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Fantasy Search and Rescue


Hogwarts Student
As a new trainee or a veteran officer, you will be working in the PANDORA squadron of the northern mountain forest. This is a public forest and mountain reserve, home to picnics, blueberry picking field trips, and ski troupes all year around. The dense and immense forest though makes it easy to get lost and even easier for the strange and paranormal to hide in plain sight. All I can warn you with, is to NEVER turn off your radio, and if you climb any set of stairs your position in this squadron will be immediately terminated.

" Dear Trainee Recruit,

Welcome to the US Forest Service- Search and Rescue team. You among your fellow trainee's will begin your time here in the NorthWest section of the mountains with me and my crew of vets. Stories of past situations will be told to you, and under the worst of circumstances you will have your own stories by the end of your trial period. I urge to you come prepared for tomorrow as you will be exposed to the most straining work you will probably ever do. If you happen to be of poor mental health, please come see me in my office BEFORE orientation, for this is not a job for anyone who can't handle high stress situations and/or are closed minded.

Do not bring cameras, and you will be told during orientation of some other... specifics that will be vital to your employment (and possibly survival) at this base. I expect all of you unless you have spoken to me prior to be ready by 0700 tomorrow morning.

Good luck, and be aware.

CAPT. Arcadia Nox Cole "
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