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Traditional Scorpio art improvement

Terracotta Region Badges


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These are the badges of the Terracotta Region. I tried to make them as being different from the usual order of the anime/games. The towns themselves are a mix of western Europe and southwestern Europe towns from fantasy name generator which I use for a lot of stuff regarding town names and such. Pojice Town is within the very north of the region while Drachveen City is a coastal city.

This was done January 5, 2020. Made with deviantART: Outgoing Link
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Dusmite (Iphiolon form of Magnemite)


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Made with Jap Pokémon Fusion. This is number 084 on the Iphiolon Pokédex.

This is the Iphiolon form of Magnemite, Dusmite.

Dusmite is composed of the colors: Silver face, red and black eyes, black magnets, blue and tan little magnet...things and white body. I fused it together via that Jap pokemon fusion website, sometimes I go there on an inspiration quest and to see what differences there are. Dusmite has Duskull's ability and Magnemite's hidden ability.

Name: Dusmite
Category: Requiem Magnet Pokemon
Height: 1'09" (0.55 m)
Weight: 23.1 lbs (10.5 kg)
Ability: Levitate
Hidden: Analytical
Type: Ghost/Electric
Evolves: Duston at Level 30

Gender: 50% Male/50% Female

Level 1 Move: Astonish-Ghost/Physical PP-15 Accuracy-100%
Level 1 Move: Tackle-Normal/Physical PP-35 Accuracy-100%
Level 3 Move: Double Team Normal/Status PP-15 Accuracy -%
Level 4 Move: Disable Normal/Status PP-20 Accuracy 100%
Level 5 Move: Thunder Shock Electric/Special PP 30 Accuracy 100%

Egg Moves:
Grudge Ghost/Status PP 5 Accuracy -%
Haze Ice/Status PP-30 Accuracy -%
Electroweb Electric/Special PP 15 Accuracy 95%
Flail Normal/Physical PP 15 Accuracy 100%
Disarming Voice Fairy/Special PP 15 Accuracy 15
Charge Electric/Status PP: 20 Accuracy -%
Clear Smog Poison/Special PP 15 Accuracy 15
Pain Split Normal/Status PP 20 Accuracy -%

Type Effectiveness:
Damaged Normally by: Rock 1x, Fire 1x, Water 1x, Grass 1x, Psychic 1x, Ice 1x, Dragon 1x, Fairy 1x
Weak To: Ghost 2x, Dark 2x
Immune To: Normal 0x, Fighting 0x, Ground 0x
Resistant To: Flying 1/2x, Poison 1/2x, Bug 1/2x, Steel 1/2x, Electric 1/2x

HP: 50
Attack: 50
Defense: 77
Sp. Attack: 95
Sp. Defense: 77
Speed: 91
Total: 440

Pokedex Entry: A glare from its scarlet eyes makes even burly grown-ups freeze in utter fear. They generate enough magnetism to draw in iron objects from over 300 feet away.
Fanfic Werewolves P&S


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For a fan fic I am writing on Potions and Snitches, challenge is Werewolf's Pack by Mogadorian_Wolf. The fan fic is Aeternum Dominarus Nox.

Left: Severus Tobias Snape
Werewolf: Sherlock
Age/Sex: 34/Male
Turned: 5th Year by Remus Lupin at 16
Rank: Beta

Center: Socorates Peverell
Werewolf: Ragnarök
Age/Sex: 13/Male
Turned: 3rd Year by Remus Lupin at 13
Rank: Alpha

Right: Remus John Lupin
Werewolf: Moony
Age/Sex: 34/Male
Turned: February 16, 1965 at 4 1/2 years by Fenrir Greyback
Rank: Caretaker

In this fan fiction, Harry Potter gets a new identity as he, Severus and Remus have to run to avoid being hunted by werewolf hunters.
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Hogwarts Schedule Years 1 & 2


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year 1.jpg

Okay, this is my version of the first-year time table for Hogwarts' students in their first year. It's color coded as follows (which should be obvious in my opinion):
Red equals Gryffindor
Yellow equals Hufflepuff
Blue equals Ravenclaw
Green equals Slytherin

No background is for all students (meal times, curfew, breaks, etc.) Study Hall means the students have to work in the Great Hall on homework. Ex. is Slytherin & Gryffindor would have study hall together and Hufflepuff & Ravenclaw would have study hall together. I allotted for the 10 minute breaks to get to classes (used the HP wiki and the HP Lexion sites for this info). Magical Theory is a class Harry had during his first year at Hogwarts in the films according to his time schedule so that was added. I tried to give the houses chances to interact with each other by having different classes set up. Potions for Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw is weird since classes end at 4PM except on Fridays where I guess they end at 3:15? I swear I read that somewhere, off the top of my head I have no clue where but I know I saw it today. Took forever to do as there is no concrete info on schedules minus Potions being a double period and astronomy (for Gryffindor at least) being on Wednesdays at midnight. This was done in excel and then converted into JPG online. It's for my answer to Harry is a Werewolf Challenge on Potions and Snitches.

year 2 revision.jpg

This is Year 2 Schedule at Hogwarts. I added 3 electives that are required for Year 2 students.

Year 2 Elective 1: WS (Wizarding Studies)-required for all muggleborns and muggle-raised students or MWS (Muggle World Studies)-required for all purebloods and wizard-raised students

Year 2 Elective 2: Wandlore (teaches the history of wands as tools, about the magical creatures cores come from, wand care, etc.

Year 2 Elective: Dueling-teaches muggle and wizarding dueling
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Rp HH drawing


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First drawing done in months, this is a traditional of two characters of a 1x1, Wolfofptophecy’s Leviathan and Electric Dandelion’s Fern who are werewolf pups. Drawn 5/29/2020, this is of them in the puppy cageafter surgery at the vet clinic. Levi is the left with the bandages and Fern is to the right, snarling as she cannot recognize Levi and thinks he is an imposter. They are friends/future mates according to Fern’s uncle of Kagore (Levi) and Phantasm/Quake (Phantasm being Matthew’s pack & Quake being Fern’s birth pack-Fern.)
Vukasin Scars


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vukasin scars.jpg

Not a good drawing. First time drawing to draw a wolf head. This is for a character who I played on Incandescence named Vukasin Maleificium who is the alpha of another character's (Omisha Crucis) pack and dragged some of his wolves to look for the female because he thinks that she is the reincarnation of his first lover. He's a son of a bitch and was betrayed by not only his older brother as a pup but also by his parents who banished him, the son of the alpha female and the beta male and youngest of the triplets concieved of the affair.
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Haikyū Japanese Volleyball


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This is from a Japanese volleyball anime on Netflix called Haikyū . I tried drawing the opposing team, the cats. It isn't a bad anime, only on season 1 of 2 but been binge watching it. It's nice to get something that is different from their robot and soccer anime of the 70s-80s.

haikyull cat team.jpg

Number 1's face ended up looking like a lizard so I had to redo it. Overall I feel so-so about the drawing but it was drawn yesterday (as seen in the top right corner). First drawing done in a while.
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Spirit Form 1


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This is the first spirit form of my character Kereengaya, a former cheetah of the Sanguine Ruins before he committed sacrificial suicide on September 10th. Came back as a calico cat on September 11th 2020. Made on wizarding world. He was 50 years (a young adult) and been demoted to 1st tier as well as losing his lion title so sealed himself off in his prison and dehydrated himself, accidentally crushing his spine and neck. Traded teleportation power for Project and Manipulate Emotions and Memory Manipulation. Kept his Venom Glands, Telepathy, Shadow and Earth element powers. Born in the Painted Brigade, family practices mesoamerican religion, came to Agrelos five generations ago with great great great grandparents being the first of the Vorstor family to arrive from earth.


Will be reincarnated as a bearded vulture on February 14, 2021 in the Volary Flights as an avian companion. Each time he is resurrected, his spirit gets more mutilated.
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Second Spirit Form


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He will be reborn into the newly born body of a bearded vulture (1st pic). That is how reincarnation works on Agrelos. You either need possession or can be reborn into a newly born body.

Second spirit form after Kereengaya’s bearded vulture passes. This form has a cut on its chest in addition to the mark between its eyes as a calico cat (from when Ker carved the sacrifice symbol Ibro his forehead.


His third body will be a golden retriever. You can read his death thread here.
Wyvern Egg (GOT Conquest)


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Just a simple wyvern egg of evening lavender from Game of Thrones Conquest which I sometimes play. No, they are not dragons, not in the true sense.

Was meant to be the pet of my akhlut character Aukaneck before I left feralfront today. Apparently I 'spam threads and tag people' too much to make them rp with me which I was warned about stopping lest I get a 'cool down ban' so I just went ahead and deleted all my accounts (and there were a lot of sub accounts on there).​
Nightshade Eclipse Pack (Elemental Wolves)


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Nightshade is the Alpha male of the Eclipse Pack. The Eclipse Pack are allies of the Moonstone Pack which comprises the Elemental Wolves. Nightshade's mate is Sunshine. The Eclipse Pack have long white claws, large ears and crescent moons on their left shoulders. Nightshade is a fierce protector of his pack. He is not trusting of Wanderers or strangers in his territory.

Made with www.dolldivine.com/wolf-maker-…
Zodiac Pack Mazaleen (Elemental Wolves)


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Mazaleen is the last female of Zodiac Pack. She is the mate of Nerva even though they aren't allowed to be together. She's friendly and interested in medicine. Like Nerva her origins are unknown though her tail suggests that she has some connection to the Sky Wolves.
Zodiac Pack (Elemental Wolves)


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Zoomer is the alpha of the Zodiac Pack. The Zodiac Pack are allies with the Spirit Pack. They are the enemies of the majority of the other packs. Zoomer has hot pink metal claws and his ability is Metal Claw. Zoomer defeated Radius, the former alpha of Zodiac Pack, and took over with his beta Thunder. Zoomer has kidnapped three wolves of two different packs (Oak Valley and Black Alder Packs) and forced them to be part of his own pack.
RP Marks (A Medieval RP)


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These are marks for some of my characters in A Medieval RP with descriptions of what they are and locations on the body. They aren't that great but it was done today as there's talk of physical marks on the bodies of the marked who are being persecuted by King Darius who is Holwell's and Zoilos's uncle and the half-brother of King Euryalos Shui.

A Medieval RP Eastern Isles Kingdom


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This is the eastern half of the moon continent where my characters are from, Prince Holwell Shui and his family. His Uncle Darius lives on the Solstice continent and is king of the kingdom there. This is backstory for my character who is a monk and in hiding in the solstice continent because his stepmother, the queen, wishes to dispose of him and his father so her son, his half-brother, can become king.


The eastern continent of the Eastern Isles Kingdom where my characters are from for A Medieval RP (that's literally what it is called) on RPNation that I joined. There are a few cities, villages, and towns as well as a keep near the northern fallen empire that fell during my monk prince's childhood. There are a few cities, villages and towns within the eastern side of the continent which is all desert. Not many but there are a few, possibly more than one might expect. The capital is on Aether Island and then there is a volcanic island (Othar Island-named for the God of Chaos), a sunken island and Eden Isle which is the largest island in the eastern isles kingdom as well as an island called Boisterel Island.

These are the eastern isles of the Eastern Isles Kingdom for A Medevial RP on RPNation. This is where the Shui family is from. We have the following islands:

  • Nether Island (a desert island)
  • Onotham Isle
  • Halwood Isle
  • Avonlin Isle
  • Vulcan Isle (a volcanic isle with only one fortified town on it)
  • Sutilata Isle
  • Eden Isle
  • Othar Isle
  • Aether Isle (where the capital of the eastern isles kingdom is as well as the castle of the royal family)
  • Boisterel Island

Between Eden Isle and Othar Isle is a sunken island whose name has been forgotten. Now, only hydra and sea serpents live there.

This chain of islands is called the Esterrock Chain.

Made on Inkarnate and merged with pinetools.

A detailed map of the first of the Esterrock Chain of the Eastern Isles Kingdom.

Second map of the Esterrock Chain of the Eastern Isles Kingdom. This was technically the second map I created after getting the eastern isles kingdom continent map done.
Sage (Dead Wolf's Rain RP)


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Sage is a wolf I created for my dead Wolf Rain's RP on fanfiction.net. She's three years old and sixteen years old as a human. Hardworker, Loyal, doesn't like fighting but will if she has to, likes reading and drawing, very friendly and sweet. Sage was born in a cave to wolves of enemy packs that hated each other. They ran when she was old enough to walk but sadly her parents succumbed to their wounds leaving her alone. She was then found by a lone wolf who took her in where he taught her how to survive but the wolf died when she turned two years old. The death of the wolf who taught her what she knew broke her heart because she was very close to him.
Reth (cub & adult Lion King Honor of Blood)


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This is my lion Reth, great great great etc. grandsire of the pridelands. Cub pic is first and adult pic is second.


Reth, son of Lwandle and Liyana, prince of the mountain pride and future king of the desert pride. He is best friends with Badru who is the same age as him and has several older half-siblings. He has reddish-brown fur with a tan belly and brown muzzle, a brown mane and tail tuft and small mane, a red nose and amber eyes like his mother. Reth is the originator of the kings and queens of Pride Rock, exhibiting a playful and curious personality.

Made with www.dolldivine.com/cub-creator…


The son of King Lwandle and Liyana, Reth is the oldest son of his father's third and favorite mate. He has many half-siblings within his father's pride but as a young adult he left his father's pride to begin his own alongside his best friend Badru. He has a medium build and mate to Adiah, father of Kichaka and Amana. As an adult his playful and curious nature disappeared to be replaced by a wise and stern leader who rules with an iron paw inside a velvet glove. He is a just and fair ruler though will not hesitate to spill blood to protect his family and his pride and has a compassionate nature towards those he trusts.

Made with www.azaleasdolls.com/dressupga…
Ginx Ospar 017 (Pokemon)


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Second time I think drawing a shark tail so happy about that.


Name: Ginx
Type: Dragon type Electric type
Height: 0.6 m
Weight: 15 kg
Ability: Volt Absorb, Rough Skin
Hidden: Motor Drive

Dex Entry 1: It nests in small, horizontal holes in cave walls. It flees while the foe is momentarily blinded.

Dex Entry 2: It pounces to catch prey that stray too close. It can sense storms with the fin on its head.

Dex Entry 3: It has rough paw pads to help it go up uneven surfaces, allowing it to climb with ease. When it gets scared, electricity dances across its skin.

Damaged Normally by: Normal 1x, Fighting 1x, Poison 1x, Rock 1x, Bug 1x, Ghost 1x, Psychic 1x, Dark 1x
Weak to: Ground 2x, Ice 2x, Dragon 2x, Fairy 2x
Immune to: None
Resistant to: Flying 1/2x, Steel 1/2x, FIre 1/2x, Water 1/2x, Grass 1/2x, Electric 1/4x

Evolves into Gaxo at Level 15
Evolves into Garray at Level 48
Aeon (Pokemon Comic)


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This was done on the digital art program Krita and using just a simple mouse on my laptop.

This is the beginning of what I hope to be a good comic but as you can see my artistic skills suck so it's nothing amazing like the lion king fanfics or the Rocketshipping fanfic I read.

Setting: This takes place after Cyrus goes into his 'new world', set after the events of Diamond and Pearl Ep. 48 The Battle of the Final Legend!. You can watch it on pokeflix (as well as the rest of pokemon) here. This features an original character of mine as well as an all new adventure of said character, a member of Team Galatic.

prologue cover.gif

The cover for the prologue chapter of my comic Aeon.


This was originally handrawn and then I outlined everything in Krila program online. I'm not great at drawing humans, let alone from the back but used the scene of Cyrus going into the portal as a reference.

Updates every other Tuesday on my deviantart.

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