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Traditional Scorpio art improvement

Cedar Swamp Pack (Elemental Wolves) New


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Zen is the alpha of the Cedar Swamp Pack. They live near and in a swamp surrounded by cedar trees and are allies with the Black Alder pack. Zen is identifiable by the bandana around his neck and his odd coloring. As a pup he was shunned by his old pack and kicked out. He wandered the World, met his mate and started a pack near the Cedar Swamp. Other wolves who were shunned for being blind or other reasons were welcomed into the Cedar Swamp pack which is also where it's nickname 'the outcasts' comes from. Zen is a wolf haunted by his past but he does his best to push that aside and be a leader his pack will be proud of. Out of the sixteen packs of the World, the Cedar Swamp pack is perhaps closest in understanding to the Ash Falls Pack despite not being allies.

Ichtaca is an interesting female with an even mysterious past. She is mates to Peony in Cedar Swamp Pack and was not born in the pack. It is unknown who her parents are, but unbeknownst to anyone else, she is a daughter of Lord Orpheus.

Raspberry made her way up to gamma of Cedar Swamp Pack, named for the raspberries she used to eat as a pup and for being born beneath some raspberry bushes. She was born in summer and has a striped tail with spikes coming out of her head and large claws. She looks mostly like her father Lavender and was born alongside Heliotite and Skin.

A pup of Alpha Zen and Healer Autwyn. He has a mixed personality of his parents and one of the more fanatic and bullying pups of his parents' litter. Tends to bully his younger siblings and other wolves weaker then him.

Hallow is a pup of Alpha Zen of Cedar Swamp and Autwyn. She much prefers taking care of the pups and old and thus is the sitter of the pups and elders within the pack during hunts and traveling.

Skin is a pack member in Cedar Pack who suffered a strange mutation that caused antlers to grow out of his head. He is a pup of Autuwyn and Lavender, a product of a forced mating of Autwyn to be with her mate. His antlers make him look intimidating, but he only uses them to fight. Like a deer, they shed and grow again with the seasons.

A healer in Cedar Swamp and father of a litter of pups from Autwyn. Some find his white skull mask creepy and intimidating, thus outsiders would prefer to not approach the wolf. He isn't as creepy as his appearance makes him seem, in fact he is rather sweet. A bit boisterous but serious when healing those who need it.

Here we have a son of Autwyn and Zen who lives in Cedar Swamp with his father. The gray spots on his body earned him the nickname 'Asow' due to looking like ashes on snow. He's a hunter within the pack

A devious and cunning wolf who earned his place through loyalty and skill, he will fight to the death to keep his position.

Twine is an omega of Cedar Swamp pack, his parents a rogue and an exile. He is content being where he is within the pack and has no desire to move up in rank due to being a jokester and playing mischief. Twine is in charge of watching the pups during hunts.


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I just want to say, from your stuff posted in 2019 on the first page to now: so much improvement omg keep up the great work!! Colors and everything! ❤️❤️
Frozen Arrow (Elemental Wolves) New


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Moonfell is the alpha of the Frozen Arrow Pack which is the northernmost pack in the World. The Frozen Arrow Pack is one of two packs that are the most isolated which allows them to be safe from man and other wolf packs as well as most predators. Moonfell was born on the Winter Solstice and that is how he got his name. He wears four bands around his legs which mark him as the alpha. Moonfell is a tough wolf and should not be underestimated by other packs. He is rough on the outside but he has a gentle and kind heart on the inside.

Loch is a pack member of Frozen Arrow and has sky blue fur. It looks like she is covered in frozen water and many cannot help staring at the female if they reside outside of the pack. She is boisterous and playful, has webbed paws and a poor sense of direction. Despite this, she proves to be a good swimmer, even if she isn't much help with fighting. She also has a habit of trusting other wolves who are judgmental towards her or hurt her.

Coconut is a pack member of Frozen Arrow Pack. Rendered mute at a young age, she is unable to speak and has become submissive as a result, losing the once playful air she used to carry as a young pup. She helps watch pups when she isn't requested to do something for the pack and often wishes she could express her thoughts.

The beta male of Frozen Arrow Pack, he has a mutation that gives him two tails. He isn't much for speaking or fighting, preferring instead to hunt and patrol.

She is the mate of the alpha male, born and raised in the pack to a pair of omegas. A nice wolf who looks out for the younger members of the pack.

Coral is the beta female of Frozen Arrow and the mate of Mint. She is a gentle and quiet wolf, acting as a surrogate mother to the weaker members of the pack.
Stone Clan (Elemental Wolves) New


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Firestorm is the leader and father of the Stone Clan. The Stone Clan are allies to the Elemental Pack and the Eclipse Pack. Firestorm's mate is Rava who is the mother of the clan. All the foxes of the Stone Clan have sharp claws so they can defend themselves against attack. Firestorm is very protective of his mate and clan.

Rava is the mother of the Stone Clan and the mate of Firestorm. Majority of the Stone Clan are red foxes with the exception of two brown foxes and two arctic foxes. Rava gets help from the brown fox, Emma, to take care of the kits. Rava is the peacemaker in the clan.

Orion is the oldest son of Firestorm and Rava. He is the third red fox in the Stone Clan. Orion doesn't take his job as the oldest kit of Rava and Firestorm seriously and would rather goof off then pay attention to how to run the clan. He has friends in the Moonstone, Eclipse and Morning Star Packs.

Twilight is the oldest daughter and younger sister to Firestorm and Rava. Unlike her goofball of a brother she actually pays attention to what her parents are talking about and will go with her mother to find medicinal herbs so she can learn how to heal. She's a good hunter as well. Twilight will move out of Stone Clan when she's old enough and find herself a mate before starting her own family.

Lightning is the youngest son of Rava and Firestorm. He has lightning shape bolts on his body which is how he got his name. Unlike his older brother Orion, Lightning actually pays attention to what his father is trying to teach Orion. He's a good hunter and is three years younger than Orion. His younger sister is Maya.

Maya is the last red fox of the Stone Clan, youngest daughter and younger sister to Lightning. She has three lightning bolts on her her back. Maya almost died as a newborn kit but thankfully Itzal managed to intervene to Lord Orpheus to spare her life. As a result the Stone Clan feels indebted to Itzal for this kind action and Maya can often be seen hanging around Itzal. She is a kind and gentle fox who loves being around nature and sees Itzal as an older brother despite being two different species.

Loki is a brown fox who is part of the Stone Clan along with his mate Emma. Loki and Emma joined the Stone Clan after their own clans were attacked by Wanderers. Loki used to be part of the Marigold Clan before it was attacked and his fellow comrades destroyed. He is the only survivor of the attack on his clan with Emma being the only surving member of her clan. Loki and Emma met when Loki freed Emma from a net and they became inseparable after that and eventually mates. They were welcomed into the Stone Clan by Firestorm and Rava despite being a different species of fox.

Nova is an arctic fox and the mate of Snowdrift. Nova and Snowdrift joined the Stone Clan after they were banished from their own clan three years ago. They have lived with the Stone Clan ever since. Their former clan is the Tundra Clan, a clan that lies in the High North, thirty miles west of the Frozen Arrow Pack. Nova is an excellent hunter and fierce protector of Snowdrift. He's a kind fox and likes to watch the stars at night as well as the snow falling.

Snowdrift is the mate of Nova. She is an arctic fox. Snowdrift wears a red glow vial around her neck. She is a good hunter and healer. Snowdrift is a kind wolf. Snowdrift and Nova do find it hard to hunt in the three other seasons of the World due to sticking out like sore thumbs but they do their best. In winter though they are the best hunters of the Stone Clan.

Emma is the mate of Loki and also a brown fox. She used to be part of the Flower Clan but it was wiped out by Wanderers. Emma helps Rava with taking of the kits of Stone Clan. She is a kind fox but still suffers nightmares from watching her entire clan be destroyed.
Ekans New


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Drew this december 21st. First time drawing Ekans. I didn't get his mouth all the way open, so I just made it small with the snake-like tongue.

Name: Ekans
Species: Snake Pokemon
Abilities: Intimidate, Shed Skin
Hidden Ability: Unnerve
Height: 6'7" (2.0 m)
Weight: 15.2 lbs (6.9 kg)
Gender: 50% Male/50% Female
Type: Poison

Dex Entry 1: Ekans, the Snake Pokemon. An Ekans curls itself up in a spiral while it rests. This position allows it to quickly respond to an enemy from any direction with a threat from its upraised head. It sneaks through grass without making a sound and strikes unsuspecting prey from behind.

Dex Entry 2: It always hides in grass. When first born, it has no poison, so its bite is painful, but harmless. The older it gets, the longer it grows. At night, it wraps its long body around tree branches to rest.

Iphiolon #065
Evolves into Arbok at Level 22 (poison)
Evolves into Covil at Level 40 (poison/ghost)
Aeon Comic Pages pg 2 to pg 7 New


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These are the rest of my comic pages for the prologue and beginning of Chapter One of my Aeon pokemon comic.

Traced the human on this part. But we're at the end of the prologue now.

Welcome to Chapter One Rising Sun. Traced the human on this, not very good.

Here we see our secondary protag, young Choal! He's from Almia. They were traced from an image online. Still somehow, they look horrible. The bridge in the fourth panel was taken from Route 205 on the Sinnoh page reference.

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