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Traditional Scorpio art improvement

Minx-Omega of Ash Falls (Elemental Wolves)


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OOC: Haven't done one of these in a while but as flash is ending come the end of this month, I got a shit ton of wolves I need to make up. So meet this cutie Minx who I did earlier today.


Minx is a male omega of Ash Falls pack and as you can see has a bobbed tail. It was torn off when he was a pup by another wolf. He is a timid and cowardly creature who was the runt of his litter, but he isn't a pure wolf, rather a wolf dog hybrid. He is shy around the females and has a crush on a normal pack wolf but she doesn't give him the time of day due to his breeding and his rank, making for a a lonely guy. He is very sweet though and tries to help where he can but it usually gets him nowhere as most in the pack don't see him as anything but something to relieve stress and bully. He's stuck watching after all the pups and this creates quite the bit of stress on him and some other omegas.
Oak Valley Pack (Elemental Wolves)


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Shikoba is the alpha of Oak Valley Pack. He's an arctic wolf and is clad in Roman Armor. Shikoba is Choctaw, a Native American tribe, and means 'feather'. Shikoba is around seven years old and a tough fighter. Not many wolves who go up against him in a fight return to their packs uninjured. He is fair and kind. He'll take over watch for his pack and go without food so his pack can survive at the expense of himself.

Coldstar is an orange wolf with white socks and bubbles on his body and ears. He was kidnapped from his pack at one year old and now a part of Zodiac Pack. Coldstar is a compassionate and friendly wolf. He's real cheerful despite the circumstances that led to him becoming a part of Zodiac Pack.

Aspen has chains on his neck and left front leg singifying that he is a prisoner. He belongs to Oak Valley but was kidnapped by Zoomer and Thunder. Because he keeps trying to escape and get back to his real pack poor Aspen is kept chained all the time to the cave wall where Zodiac Pack dens. Aspen is timid from the beatings and starvation he endures but doesn't let go of his dream of returning to his true pack.

The beta male of Oak Valley, this loyal wolf would sooner kill someone than look at them. Slow to accept change, stubborn and obstinate, he is quick-tempered and eager for a fight. Appearing emotionless, he doesn't let his emotions be seen and rarely lets others know what he is thinking. A generally quiet fellow, he won't hesitate to show his fangs and claws if angered and one never knows the mood he will be in, thus it might be strange that he is the beta of Oak Valley, but he has spirit and a fierce determination to be the best...an undying loyalty to his alpha and an analytical mind that caused him to be chosen as Shikoba's second. He has brown fur with green eyes and two white stripes of fur over both eyes which break out the earth-colored brown of his pelt. He smells of wild berries and vanilla, a pleasant aroma with a deep baritone vox and rather morose thoughts.
Zodiac Pack (Elemental Wolves)


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Zoomer is the alpha of the Zodiac Pack. The Zodiac Pack are allies with the Spirit Pack. They are the enemies of the majority of the other packs. Zoomer has hot pink metal claws and his ability is Metal Claw. Zoomer defeated Radius, the former alpha of Zodiac Pack, and took over with his beta Thunder. Zoomer has kidnapped three wolves of two different packs (Oak Valley and Black Alder Packs) and forced them to be part of his own pack.

Thunder is the beta wolf of Zodiac Pack. He has two fangs in addition to his teeth that are used for his ability Toxic Fang. His other ability is Dark Lightning. Thunder is a loyal follower of Zoomer and the two of them used to belong to the Wanderers, however even Zoomer's methods for domination of the other packs didn't coincide with the Wanders ideals and beliefs. Thunder loves his power over the other wolves of Zodiac Pack and is a fierce fighter. The only one he likes is Zoomer.


Athena is the daughter of Tallow and Felma. Her father was shot by a human and her mother killed by Thunder when he and Zoomer took over Zodiac Pack. Athena is a good hunter but was forced to mate with Thunder and is pregnant with his pups. She's the younger sister of Florus. Athena and Florus were the only two of their family to survive Zoomer and Thunder's murder spree on Zodiac Pack. Despite Thunder being the father of her pups, Athena loves them and will kill to protect her unborn if anyone should wish them harm which is hard as Thunder likes torturing her with his Dark Lightning ability.

Cyphera is a shy wolf. She was just a year old when Zoomer and Thunder came and took over Zodiac Pack. She is an okay hunter but specializes in finding medicinal herbs to heal her pack mates. Cyphera has a kind heart and tries to stay out of the way of Zoomer and Thunder. Her family all died of poison from human hunters and she was the only survivor.

Florus is Athena's brother. He is an excellent hunter and fighter so he isn't tortured as much by Zoomer or Thunder unlike the rest of his pack. Florus is three years old and has a crush on Cyphera however only Zoomer and Thunder are allowed to mate and bear pups. The punishment for the other wolves daring to mate is death and many wolves of Zodiac Pack were killed for breaking the law. Florus is also used as a guard for the pack and has to alert Thunder and Zoomer of enemy wolves coming into their territory. He's courageous as well and will is very protective of his sister.


Isis is the daughter of Radius. She's quiet and doesn't talk much. Isis has a crush on Streak but because of the laws Zoomer forced upon the pack when he took over she isn't allowed to admit her feelings to Streak. She can't bear to run away with Streak though she has thought about it because she doesn't want her dad to live alone. She does her best to protect her father from Zoomer and Thunder and often gets hurt in the process.


Lily has two red bands and a green neckband which make her unique among Zodiac Pack. She's a healer among the pack and tends to injuries as well as helping birth pups and treating sickness and disease among the pack which makes her useful to Zoomer and Thunder. She's only allowed to go out to collect herbs and other medicinal plants with a guard.


Nerva is a winged wolf who wears blue and green leggings. He joined Zodiac Pack before Zoomer and Thunder took over. He and Mazaleen are mates though they can't let Thunder and Zoomer know of it so their relationship is secret from everyone. The vial of blue light around his neck is used to help him see in the dark and also as clearance to travel anywhere in the World among the wolf packs. He has a mysterious past that nobody knows about.


Ginger is identifiable by her silver tipped tail and her violet eyes. Ginger prefers to stay in the shadows rather than do something which will attract the wrath of her alpha and beta. She's a kind wolf but aloof around strange packs.


Radius is the former alpha of Zodiac Pack and father of Isis. He can open up portals through space and time. His long whiskers show that he's an elder but with Zoomer and Thunder taking over he's reduced to the status of omega. He hopes that one day his pack can be free from Zoomer and Thunder's control but knows it's only a matter of time before he is either killed by Zoomer and Thunder or maimed and left to die alone.


Mazaleen is the last female of Zodiac Pack. She is the mate of Nerva even though they aren't allowed to be together. She's friendly and interested in medicine. Like Nerva her origins are unknown though her tail suggests that she has some connection to the Sky Wolves.


Streak knows that Isis has a crush on him and he has one on her as well. He's very protective of Isis. Streak gets his name from the silver streak from his muzzle to the tip of his tail. He's a good hunter and fighter. He's used as a guard and sentry in the pack when he isn't hunting for food or defending the territory from other wolves. He has a friend in Spirit Pack.
Custom Wolf Crystalline (Wolf Play Game)


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wolf gen.png
Base Color: Aquamarine (Crystalline)
Ear Edges Type: Half
Ear Edge Color: White
Muzzle Marking Type: Stripe
Muzzle Marking Color: Red Merle
Points Color: Chocolate
Head Marking: Tears
Inner Ears: Yes
Tail Type: Tip
Piebald Type: Variation 3
Piebald: Red
Brindle: Cream
Eye Color: Topaz
Custom Nose: Brick (Legendary)
Talent: Maternal
Gear: Bear Skin Cloak (FMC)
Background: Boneyard (Bidoo)

Rarity Score: 83
Raspberry (Elemental Wolves)


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Raspberry made her way up to gamma of Cedar Swamp Pack, named for the raspberries she used to eat as a pup and for being born beneath some raspberry bushes. She was born in summer and has a striped tail with spikes coming out of her head and large claws. She looks mostly like her father Lavender and was born alongside Heliotite and Skin.
Loch (Elemental Wolves-Frozen Arrow)


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Loch is a pack member of Frozen Arrow and has sky blue fur. It looks like she is covered in frozen water and many cannot help staring at the female if they reside outside of the pack. She is boisterous and playful, has webbed paws and a poor sense of direction. Despite this, she proves to be a good swimmer, even if she isn't much help with fighting. She also has a habit of trusting other wolves who are judgmental towards her or hurt her.
Rival Howls (HP Fanfic)


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These two wolves are Harry's wolf form (left) and Draco's wolf form (right) that I made via the custom maker on Wolf Play Game. This is for my fanfic Haunted Howls that will be on my fanfiction account and my potions and snitches (P&S) account.


Harry (pup-juvenile)-right
Base: Iron
Eye Color: Copper
Nose: Peach
Points Color: White
Head Type: Crest
Inner Ears: Yes
Harry's sire: Hungarian & American
Bitten: May 1, 1991 (Beltane)
American Sire: Avice Morticia Kemp (she will be killed from one of the counselors)
Hungarian Sire: Ichtaca Philip Levenworth

Draco (pup-juvenile)-left
Base Coat: Gunmetal (Legendary)
Back Type: Sooty 2
Ear Type: Full
Tail Type: Tip
Points Color: Silver
Eye Color: Yellow

Draco's sire: Fenrir Greyback (russian werewolf)
Bitten: Yule (December 21, 1991

Werewolf Info (not from JOF, this is info I made up for the various wolf types):
Russian Werewolf (Oborote)-Lycan

  • Russian Werewolf (Oborote)-Lycan
    • Blood drinking-need blood as part of diet
    • Thick short fur, long undercoat of fur that keeps water away, short snout, tufted tail, bear-wolf paws with sharp teeth and long claws, bear-like head• Hunched posture and doubles or triples humanoid height, gains anywhere from 6-7 feet upright, often faces insatiable hunger and volatility
    • Weakest werewolf in terms of speed and strength but unrelentingly aggressive
    • Tends to turn only on full moon and run with a pack/live with a pack
    • Will attack unprovoked and sniff out prey with intent
    • Turning: Only on full moon

Hungarian Werewolf (Verfarkas)-Crinos

  • Lived in the region Transdanubia historically
  • Stands 9-feet tall; white, gray or black markings around eyes
  • Can stand on two legs or four legs, has thick skin and bones, heavy fur with thick long manes, huge arms, gigantic fangs and horrific retractable claws with a large, long wolf tail for balance and body language, opposable thumbs and feathering on arms. Has jackal-like ears and distinguishable feet with two saber teeth
  • Can walk and stand on 2 legs or four
  • Wolf form has retractable claws, very thick mane, large powerful limbs and heavier build, long fur on neck, chest, belly and tail, large paws.
  • Can barely speak human words but can bay and howl with deafening eloquence as wolf
  • Strongest of the werewolf types
  • Tends to decorate themselves with jewelry
  • Can slip through wilderness unseen, 4.5 feet tall in wolf form
  • Turning: Six days out of the month (3 days before, day of and 3 days after)
American Werewolf-Lupus

  • Mesoamerican ties and span the Americans though originated in South America
  • Fox-like ears and size of domestic cat when born
  • Those born in North America have thicker builds and legs compared to their South American brethren who resemble a fox-wolf hybrid with short manes and feathering on tails and bellies
  • Like the Hungarian Werewolves, can slip through wilderness unseen
  • Keen senses and fastest of the werewolf types with amazing speed
  • Can speak a garbled form of Garou but mainly communicate via body language and wolf vocalization
  • Appear more dog-like in some respects which helps blend in among humans and causes other werewolf types to hate them
  • Developed into omnivores and are opportunistic hunters and feeders
  • Live in tribes with a chief and tribal markings disappear upon turning, the only way one can tell the tribe of an American werewolf is if they have jewelry on them, participate in trading and hunter-gather culture
  • Turning: Forced to turn on full moon, but can turn to were or wolf whenever
Yes, that means Lupin is a Russian werewolf in this fanfic. The types of werewolves in this fanfic: Werewolf Types:
  • Wargs (JOF werewolf subspecies)
  • Wargwolves (JOF werewolf subspecies)
  • Austrian Werewolves
  • Albanian Werewolves
  • Russian Werewolves
  • Hungarian Werewolves
  • American Werewolves
  • Eastern Werwolves
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Snuflanche (zashil 024)


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Name: Snuflanche (Snuffle + avalanche)
Category: Chill-Puppy Pokemon
Ice type
Fire type

Height: 0.6 meters
Weight: 13.75 kg
Abilities: Refrigerate; Thick Fat
Hidden: Steam Engine

Pokedex Entry: It uses its sense of smell to detect the emotions of others. Its superb sense of smell ensures that this Pokemon won't forget any scent.

Evolves: Level 24 into Beafro (bear + frost)
Evolves: Ice Stone into Borcle (Boreal + icicle)

This is Zashil #024
Coal (Spirit Pack-Elemental Wolves)


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Coal is the alpha female of Spirit Pack and therefore the mate of Mac. She's very slim, causing her to look weak, which she exploits in battle. She's always ready for a fight, putting others at false peace with her size and attacking when they least expect it.
Chirpie (Iphiolon #100)


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Did this today.

Used this pic as a reference:



Name: Chirpie (chirp + magpie)
Pokemon Category: Imitation Pokemon
Dark type
Flying type

Height: 1'00" (0.3 m)
Weight: 1.5 lbs (0.6 kg)
Abilities: Dark Aura, Keen Eye
Hidden: Big Pecks

Evolves: Magpine (Level 17)
Evolves: Shafin (Level 35)

Pokedex Entry: Chirpie, the Imitation Pokemon. This tiny bird is one of the most intelligent Pokemon in the world. These flocks engage in elaborate social rituals.

Dex Entry 1: In the wild, they organize themselves into gangs and use complex strategies, hunting other birds and when confronted by predators.

Dex Entry 2: An omnivore, the young are shy and often hide within trees to avoid predators. They love shiny things and can imitate human voices.

Level 1: Tackle
Level 1: Leer
Level 5: Peck
Level 11: Pursuit
Level 15: Gust
Level 18: Pluck
Level 21: Night Slash
Level 25: Night Shade
Level 28: Tail Wind
Level 31: Iron Defense
Level 36: Dark Pulse
Level 40: Knock Off
Level 42: Air Slash
Level 45: Psychic
Level 50: Focus Blast
Level 60: Phantom Force
Level 65: Dragon Rush
Level 70: Hurricane
Level 72: Oblivion Wing

Mean Look
Brave Bird
Feather Dance
Wing Strike
Perish Song
Mirror Move
Drill Peck
Confuse Ray


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This is Duke. He's a German Shepherd and leader of the stray dog pack. The stray dog pack is known as Morning Star. Morning Star pack mates are identified with the collars around their necks. The Morning Star pack has a small territory that encompasses fifteen square miles. They are all dogs that either ran away from their owners or abandoned in the wild and as a result do not trust humans due to their past experiences. Duke is a wise and just leader who commands respect from his packmates and allies.

Frost is an American Eskimo dog and is part of the Morning Star pack. He is Duke's second in command. He's tough but fair when dealing with the rest of his pack. Frost was abandoned by his humans when he was six months old and was taken in by Duke.

Jedi is three years old and ran away from his owners when they began locking him up in a cage for long periods of time. As a result he is timid of strange dogs and wolves and fears men. He has found a place in the Morning Star pack as
all the dogs have similar backgrounds and distrust of humans due to their previous lives. Despite being timid, Jedi has a big heart and would gladly take any abuse to protect Frost and Duke.

Midnight is a female Newfoundland. She was abandoned her family moved to a home where dogs weren't allowed at one year old. Midnight likes looking at the stars and listening to stories.

Hurricane is a male dog who is five years old. He was abandoned during a flood when his humans left and forgot about him. He is the fifth dog to join the Morning Star pack. Hurricane is a tough fighter and hunter.


Jazz is a female dog with black tiger stripes. She is a Tiger Hound, a native dog to the World. Tiger Hounds were bred for hunting tigers and as a result have strong tracking, stamina and fighting traits. Due to her inborn traits she is a strong tracker and fighter. She became a member of Morning Star pack when she was left to die of starvation by a human who used to beat her and use her in dog fights. Despite her bad experiences with life she knows that not all humans are bad but is wary of them all the same.

Swift is a male brown dog with a white diamond on his forehead and orange tiger stripes. He is another native breed to the World, a Moon Shepherd. Moon Shepherds were created to herd solar buffalo and be family pets. The breed got its name because it was created by Sagittarius Moon.

Gale is a yellow lab. She escaped from a burning house and into the woods where she met up with and joined Morning Star pack. Shadow has a crush on her. Gale was named because she was found as an eight week old puppy in a wind storm by her human owners before they left her in their burning house. She has some scars on her from escaping the burning fire.

Willow is the final female member of Morning Star pack. Willow has two black streaks under her eyes and has lost the top of her right ear after getting in a fight shortly after joining the Morning Star pack. She is the mate of Swift who fell in love with her despite her torn right ear.

Shadow is the last male member of the Morning Star pack. He knows Gale has a crush on him but isn't sure whether to mate with her or not. Shadow is a Shadow Husky, hence his white husky mark on his back. Like the Moon Shepherd and the Tiger Hound, a Shadow Husky is a native breed to the World. Shadow Huskies were created on the darkest night of the year by a man named Night Flame. Shadow has a scar over his left eye and another on his left leg due to a fight he got in with a Wanderer before he joined the Morning Star pack. Shadow is able to harness the power of darkness just as Moon Shepherds are able to harness the power of the moon. Swift and Shadow are the only two members of their pack who have special powers. He trains under Itzal to learn how to harness the power of darkness. Shadow and Swift will often work together to help defend their pack from Wanderers and enemy packs. He's a bit rough but underneath he has a heart of gold.
RP OCs New


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This is a kitsune from Japan who works as an archeologist. He is a friend of my half-kitsune character. He has a pseudo-wyvern pet. Made with Artbreeder and is for the supernatural roommate rp sequel I used to run until I got bored. His name means 'Right Happiness'.

This is a vampire infant (4 years old) from Xaythea. She's bonded to a white dragon newborn though they have not physically gone through their bonding yet but she named her dragon Snow. I forget her name but her coven was being hunted by humans and they were forced to move. She wandered away from her mother and 'uncle ni' (Nicolai) Rhazien Salmond)-the coven leader, into a portal where she found herself clutching a white newborn dragon, landing in SK. Renaming her Calantha Villadsen.

Made with Artbreeder

This is my half-dragon rp character. He can turn into a bronze dragon and was one of the characters I created via Artbreeder for the supernatural roommates rp and its sequel. He is from my own world Xaythea from my book series I'm working on (JOF).

This is the sister to the vaewolf character, a faepire (fairie x vampire). She's a few years younger than her brother. Her name is Moon Vulparia and she has some abilities of fairies and vampires.

This is another character I made for the supernatural room mates rp I was telling you about. His younger sister is a fairy x vampire hybrid and he is a vaewolf (vampire x werewolf). His name is Astaroth. Made with Artbreeder.

A half-kitsune character I made for a superantural rp but I got bored with the sequel rp I made because the gm hated how she didn't have control of her rp anymore with everyone doing what they wanted. This is why, when you make an rp, it's better to have staff in place to help and explain things before starting. She is Hikari ('radiance'). She is Japanese-Russian though most mistake her for japanese.

This character is angel character and mother of my nephilim character for Supernatural Apocalypse. She has the following powers:


Name: Rahmiel Symonet
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Angel
Mother to: Zarmure

Made with Artbreeder

Daughter of my angel character for the same rp, Supernatural Apocalypse.

Name: Zarmure Symonet
Age: 6 years
Gender: Female
Species: Nephilim

Memory Manipulation
Plant Manipulation

Made with Artbreeder

A vampire child oc I created though I cannot remember for the life of me her name or what rp she was made for.

Made with Artbreeder
Eclipse Pack New


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Nightshade is the Alpha male of the Eclipse Pack. The Eclipse Pack are allies of the Moonstone Pack which comprises the Elemental Wolves. Nightshade's mate is Sunshine. The Eclipse Pack have long white claws, large ears and crescent moons on their left shoulders. Nightshade is a fierce protector of his pack. He is not trusting of Wanderers or strangers in his territory.

Sunshine is Nightshade's mate and alpha female of the Eclipse Pack. Together Nightshade and Sunshine are a force to be reckoned with. These two won't hesitate to lay their lives down for their pack as they have trust in their betas. Sunshine doesn't take any sass from the five other females in her pack. Despite being the alpha female she won't hesitate to help nurse the other members back to health.

Striker is the male beta of Eclipse Pack. His mate is Gem who is the beta female. As betas they are responsible for keeping the pack in line when the alphas are away or hurt. Striker is protective of Gem and loyal to his alphas. Striker is a doting mate to Gem and a tough fighter.

Gem is the beta female and Striker's mate. She acts like a big sister to the lower females in the pack. She cares for her pack mates and for Striker. Gem will fight to protect her pack from harm. Gem will often share her food with the injured members of her pack and scout ahead for danger.

Mushu is a good hunter and fighter but he is also shy. He's more of a loner than really part of the pack and is too afraid to get close to any other wolves in case they get killed or captured like his cousin Rohan who is a prisoner of the Zodiac Pack. Mushu hopes to rescue his cousin one day and find out what happened to his other friends. The guilt he has at not being able to save his cousin from being captured eats at his soul.

Ruby is part of the Eclipse pack. She's a red wolf with yellow eyes. Like the rest of her pack she has a crescent moon on her left shoulder and long white claws. Ruby is a kind and calm wolf. She enjoys a good story and is good at finding medicinal herbs and plants to heal her packmates.

Rebel is a battle scarred wolf. He has numerous scars on his body from getting into fights with other wolves when defending his pack. Rebel is a fierce fighter and a strong hunter. Out of all the wolves in his pack he is the fastest runner and is used to get the Moonstone Pack when there are enemies in the Eclipse territory. Rebel isn't afraid to risk his life for his pack but he's also smart.

Emerald lives for adventure. She likes exploring the World and discovering new things. She has friends in the Stone Clan and three of the packs as well as a friend among the stray dog pack. Together this group of friends is known as the Explorers. She has a scar over her left eye from when she got attacked by a member of the Spirit Pack. Emerald is a gentle wolf and is always wanting to help those in need.

Storm is the youngest member of the pack being only one year old. Despite his age he is a strong fighter and hunter. Storm looks up to Rebel. He doesn't like humans because they killed his pack when he was a pup. Rebel found him shortly after the destruction of his pack and took him into the Eclipse Pack where he was given the crescent moon. Although he is fiercely loyal to his new pack he doesn't forget the pack he was born into and is unable to understand that not all humans are bad. He sees Rebel as an older brother.
Lioness Cub Study New


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lioness cub study.png

This is supposed to be Nuru and Sefu, relaxing before Sefu's and his mother's deaths at the paws of Mufasa. It's not great, I don't draw digitally much. Can't get the back legs or the heads right but I tried.

It was done on Clip Studio Art which apparently doesn't let you save stuff unless you buy the license.
Haterita (Reflye #043) New


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Name: Haterita
Type: Psychic/Grass
Gender Ratio: 87.5% female/12.5% male
Category: Calm-Leaf Pokemon
Height: 0.65 m (2'13")
Weight: 4.9 kg (10.8 lbs)
Abilities: Overgrow; Anticipation
Hidden Ability: Magic Bounce

Dex Entry 1: Via the protrusion on its head, it senses other creatures emotions. However, a sweet fragrance also wafts from the leaf, creating a friendly atmosphere that becalms the battlers.

Dex Entry 2: It waves its leaf around to keep foes at bay. If you don't have a calm disposition, it will never warm up to you.

Evolves into Hatleaf at Level 16
Evolves into Hatininum at Level 32

Level 1 Tackle
Level 1 Growl
Level 5 Confusion
Level 9 Razor Leaf
Level 10 Disarming Voice
Level 12 Synthesis
Level 15 Aromatheraphy
Level 17 Reflect
Level 20 Magical Leaf
Level 23 Psvbeam
Level 25 Heal Pulse
Level 30 Dazzling Gleam
Level 31 Light Screen
Level 34 Body Slam
Level 35 Safeguard
Level 40 Psychic
Level 42: Healing Wish
Level 45: Solar Beam

Breeding Moves:
Ancient Power Rock/Special
Aromatic Mist Fairy/Status
Counter Fighting/Physical
Nuzzle Electric/Physical
Grass Whistle Grass/Status
Grassy Terrain Grass/Status
Moonlight Fairy/Status
Ingrain Grass/Status
Leech Seed Grass/Status
Leaf Storm Grass/Special
Nature Power Normal/Status
Vine Whip Grass/Physical
Curse Ghost/Status

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