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Realistic or Modern Searching for a Long-Term Partner [MxF pairing]

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Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life


I'm not crazy...my mother had me tested x)
who am I?
Hey, lovelies,
I'm amaranth, 28-year-old chocolate lover, coffee addict and bookworm from Slovakia. I'm on the CET time zone which is probably different than most of you here but I am on fairly often since I'm working from home. I am a translator so the work comes and goes and I'm priding myself on being able to adapt to almost anyone.
I RP in 3rd person, past tense and I am a total trash for detail. My writing style is multi para/novella (500+ words per reply) and I only do M/F pairings since that's what I'm the most comfortable with. I can post daily but don't dwell on it as the real life happens as well. I also love talking OOC (usually and preferably Discord) since getting to know my partner sometimes helps me to write my replies better. And I also love to share my thoughts on replies this way. Also, I can RP here or on google docs, depends on preference and what we agree to do.

who am I looking for?
First of all, please be 18+. For my partner, I don't have an absolute preference whether you're a lady or gent but I would appreciate if we agreed on that 3rd person, past tense point. Also, I can (and often do) double, especially when RPing with ladies, which basically looks like me playing male AND female but if we do this, I expect the same from you (which means we'll have four characters altogether and hopefully, both of us are satisfied). I NEVER RP only as male. I don't really care about the timezone or whether or not you use Discord, these are not the most important parts here. I am not looking for a flawless partner since I am not that either. But if you agree with me on these points and care to have some literate fun, do let me know and we can start something great together.

1. First and most important, roleplaying is my HOBBY (escape if you will). I reply when I reply so please, do not bug for an answer because then it startes to feel like a chore and trust me, I DO hate chores. I might reply every day and there are times when I can even do back-to-back replies but please, do not count on it to happen every time. But of course, if I don't reply for a week or so, feel free to poke me. I might have read the reply but didn't answer right away and it slipped my mind. I will usually give 7 days before my poke.
2. Please, let me know if something happened and you're not interested anymore. I am not really opposed to ghosting but I would prefer if we told each other about possible losing interest in the RP.
3. I have almost no filter so please, be prepared for that. I don't mind a foul language since I use it quite often and a lot. (I'm putting it here just in case)
4. My main domain is slice of life but I can be talked into different genres, prividing the story is captivating and we can figure out something intersting for both of us.
5. Know that the RP is not only about your character and give me something to work with in your posts.
6. I use ONLY real life face claims and would prefer if you did too.

Here, scroll through some pairings I do but FEEL FREE to SUGGEST:
➹ rich x poor
➹ good girl x bad boy
➹ rebel x nerd
➹ mafia boss x undercover agent
➹ royalty x royalty
➹ royalty x servant/security detail
➹ vampire x human/vampire
➹ enemies
➹ random meeting

As for the topic, again, here are only a few topics and I can agree (or be talked into) with more:

➹ toxic relationships
➹ drug abuse
➹ college
➹ stockholm syndrome
➹ arranged marriage
➹ music setting (bands etc.)

I don't usually do fandoms but I could be talked into some of these:
➹ Peaky Blinders (OC x Tommy Shelby)
➹ Harry Potter universe (OC x OC)
➹ Once Upon a Time (OC x Killian Jones)
➹ The Witcher (OC x Geralt)

code by g o l d i e l o x x
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Hey~! My name's Dani and I think we could vibe pretty well. I was thinking, we might be able to do something similar to happy potter (Concept of magic school but we can bend it or keep it as is), Or do these pairings that I was interested in;
-Rebel x Nerd
- Good girl x Bad Boy (We could totally develop this into maybe a toxic relationship once the relationship starts?)
-Arranged Marriage (It could be something like Royalty x Royalty.)

For some things that you havent included, I'm super interested in superhero stuff and all that good ol' magic stuff, and supernatural things. Maybe we can work something out? Peace!

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