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All smiles and rain clouds.

༺✤༻ Introduction ༺✤༻

Hello there, and welcome! My name is CreatureFriendly, but please feel free to call me Creature. I am a semi-advance to advance writer who is over the age of 18 and have been RPing since 2013. As of recently, I have finished the first season to Netflix's 'Sweet Tooth' and really enjoyed it. I am intrigued by the setting and the more whimsical, yet still grim, take on the apocalypse. Thus, I overhauled an old thread of mine and I'm on the lookout for others who have seen the show and want to expand on the world of Sweet Tooth. I am open to all sorts of ideas, and actually have some of my own. So, if you are interested in collaborating then please post here or send me a PM! Thank you for reading and hopefully I'll hear from you soon! (Update: I have also started reading the comics. So, if you would like to do something closer to the source material then that is also an option!)

༺✤༻ What You Can Expect ༺✤༻

I always do three paragraphs minimum depending on what is going on in the RP. I can always write more or mirror however much my partner puts, but rarely do I post less than three, decent-sized paragraphs. I like putting details in my posts and giving the other something that they can work with.

I am both OOC and ghost-friendly. I love to chat outside of the RP, not only to discuss and plot things, but also to just goof around and have a good time. It's nice to get to know who I am writing with and it makes the RP itself that much more enjoyable. Though, when it comes time for an RP to end, I am okay with ghosting. Life happens, or sometimes you just lose interest. So, if you need to drop an RP, then don't sweat it. Though a heads up is always appreciated, it is not required.

I have very little triggers and do not mind plot ideas with darker undertones. Obviously though, I won't do anything that goes against site rules. But if you are uncertain about a certain subject matter then please feel free to ask about it!

I am fairly active on this site and can usually manage one post a week at minimum depending on what I have going on.

༺✤༻ What I Expect ༺✤༻
You are semi-advance to advance and can do a minimum of two-to-three, decent-sized paragraphs.

You are OOC-friendly.

You are 18+. Nothing against minors, but I am an adult and therefore more comfortable talking with those in my age range.

You are willing to contribute to the plot and discuss ideas or give suggestions.

You are active and can do at least one post a week. This negotiable though if you are busy and cannot post as frequently.

You are okay with the use of both canon and original characters in an RP.

༺✤༻ Plot Ideas ༺✤༻

Among the Purple Blooms
(Sweet Tooth/Original Characters)

Muse A is a wandering survivor whose lost everything to the Sick and is one of the many who blame Hybrids for the Great Crumble. Meanwhile, Muse B is someone who is doing their best to keep their Hybrid sibling alive in a world that rather see them dead. The two meet after Muse A injures themselves during an unsuccessful attempt at crossing the Valley of Sorrows. Muse B manages to drag them out from the field of hallucinatory blooms, but attempts to abandon them soon afterwards. It isn't until their sibling pleads for them to help that Muse B takes Muse A back to their home in order to allow their injury to heal. When Muse A finally comes to, they find themselves with a broken leg and stuck living in the same space as a Hybrid. It doesn't take long for things to become tense as Muse A and Muse B butt heads over their differing views of Hybrids. But as they get to know each other and their stories, they begin to realize that they may have more in common than previously thought.

Where Devils Dwell
(Sweet Tooth/Original and Canon Characters/AU)

In Abbot's America, the Last Men are one of the most feared groups out there as they govern the country with an iron fist. But even those at the top have something to fear. For years, an individual known only as the 'Woods Devil' has been operating as a one-man army against the Last Men. Raiding supplies vehicles, ambushes on patrols, and, most notably of all, the theft of captured Hybrids. Not only that, but it seems as though the Woods Devil is not affiliated with any one place. Anywhere that there are Last Men, the Woods Devil is sure to follow. With this brutal reputation and the fact that they are virtually untraceable, the Woods Devil has taken on a near urban legend-like quality. Stories of them not only circulate among the Last Men themselves, but also everyday survivors. People share tales of a monster who attacks men and devours Hybrids. But these stories couldn't be further from the truth. In reality, the Woods Devil is just a man behind a mask. Who he is though and what his motives are still unknown. But once uncovered, it may lead to the unveiling of an operation that goes beyond just one man.

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