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viceroy of disappointment
Hey! I'm Viceroy but you can call me Vice. Or Roy if you think you're funny. Either works.
Some things to get out of the way first:
  • I'm 16. If this makes you uncomfortable, you can leave now. I prefer that no one under the age of 15 roleplays with me. Please be honest with your age (or general age group) as I am with you.
  • I don't do plots focused on romance. That's not to say that romance can't happen, but it will not be the focus of any roleplay involving me. And honestly a character's sexuality is among the last things I think about for them.
  • PLEASE feel free to communicate your thoughts with me. If you want to leave, that's okay, that's your right and you can do it any time. I'm terrible at reading people - especially through text - and I will not be able to tell what's on your mind if you don't say it. If I'm doing something you don't like, I'll try to listen to any criticism you have, so don't be afraid. (insert picture of biblical angel)
  • I am most comfortable writing 1-3 paragraphs. It may be longer if I am feeling particularly inspired, but that won't be normal. I will do my best to match with you, but if you write long responses (7+ paragraphs) that statement most likely won't hold true. I won't lie: I have a limit. (The definition of a "paragraph" in this instance is 4-6 sentences.)
  • Faceclaims won't really be a thing with me. I'll probably use something from Picrew or Artbreeder to represent what a character looks like because I do not want to steal art, and I'm uncomfortable with using the faces of real people. Commissioning is something I intend to do eventually. :')
Now, onto what I'm interested in roleplaying!
I'm happy to roleplay as canon characters in any fandom roleplays (barring Elder Scrolls), and you are also welcome to do so.
  • The Elder Scrolls
  • Star Wars*
  • Redwall (have not read all the books but love this series)
  • Percy Jackson & the Olympians (I will re-read if need be)
  • How to Train Your Dragon* (books or movies, or a mix of both. I don't own any of the books anymore though and it's been a while)
Most of these may require world building. I'd like it if you helped, but I'm also okay with doing the world building on my own as long as you provide some input on what you want to see. Note that if I'm doing it by myself it will take much longer and I do have a life.

  • Fantasy settings: low or high fantasy. Can be historical fantasy (any time in history), modern fantasy, or classic "medieval" fantasy.
  • Historical: I'm willing to try historical settings for roleplays but I will need time to research the time period.
  • "Superhero" universe: Something like Marvel or DC but with a singular universe that's less convoluted. I like the idea of superheroes and superpowers that aren't really magic but rather supernatural abilities someone possesses, but Marvel and DC are both so heavy in lore and multiple universes that it gets incredibly complicated.
  • Anything involving dragons in general.* I love them. I don't care if both of our characters are dragons or if they're dragon riders or some mix of the two. I'll be happy to create a world including them as a major aspect.
As for actual plots, I have two ideas at the moment; one for Star Wars, and one for HTTYD.
324 BBY. The Republic remains the intergalactic bastion of peace and prosperity. The Sith have not been spotted in hundreds of years, and the Jedi are still well-known across the galaxy to be expert peacemakers and diplomats. Yet this balance is not found without struggle: a chance crash landing on Dantooine ends up causing a spiral of events that no-one in the Jedi Order could have predicted.

Only two surviving pieces of cargo are salvaged from the crashed ship. A simple, silver statue of a loth cat, and a stowaway. That's when things start getting awry around the Enclave. Nightmares grow common among padawans and masters alike, and their connection to the force becomes thick and heavy, like an object that is too big to hold and must be dropped. It doesn't take long to discover that the statue has a role in this, and the stowaway is kept for questioning, until they're sent on a mission with a disgruntled Jedi Knight/Master to uncover the nature of what is going on. Turns out, some things are better left unearthed.

Character A is the Jedi Knight (or Master) currently staying at the Enclave. Character B is the stowaway on the crashed ship and can be anyone. I am fine with playing as either. We may modify and/or expand upon this plot as needed. This is just a very general idea. Or, if you have your own ideas for Star Wars, or want a different plot for it, that works too.
Dragon hunters are infamous for their brutality and efficiency. Nobody messes with a dragon hunter - not even dragons themselves. Luckily, the vikings of Berk are known for breaking rules. They're also known for doing things their own way. And, well, if anyone has a problem with that, they can take that to anyone's dragon. Legends say it doesn't end well.

But dragon hunters adapt to their prey. And they know what those in Berk are most attached to: their dragons.

One lone dragon hunter decides to prove their theory by sneaking into an isolated farm at night and capturing the local dragon resting there. They expect the rider to eventually follow, but when they don't, the hunter is forced to spend more and more time with the dragon once they realize no one is interested in buying it, either. Maybe it's time for a change of heart.

The other dragon hunters surely won't see this as a break of oath or anything terrible, of course. It certainly isn't punishable by death.

Character A is a dragon hunter. Character B is the dragon they steal. Again, I'm alright with playing as either character, and we can modify the plot as wanted.
If you're interested in roleplaying with me, please send me a PM and I'll respond when I can!

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