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Multiple Settings searching | fantasy, futuristic or historical

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at midnight, darkest hour
Hello my loves,
after a brief hiatus I am once again looking for new roleplaying partners!

⭒ You can call me Fey, or Fortuna.
⭒ I am in my mid-twenties and would prefer it if you were also 20+.
⭒ I really love writing detailed posts and am always down for a novella length type roleplay, but I'm currently also craving something a bit more fast-paced and casual! Just let me know what kind of style you like to do and we can roll with that.
⭒ I like writing all genders and any kind of romantic pairing.
⭒ Third person, past tense preferred, but would be totally fine with present tense as well.
⭒ I really enjoy playing multiple characters, but I also like to just focus on two characters and have them be the centre of the roleplay. I love slowburn romance, friendships as the focus point of the story, cheesy stuff, more gritty & dramatic stuff, just...many things. I'm an easily excitable person in general I guess aha.
⭒ I'm super patient with response times. If you can only reply once every two weeks or even once a month - cool! No pressure at all. Ideally, I can post about once a week depending on the length of my reply and my schedule, but I of course can't always 100% promise that.

Moving on to plots - I don't have any fully fleshed-out ideas, just some loose thoughts that I think would be fun to do! We can decide on further details together.

⭒ A newly appointed royal guard has to find a cure for the mysterious illness the heir to the throne and several memebers of the court have fallen prey to. An ambitious aristocrat with a bad reputation offers their help, but the guard fears they might have an ulterior motive.
⭒ A recently turned vampire has to navigate the courts and customs of their ancient brethren for the first time.
⭒ A soldier/general is forced to confront a horrible deity their unit has started to worship out of fear in the middle of a war.
⭒ A story about a contest/competition of sorts that is annually hosted in our kingdom, like a gladiator-esque tournament, with an incomparably valuable prize for the victor. This round, one of our characters signs up.
⭒ An academy for mages, but with a bit of a darker twist: the magic taught there is blood magic/some other type of forbidden magic.

⭒ A rebellion is rising up against an oppressive dictator.
⭒ An important trade city is run by a ruthless underground crime ring. A police officer is tasked with clearing the city of all illegal operations by infiltrating the crime ring and destroying it from within.
⭒ The sole survivor of a massacre finds refuge in a neighbouring city. They say their city was not razed by humans, but by nightmarish monsters. A group of soldiers is sent to investigate.

I have no real idea for this yet, but I would absolutely adore to do a roleplay set in medieval Russia. The plot can revolve around anything, really - court politics, war, aristocratic families, class struggles, life in the countryside, harsh winters etc. Alternative settings: ancient Greece or Rome, imperial China/Japan, the Ottoman Empire. We can add a fantasy element to this as well, maybe related to folk tales of the country/time period we choose to do!

Some more general themes I'd be interested in writing about: political intrigue, power struggles, fated lovers, greek mythology, any sort of mythical creatures, religious themes, monsters & paranormal stuff, covens, fae courts, utopian or dystopian societies.

And that's all for now, I'd love to hear from you if any of this sounds interesting to you!


*+I'm trying, I promise.+*
I really like the vampire plotline! Would you be playing the new vampire, or would I? If its ok with you, I'd like to use my own sort of species/subrace that are somewhat similar to vampires but survive on flesh rather than blood. They're still undead, and still blend into human crowds, and reanimate because of a burning grudge against someone. Usually those who hurt them in life. Exes, parents, random murderers, friends etc.

Violet Strix

Just a Watcher and Wonderer
I would love to role play with you. Slow burn romance, and building a relationship between characters are a big things for me too.


criminal mischeif
Eyeing the guard/aristocrat plot and pairing. I'm 22 and also usually write novella-style but have been needing something a little less intense since I work and take a class on the side. Possibly interested in something more on the platonic side... I immediately saw room for reluctant associates to antagonizing friends (possible to angsty enemies?) vibes? But we could work out those details if you're interested :-)

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