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Fandom Searching For a Harry Potter Craving ( 1x1 and group)

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Craving Modern Western RP
Hello I'm Neko, at least what I go by online aside from my character's name. And I'm looking for some rps, so this is going to be a fairly simple post as I'm only searching for a couple of them that are a certain type.

A little about me; I'm in my early 30's (I don't keep track of my age exactly just the general age), a mother, and will be going to college in the fall and spring (so slow down during classes time). I also live on a farm so I am often distracted by animals needing something or needing to do chores when it is cooler.

I'll do pretty much any pairing, meaning MxM, FxF along with my craving of FxM. Plus I double, on all rps... unless it's a group... however if it is a group and someone wants me to play a character for them then I'll do so.

These are the laws that I wish other people to follow in regards to me.

Be mature or over 18, I'm an adult and any younger or childish feeling feels too off for me to not feel creeped out. (I know this rule might be weird considering the type of rp's i'm looking for but still.)

Contact me by pm or reply here.

The rps will be done over thread as I'm likely to forget about PM's.

I would prefer two paragraphs at the very least in replies as any less is way too hard for me to get a reply done back to in a reasonable ammount of time. I will mirror or try too, I'm rusty at rping since I haven't rped in nearly two years after having rped on and off for years before hand.

I'd love it if you were mature about the rp and let me know if you can't reply to it or go museless or just want to quit.

Talk to me! That's a big thing, talking really helps my mus, keeps me interested in the rp, and I love to get to know the person I rp with. I love to plot and make the rp better as time go on. I do have a discord server I use that can be used to talk about plot or just whatever if PMs fail too horribly or don't want to talk about it in response to this.

I am open to other rps but I'm not in the mood for them. The only other ones I'd consider is a YYH or Naruto one as high right now. Otherwise see my website for other rps I do.

For a group rps

It must have a posting order or at least a posting order when a group of people are interacting with each other in it.
Must allow drawings (anime or cgi or artwork) for pictures, I don't have the time to look up celebs who would fit a character.
Although the smaller it is the more a posting order is needed. Although the smaller (3 or 4 people at the most) the better.
While at the same time if it's too large I probably won't join simply because it feels too much like I'd get lost (but feel free to suggest it and I'll at least look into it).

The type of group rp I want is a magical school like hogwarts or even a future Hogwarts with some of the main characters mixed in (like as teachers or parents to some OC's). But something similar with it being a boarding school that teaches magic and has some kinda of plot to it that isn't just a bunch of students running around with no teachers or no aim to the rp.

On to what I crave

Harry Potter AU

I want someone to play Draco for one of my girl, I'd like to keep him more in character than not however.

In return, if wanted, I will try to play a guy or girl of your choosing from the series... but I've only seen the movies and haven't read the books. So my understanding of them is the movies only (and what I've read about in wiki and lexicons on the books). I am slowly listening to the audio books however when I can get time to sit down and do so.

I have two character options for the plot below but I have a total of three or four for the Harry Potter world alone. Although the two options for the below plot both have a pureblood option too. Their names are Roxas Alvey and Talulla Reine Hayes... I would put profiles of them but they need reworked and updated, but the names are the same. But here is some info on them.

Roxas Alvey is more of a confident playful character who refuses to believe she is a muggle born since she was adopted into the Alvey family and truly doesn't know who her real parents are. At times she can be scarily calm with some dark ideas while at times she can also pull some beautiful pranks and be the most happy go lucky girl people have seen. But she is a hard worker and takes her studies seriously, always putting her studies before anything else. Despite her not playing quidditch she is quite active, being good at dueling enough to have gotten into the dueling club before it was shut down. So she is naturally good at spells and casting them, alright in potions (knows enough to keep up even without Snape being the teacher), and excelled at charms and transfiguration simply because she likes to combine the two to make up more interesting spells. In muggle sports she does pretty good at what she tries but isn't the best at any of it aside from skating (rather it's rollerblading or ice skating they are the same to her) and horseback riding sports.

Talulla Reine Hayes is more of a bookworm who keeps to herself, doesn't try to draw attention to herself and just tries to blend in. She isn't that confident nor is she really that outstanding at anything aside from Defense Against the Dark Arts and charms. However despite how she is at school, in the muggle world she is one of the lead singers in a popular underground band that is her brother's band. Due to her being in Slytherin though nobody knows the truth about how she is outside of school. In which her family is well off yet not rich or high class, they are just well off to have a summer beach home in Greece while also have a nice size home in the wealthier side of London. So due to her parents money, and one of her brother's bandmates being a wizard, she is able to have all new stuff to make it appear as if she is a pureblood just not a very rich one.

We can work out another plot or something, just gotta talk about it. bhe main plot/idea I do want is this:
Due to the numbers of wizards being born there is a marriage law put into place that affects anyone 17 or older. However the Ministry of Magic hasn't quiet worked out if introducing new blood to the magical world would work, so they are using only a select group (nearly all the students at hogwarts) to test it out.
Another version of the plot above could be that Voldemort hadn't been defeated yet and is controlling the Ministry of Magic to gain followers with the marriage law. Making it so those that really have his interest yet refused who believe purebloods should stay with purebloods and not with half or mix with muggles or muggle born, reconsider his offer to join him.
But both plots would go something like this (can be changed to fit better but general gist of it)
My girl (Roxas or Talu, your choice) would be a muggleborn who was sorted into Slytherin and thus just never bringing up bloodline as much as she can to just stay assumed pureblood for getting into Slytherin house. She and Draco end up getting paired up for the marriage law which doesn't make much sense to Draco as he believed she was a pureblood due to being in the same house as him. It isn't until rumors get out of muggle borns being in Slytherin from some of the Slytherin purebloods being paired up with them, which makes Draco start to question rather or not she is really a pureblood if others are in their house. But as she refuses to admit that she isn't, it takes a while and he somehow finds out during a trip home with her for the winter holiday (rather he gets her drunk or uses the truth potion mixed in with alcohol or another way is up to whoever plays him). Which leads to him protecting her from the Slytherins who wish to harm the muggleborn who are in Slytherin, even though she has been saying she was paired up with a Ravenclaw since Draco never claimed to be paired up with her and always played it off as it was some Gryffindor who he didn't want to talk about or that he never got a letter.
I do have other HP plots but this is the one that is currently on my mind at the moment.
Click here for other HP Plots

So this is what I'm searching for, if it falls into what you do or want then give me a shout or reply.

Thanks for taking time to read this far!
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Craving Modern Western RP
The real story is not the plot,

Just gonna bump it

but how the characters unfold by it.
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Craving Modern Western RP
The real story is not the plot,

so I figure I'm not gonna find an rp here for this.. so I'll just bump once a week after this bump.

but how the characters unfold by it.
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"no one puts Baby in a corner"
Hey, hello! I’d be interested in this RP if you’d be willing to double and play Fred Weasley for an OC of mine ?

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