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Fantasy School of the Magi


True Hero
You've enrolled in the School of the Magi. Don't let the name confuse you though! This school services everything from mages to warriors and everything in between.
Are you a Druid? We got you, homie.
Are you a Priest/Priestess? We got that too.
Are you a Warlock? There's an app for that too.

School of the Magi covers a range of classes and luckily, your parents/guardian saw fit to register you here... there's a twist....
The entire school is a battleground where anyone can challenge anyone... anyone.

In this world, everyone is born with two Grand Abilities they innately have. Grand Abilities are stronger-then-normal spells often imbuing the caster with greater strength, buffing allies or healing. A rare few have Offensive Grand Abilities, these type of abilities cast stronger versions of a skill already known to the user. Grand Abilities can only be used ONCE a day!!!

If you're interested in joining, please @ mention me here! :D


Spicemancer Extraordinaire!
Sounds like fun @Kumii.

I’d like to take a spot for the Anti-Mage (I won’t be nullifying abilities, so don’t worry about that. I kind of see my guy as more of a “counter-Mage”


Interested! Could I make, like a technomancer? Maybe magitech?

Note: What I mean by Technomancer: Someone who accesses magic using technology. Therefore, they can manipulate technology with relative ease, but it's more broad than the OTHER definition of technomancer.

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