SCP: Unstable, Breached, Vulerable

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  1. Wait does this mean im not allowed to partake in 420-j to get out of paperwork

    Why are you guys ruining my fun
  2. Yes, we need to keep some of that scp still around when the director comes checking in.
  3. Is flinging myself out a window still out of the question? We might be low on d-class personnel, but im sure we can still use one for my new body
  4. No.
  5. I cant do anything around you guys
  6. Just make sure site B isn't on fire when I come back.
  7. If you could we would be dead.
  8. Is this still open?
  9. Yeah, we haven't even started yet.
  10. okay cool, then im down for this.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. I'm sorry, Dr. Lettuce, but the stats don't lie. The last - and first - site you were given jurisdiction over was literally burned to the ground 72 hours after the decision.
  13. come on, it wasnt that. plus, it contained the scp. doesnt that count for something?
  14. While a fire is an excellent way to contain a living entity, the sacrifice of millions of dollars of Foundation assets is not worth the successful containment of a Euclid. (The pronunciation starts with the consonant "y" sound, yooklid)
  15. Oh yes, SCP. Time to write obscure, censored documents.
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  16. I disagree
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  17. ACH! Idiots...
    I have my ways...

    Speaking of "Idiots" I demand the payment of approximetely 30 Class D personell for some fun.

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    wait if hes not me, does that mean that he can do everything that i cant

    im taking this man as my host to bypass the rules made to keep me in check

    guten morgen herr fenster. zeit um selbstmord zu begehen
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  20. Ha! Your easily swayed loyalty impresses me.
    Ohhh I LOVE the title of "Master", but I would prefer "My Leader.".
  21. da.png
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  22. no that was me planning to throw myself out a window so that youd pick up my amulet and i could take over your body.
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  23. I didn't use Google translate directly into the message- there were a few words that I recognized- but I thought I saw meister. What trickery are you implementing onto your documents?!

    Where can I get it?

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