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Multiple Settings Searching for a roleplay.

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Goddess Of Love
Looking for a multi-para RP.

MxF (I am female myself) for romances.

Must include multiple paragraphs. Length will (perhaps) shorten overtime.

I tend to do long term RPs, which mostly mean months. Though the RPs can hop around from one to the next if we have other ideas or plots for separate roleplays.

I am a grammar and punctuation maniac.

I will tend to spot broken English, and incorrect placement of punctuation. Just a warning if we do write together.

My characters include:

Angels, princesses, demi-gods, archers, witches, elves and so on.

(I can improvise if you approach with a certain idea.)


I have 6+ years experience of writing. I write in my spare time, which has been quite a hefty chunk of my hobbies due to COVID.

I am GMT, located in England, so my times will mostly be from 9-2AM. Though, the time I'm writing this, I'm staying up quite late past my bedtime!

If you have an idea in mind, or my post has peaked your interest, shoot me a DM. I would be more than happy to interact with people willing to write.


Hope everyone who read this is having a wonderful morning/evening!

- Alice.



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