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Futuristic Scrapmetal Circus


Combat Rainbow
Hello hello! Welcome to me begging people to join an RP already in progress.

Do you like robots, cyborgs, and aliens, oh my? Do you want to work for an insanely rich man with PTSD? Do you want to risk life and limb protecting something precious? Then come on over and JOIN US.

In a nutshell, what I have in mind is a bizzare mix of sci-fi and fantasy. Like.... Outlaw Star meets Kaladieo Star meets Ghost In the Shell meets X-men. Kind of. Improbably.

At present, Seraphim Industries is about to head off to a planet destroyed but not gone. The planet has failed to stabilize or drift apart in the 500 years since.

This is part one. Part two will be what happens after lift off with an infamous space fairing cruse liner that had been abandoned on said planet.

I personally want lots of robots, as that's the idea, but it is not enforced. I welcome the cat girls and fish boys. Or another race entirely.

Robots in this usually are designed to look human, as that's just convenient. Scapegoating Transformers, organically shapeshifting races have not been able to be mimicked by technology as of yet.

Robots come in all flavors, from the visibly mechanical vaguely emotional Mechs to the organically based Bio-androids that seemlessly blend into society and all embrace their emotions. If anyone wants to be a cat girl with out the ability to go beastial then by all means be a cat girl robot. Or a fish boy. What ever you want.

Now then, down to brass tacks. Be a badass, be awesome, but have flaws, like anything else. Nothing's perfect.

Let me know if you want to join or have questions.


Combat Rainbow
Woot! Read the OOC thread and browse the CS thread. Post a CS when ready and be sure to read the main thread before posting there XD


Combat Rainbow
Crap. I haven't put any up. Just search my content for now and once I'm off work I'll get them on here.


Combat Rainbow
Ok, I'm sorry. Crap happened with my car irl and this linking had to be postponed. I will get to it here after awhile.

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