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Realistic or Modern SCP-3008: The Infinite IKEA

Sub Genres
Action, Dystopian, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Zombies

Caffeine Freak

forever thirsty
You belong here now. There is no escape.

What was supposed to be a casual shopping trip to IKEA has taken a turn for the worse. Inside is a sprawling maze of home furnishing stretching ad infinitum in every direction. Nowhere to be found is the entrance from which you just stepped through, and there seems to be no hope at locating the exit. Attempting to navigate through it only serves to further ensnare you in its endless labyrinth. Walk for hours, days, months, forever — and you will still find no limit to its size.

You're trapped. And what's worse, you're not alone.

Featureless employees with grotesquely disfigured bodies can be spotted roaming the store floor, passive but unresponsive — that is, until the lights shut off at closing time.

Anyone caught out in the open during the 'night' is hounded by violent swarms of Staff, beaten to bloody pulps. It's up to the survivors to band together and use the resources available to survive in this hellscape of amazing furnishing deals.

One can only hold out for so long in the Endless IKEA. If the exit is not found, death is a certainty.

Please tell me what you think and ask any questions!

Sign ups are now live!

And the IC!
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Caffeine Freak

forever thirsty
Sign ups and OOC for those who are interested!

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