to be between six paragraphs to nine paragraphs (1,000 - 1,500 Words). I tend to focus a lot on the descriptions, the motivations for certain actions, and character development as well. I am the kind of person that will do more or less any kind of story, so long as I can play the character that I want in that kind of story, and feel they relate to the ones around them. I can do most genres from romance to adventure to mystery to horror, and while I do have a softer spot for a romance I am not insistent on that element. I can also do more lighter-hearted or darker-natured themes and I am an adult so I prefer other adult writers.

As for a little about myself and my interests, I am a born-female and identify as female. I do love LGBQT themes, and in specific Gender-Bender and Age-Regression and Transformation kinds of themes in my stories. If you also love those than I am positive we will get along splendid. I am open to historical and modern, but tend to avoid more futuristic kinds of stories. I am open to mundane or fantasy, but tend to avoid gothic themes such as werewolves and vampires or demons. Otherwise, I am open to nearly every other kind of theme in the world. I have played as animals, half-animals, humans, elves, kemonomimi, and anthromorph. I am a long-termed player and most of my stories last several hundred to several thousand of pages. I have never ghosted anyone in more than a decade of writing.

If you had a specific idea for a story than feel free to send me a message, if not here are some more "general" ideas that I had that we could flesh out some:

Favorite PairingsFavorite WorldsFavorite AnimeAvoided Themes
Romance (PG-13)Fantasy BasedPokemon WorldAdult Content (It is against the rules)
Slice of Life (PG-13)Modern PeriodDog Days WorldGothic Themes (Werewolves, Demons)
Sisterhood Family (PG-13)Renaissance PeriodSword Art OnlineScience Fiction and/or Futuristic Themes
Mother and Daughter (PG-13)Combination of AboveNaruto / Fairy TailDoubling, and/or Playing Male Characters

Relationship: Nobleman and Noblewoman
A noble lord has been turned into a young lady and is about to be married to a former rival or enemy at bequest of future husband or her parents. It could be set in more historical context.

Relationship: Nobleman and Servant Girl
A noble lord has been turned into a young lady, a commoner and has been taken in by a noble lord she used to despise, if not made into his slave. It could be set in more historical context.

Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend (Swap)
A boyfriend and girlfriend have found themselves exchanged into each others' bodies with no way to return. It is not up to them to learn how to adapt to the new gender roles and norms.

Age-Regression: Boarding School Blues
A board room executive has been turned into a thirteen-year-old daughter, and has been sent to a strict boarding school where she will be trained how to behave as a young lady!

Age-Regression: Mother and Daughter
A husband has been discovered to be cheating on his wife, and as punishment she has him transformed into her younger child (pre-schooler) and daughter to teach him a major lesson.

Age-Regression: Sisterhood Adventures
An older brother who has a sexist reputation has a taste of his medicine when one morning he wakes up as the youngest sister in the relationship, and has to learn how to be a normal girl.

Non-Human: Pokemon Discoveries
When a young man ends up being accidentally turned into a female Pokemon, she could meet a male of her new kind, or end up being captured by a beautiful young female trainer!

Non-Human: Heart Swapped Pokemon
When a young male Pokemon finds himself switched into the body of a female of the same species, the two have to learn how to be like each other and to survive in a larger world!

Non-Human Themes: Kemonomimi
When a young man from our world falls into a mysterious spring, he is teleported to a fantasy world where 'he' awakens as a beautiful fox girl, now looked down upon by humanity.

Non-Human: Foxes in the Wilderness
When a young man (or young couple) finds themselves transformed into foxes, the former man turned female vixen has to soon learn that survival in the woodlands is not so easy.

It should be noted that ALL of the above stories should be maintained PG-13 where possible, and be in full-compliance of the site rules. I am more interested in exploring the social dynamics that would change from such a transformation, and less on the physical aspects of the story. I would like to play as the female role in each of the above stories, so for relationship stories that would mean my partner would be playing as the male. This also is only a quick brainstorm of potential ideas and I am open to a wide-range of other ideas, it is more simply to illustrate some of my preferences. Again, non-physical and more sociological or emotional driven stories.

Please send me a message if you are interested!
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Lesbian Extraordinaire
How would you feel about one of the stories where the genderbent subject is one who /wanted/ to be genderbent?
Like the mother/daughter one but the new daughter was a trans woman who always wished she could have been a little girl, or just friends where one now has to deal with all the side effects of being a girl, as painful and as awkward as they are~

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