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Multiple Settings Searching for a Partner in Crime - Long Term, Literate | Always Open | Platonic, Any Pairing (Updated March 21)

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Father of Falcons
  • Hello, person (or people, I suppose, depending on how many of you there are)! My name's Feather, but feel free to call me Fea! I'm an advanced, literate roleplayer who's looking to have some fun! I'm a pretty laid-back sort when it comes to roleplaying and really just love doing whatever works. I adore characters and their nuances and dualities no matter the setting, time period, or genre. Point being: I love a plot, but never do I want things to be done that are out-of-character for plot development. Let's build a story instead of going in with one.

    What you can expect from me:
    * PST timezone
    * 2-5 para response on average, can and will do 8+
    * Advanced, literate roleplayer
    * Preference for PM rp; strictly on-site roleplays
    * Characters of various genders
    * MxM, FxF, MxF, any nonbinary ship, plus platonic/family!
    * Dark themes (not gratuitous violence or shock value stuff, I just have a lot of abuse/drugs/rock 'n roll in a lot of my characters' backstories and the like)
    * Typically, I can reply daily, usually at least twice. I've done at least twenty for a single rp before in one day, too, so, I can generally match your pace! I do have a life, though, and pets, and school, and a family, so there'll be the occasional spoof for a few days (but I'll keep in touch OOC).
    * OOC chatter on Discord or on-site, possibly interspersed with memery and pet pictures and bird facts
    * No age requirement, just be ya know, mature and nice and fine with dark themes, yada yada.​

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"Scotland Forever"
Hi! I'm not really contacting you about roleplay, but I just wanted to say that, when I saw the bit of Yeats in your signature, it made my heart very happy. That is all. (x

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