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Fandom Searching for a PMD Partner! [OPEN, as always!]

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Sir Aizen

Insecure Writer
Hullo again, RPNation!

I'll cut the usual introduction - chances are you might've already seen my interest check thread already for that. If not, you should go check it out: there's some pretty cool stuff there (in my opinion), ha.

The title explains it all: it started with me replaying Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team. One thing led to the next, and now I'm here, checking to see if anyone might be interested in doing a PMD RP with yours truly! I'd go into specifics here, but I'd much rather discuss it in PMs. That way, I can offer all of my ideas for the plot, and NOT look like a RP-crazed nut to anyone else that just checked the thread out of brief interest, heh.

I'll generalize, though! For this RP, we're obviously going to include the whole "Mystery Dungeon" part. Without it, it's just "Pokemon". Unlike the games, though, this one will include every Pokemon, including ones from Galar. That way, if I think of something in the future that involves Legends/Mythics from different regions, I won't have to keep changing the world lore. By extension, the Pokemon you choose can be nearly anything. How the character will start off may limit a select few, though. We'll discuss real details in PMs.

As per my usual guidelines:

- I RP with roleplayers of all ages, but I'd prefer that you be 18+. That way, if I accidentally swear, I won't get demonetized - on a serious note, though, the RP may explore darker themes, so I just want to be safe.

- Romance isn't necessary for a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP, but I do enjoy it in adventure stories. Just be mindful of that before you PM or reply. On that note - IF romance does end up being a factor, I'm cool for MxM and MxF. (I THINK I can do Fx, but I'm not entirely sure yet. Just bear with me - I'm just more used to playing males, being a male myself. Prepare for fluffy moments if this becomes a factor in the future. Happiness between characters is a drug, and I'm addicted to it.)

- I am likely to be posting several times a day. If you can't keep up with that, it's cool! I'd just prefer partners that weren't too busy for this RP is all (3 day+ RP pauses will make me more likely to ditch it, sorry.)

-It's be great if you were capable of helping flesh the plot out a little as well - I don't expect you to create one all on your own (I'm the one that put up the interest check, after all), but I won't know what you want if you just sit and nod.

- I'm not looking for someone to write a book! I myself tend to get excited and post 3 - 6 paragraphs for starters/descriptive posts, but my norm is usually 2 - 3 paragraphs. If you can match that pace, then we're good! While we're on the subject of the actual posts, I'd prefer that my partner be semi/advanced in literacy. If you're below that, you think you're below that, feel free to send me an example of your posts. I'm usually pretty lenient with that - I just want to understand your posts.

- No godmodding. I shouldn't have to explain this.

- Now, I usually don't double in RPs because, well.. . no one's ever asked me to. I'm more than capable of it, however, and will probably end up doing so in this specific RP. I'd love if you could do it as well - as in, I'd love it if you had the SKILL to. I'm not sure if I'll need someone else to double yet.

That should be about it for the basics. Want details? PM me or reply. We can start a discussion whenever - I'm usually here (since I have -1 + 1 friends)! I look forward to hearing from ya!
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