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Searching for a few partners


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Hello there. I have three very specific plots that I'm looking to do at this time.

The first of theses plots is a roommate RP in which we would each be playing four characters. The premises would be each of our characters has their lives and secrets to deal with. They are college students add life and a little bit of drama romance in and this would be our plot. Of course we can always develop the plot further and hammer out the minor details.

The second plot is a couples therapy. Again we would each be playing four characters. The couples have one reason for going to therapy they want things between them to get better. Isn't that why all couples go to therapy? One couple would be human and the other supernatural. Now this is more like a couples retreat instead of them going to see a therapist every week for an hour. The couples would be living in the same home for the summer. What would happen is that as the months move on the original couples drift further apart and fall in love with another person. I hope that makes sense. Please ask questions if it doesn't.

This is the final plot. It originally belongs to another person from a different site so credit goes to them. This is more a fantasy type of deal but I still really like it and would love to do this with someone. For this one we could each play a man and woman or we could each have one character a piece and can decided who will play the man and who will play the woman.

A long time ago you were the princess of this small country. There was this prince, you loved so much and he loved you back, but the day he asked you to marry him, he was never to be seen again. After a week of his missing, there was an attack on your country and sadly, you didn't survive.

It's 1,000 years later and you have just woken up. You feel as if you were in this long relaxing sleep. These three men stand over you, touching every part of your body and where they touch, you could move. You stand up and look around the place you were in. Where you just came out of, was a tomb stone reading here lies princess _____. You remember your life except one big portion of it, the man you loved. It was if he never even existed in your life. These three men tell you how you're now in the realm of the dead because the king of the realm, wants you to become his queen. In the realm of the dead, there's zombies, talking skeletons, ghosts, and more. Now you're one of the walking dead that inhabit this land. Once you're told you're going to be Queen, you're extactic and happy to be, but once you get to know the King, you wish you weren't. He's a cruel sadistic man and likes to be dominant over you. You hate him but he threatens to take your second life away. There's this man though, you've got to know him as well. He's kind and familiar to you and you instantly feel connected. He's one of the men who had woken you up. But, he's also your prince you have forgotten. How did he end up there? He was searching for a flower for you when he wondered in the realm of the dead somehow, been there ever since and has been working there as someone important and high up in the status. Will you stay with your king to keep your second life so you can be around him, or will you go back to your old love and risk death once again?


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Another plot is based upon the TV Show Married at First sight. The plot would be just like the TV show where the couples enter a social experiment and first lay eyes upon each other at their wedding. Followed by honeymoon and moving in together.

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