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Greetings fellow Role-players and welcome to my search thread. I know you're eager to see what ideas I have in mind but I feel it important to set out my "Rules and Expectations" so you can see if I'm even the sort of writer you want to role play with! We all have our preferences right? I'll try to keep this brief.
  • WHO AM I: I'm a female around 30 years of age. I have over 15 years of Roleplay and writing experience, much of which includes world building from scratch and learning how to be a good RP partner. I don't have an age restriction per se, but I won't do romance Rp's with anyone under 18. Otherwise, if you're younger but looking for a good partner to role play with I'd be more than happy to do a story with you.
  • ROMANCE: I am very straight and as such am only comfortable doing MxF Romances. While I prefer to write my MC as a female, I am also trying to get out of my box and write more characters from a male perspective so if you only play female characters but would really like to do a story with me, let me know. I am also more than willing to DOUBLE UP and write NPC's.
  • NO EROTIC ROLEPLAY. Fade-to-black every time. I don't mind writing cute fluff, cuddling, kissing that sort of thing but nothing erotic.
  • ACTIVITY: I currently do not work so I have alot of time to write all times of the day. I will frequently reply multiple times a day. From a partner, I ask that you are willing and able to reply a minimum of every other day. I tend to lose interest in stories that have much more of a regular delay between them. That said, life happens and if you're in the middle of an rp with me and need a break, totally understandable! Just communicate with me.
  • LITERACY: English doesn't have to be your first language but please, please, check your grammar and spelling. Lazy writing will drive me up the wall. Also, please be willing to write at least a paragraph (5-7 sentences) in response, preferably a little more though Quality over Quantity. No one liners. Give me stuff to work with, tell me about your character's inner-dialogue, what they are observing, etc.
  • COMMUNICATE: Please communicate. No need to embarrassed if we're not fitting or if you're no longer interested in a story. Happens to all of us. If there is something I do that bothers your RP pet peeves, communicate that with me and I'll do my best to accommodate. I will do the same for you. Also, feel free to send me your faceclaim pictures, your music, things that remind you of our characters and inspire plots ideas. I love fangirling about stuff. We're people first, RP partner's 2nd.

STARWARS: Seriously craving a Star Wars Universe RP. OC characters only. I'd love to play a female Jedi to a Bounty Hunter/Pilot/Mandalorian/Imperial defector, etc. character set in the SWOTOR era (1,000 years prior to the Movies and Anakin.)
Potential Plot thoughts: When a mysterious figure requests transport for herself and a strange looking artifact from your MC, shenanigans ensue as both are caught up in a crazy adventurer running from hunters, assassins and others, trying to accomplish their goal before they are caught or time runs out.

DRAGON RIDER: I haven't had the opportunity to do a good Dragon x Rider Rp in a really long time. This doesn't necessarily have to be in medieval times. It could be in any era we want.
Plot thoughts: When Character A is suddenly chosen by a 'Cursed' or 'Future King/Queen' dragon egg (Character B), fortunes turn and their life is destined to never be the same.

ABDUCTED: (I'd love to Rp the human in this one but I can do either)
Plot thoughts: During a war between humans and aliens, a decision is made to abduct the child of Earth's primary leader in order to try and force the humans to give into their demands. The young adult is then given into the care of one of higher ranking members of the Alien's government. The story would revolve around developing a friendship/relationship between the two, understanding being made and exploring an alien world that...perhaps, isn't as alien as it first appears.

While this could take place in any era, I'm thinking more along the lines of Sam and Frodo in Lord of the Rings. Perhaps a prophesied hero with an important destiny to fulfill but it can't be done alone. So many potential pairings and story directions this can go but here is one to get the ideas going.
Plot thoughts: Character A is Champion knight with one of the last few mages Character B left in the world. The two go on a quest to restore magic or perhaps remove it from the world entirely.

ON THE RUN: Soon-to-be Mother X Open <Anyone/Anything>
My character is a young woman carrying the child of a ruthless warlord. She attempts to flee for fear of what the child would be raised to be. Along the way she meets your character and the adventure begins! This story can take place anytime, anywhere, any genre. Lots of freedom for world creation.

NOT SO SUPERNATURAL: The Concept is that in a modern / slightly futuristic world, the Supernatural is common place. There are bars run by psychics who know what you want to drink before you do. Vampire's chilling with Werewolves and complaining about the downfalls of their particular races. Demons and Angels are just terms for magical people who use their magical abilities for either excessive evil or excessive good and often have wings to represent which they are. Characters A works at a popular fight club bar where they meet Character B. The story would progress from there.

MIRROR MIRROR: Character A receives an old floor to ceiling length mirror from their recently deceased grandfather. Their Grandfather was an eccentric author writing fantastic fantasy books while claiming to have been to the world he wrote about and that he was actually the hero in those adventures. Character A never believed him but humored him because he was loving and told great stories. However, when the cloth is pulled off the mirror and Character A's fingers touch the surface they find themselves in a magical forest they've only read about. Character B is the keeper of this magical gateway and greets character A, having watched over this mirror for the a long time, waiting for their grandfather to return and help them once again.

Pairings Without Hooks
(Characters in Bold are my preferred Roles. Pm me if you have a story idea in mind!)

Female Knight X Prince
Huntsman / Magician / Commoner X Magical Creature
Space Pirate / Smuggler / Pilot X Stowaway / Prisoner / etc.
Prisoner X Prisoner
Slave X Slave
Students training in a futuristic Academy
A group of Adventurers on a journey (Would require Doubling up)

I'm really up for any good story in most genre's so just send me a pm and let me know!

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