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Multiple Settings Searching For: A Long Term RP Partner

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If you can’t move mountains, climb them.
After a long hiatus from writing, I am finally ready to start roleplaying again. And due to some health issues (nothing too serious, but inconvenient nonetheless) I will be active on here a lot for quite a while. So now is the perfect time to get some roleplays going!

A little bit about myself and what I’m looking for:

-I am a literate and descriptive writer. I prefer writing multi-para and would like the same from my partner.

-I like to write in third person.

-No minors. This is because I prefer darker and more mature themes. I only feel comfortable writing with 18+

-I like to talk with my roleplay partners, whether that be discussing the plot or just talking about our days!

-I like to double. I can play male, female, and non-binary characters.

-I love all types of roleplay genres, but I won’t do furries. Nothing against them, it just isn’t what I like.



Who I can Play: Castiel, Dean, or Lucifer.

Who I’m Looking For: Gabe, Sam, Castiel, or Dean.


Who I Can Play: Damon, Klaus, Kai, or Stefan.

Who I’m Looking For: Elijah


Who I Can Play: Aragorn or Boromir

Who I’m Looking For: Legolas

-Harry Potter-

Who I Can Play: (please just ask for this one)

Who I’m Looking For: George Weasley


I am also open to doing an original roleplay. If you have any ideas you’d like to share, please feel free to message me!

Thank you for your time and I hope to meet some new people! Or possibly even run into some old roleplay partners


Seeking a Spike (BTVS) | MxF | Canon x OC

I am seeking a LOTR RP and someone to play Aragorn for my Female OC. I am very confident and capable of writing as Legolas, as I have written as him for previous friends several times. I am capable of writing in third person or first person, either works for me. I have been writing for 10+ years, and am Literate and Semi-Detailed. I prefer Multi-Para (Anywhere from 2 to 10+ Paragraphs). My replies are usually only 2 paragraphs if there is just simple one on one communication happening between characters, but otherwise is longer than that. I'm also over the age of 25.

If you are still interested in a LOTR RP and if I seem like a good fit, please let me know.~ ^.^

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