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Multiple Settings Searching For a partner or two


King of Transformers
Here are a few things and preference from me:
1. I do FxM. I prefer to play the male role.
2. Please be able to post at least once a day. I could go one every two days if you can’t do every day.
3. Tell me if you are going to leave; I’m good if we’re not compatible. Please don’t ghost. I understand if you lose interest.
4. As for paragraph length, be able to post at least 3-4 sentences. At times, one lines are acceptable if it’s small talk between our characters.
5. I mostly talk and plot RolePlays in PMs, but I am willing to RolePlay in threads.

Genres I’m interested in:

Superheroes in General
Jurassic Park/World
Arthurian Legends
Classic Movies & Games
Back To The Future

The Fool With the Cape: in the real world, superhumans don’t exist. Everyone would laugh if you tried to become a hero. What if they did? Hidden among us heroes, just not as exaggerated as everyone believes.

The Bond That Lasts Forever:
In a world of magic and witchcraft, marriage is an especially important vow. When someone gets married, they are as one. They literally fuse into a single person. They can separate, but why would they; their love is felt by each other and they’re twice as strong.
Here are a few of my ideas:
1. Character A is a hero for hire. You pay him and he will fuse with you, give you all his knowlegde, and help you with your journey. But is there a cost?

2. Character A accidentally fuses with someone before they are married. The person who they fused with is angered at them. Everyone shuns Character A, but Character B doesn’t shun them.

3. Character A is actually two people who have loved each other for their whole life. When their fused form meets character B, things begin to change.
Creatures & Their Companions:
Humans and animals have had bonds dating back serveral hundred years. Some of them have helped people hunt and gather while other help people feel better. In a fantasy world of almost all and any animals, you could bond with any animal.
1. What if you were to bond with more than one animal?
2. What if one day, you’re animal transformed into a humanoid hybrid?
3. What would you do to get your animal back?
4. What would you do to protect your animal?

The war is long over, a new generation of transformers live in peace; the old heroes like Optimus, Ratchet, Bumblebee are heroes of the past. The legacy of Primes has disappeared. All the stories of them have become mere myths. One day a transformer finds the matrix and is guided towards uniting the planets to face a threat that will end the whole universe. They learn more about the past and the new future they must forge.

A new savage combiner has been seen attacking large cities. No one knows where it came from. All the other combiners have been sent, but none of them have come back alive. A new group of bots, each one of different backgrounds, come together to form a new, stronger combiner. No one knows why they were chosen, only a select few. Now they must work as a team or risk the death of their planet.

Entei, Suicune, and Raikou were once normal Pokémon. Then ho-oh made them legendary Pokémon. What we’re they like before becoming legendary, or when they first became them.
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