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Scapeghosts - The Hearth of Souls

You are part of "Scapeghosts", A guild which has a very simple policy : "If we fail, we take all of the responsibility". This policy makes it very popular with nobles with less than recommandable goals or with potential reputation-damaging secrets or passions. The guild may be a bit shady and underground but it is not evil, that is, as far as you know. The guild is also quite secretive with it's members but you have a better understanding of how it works than most.

Recently, Guildmaster Laraxus Malaneaxna, one of the last Elder Elf, has approached you and your group. Laraxus wants to employ you directly. He reveals to you the legend of the "Hearth of Souls", a legendary place or item which could, if we are the trust the stories, tap into the energy of all life, alive or already dead. He would like to locate the Hearth, given it truly exists, and possibly secure it, as someone could probably try to use it for evil. He asks you, and the rest of your group, to keep it a secret as not to bring too much attention on this investigation.

You trust Laraxus, he has done so much for you and your group, and you understand his genuine concerns, besides, it pays well.

Sup guys,

This roleplay is about a group of adventurers which are looking for the "Hearth of Souls", it promises mystery, heroic combat, mind games and terrifying antagonists.
Your characters are often poor of origin, brought by Laraxus into the world of adventurers. You can be a mage, a barbarian, a thief or any other type of adventurer. You should be between 16 and 25 years old, depending on your training (a mage is often older for example). Races are typically limited to classic fantasy races (Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Elf, Half-Elf, Half-Orc) but more exotic races are available with my approval.

The world is an active world (it's already been used by other roleplays and your action will directly impact other ongoing roleplays as well as the world for future roleplays), the setting is High-Fantasy. Magic is widespread and common but still expensive and respected. Some early guns coexist with blades. Be also prepared to meet mythic and fantastic creatures.

I am looking for 3 to 4 players. I'll be the GM (Game Master) of this story.
If you are interested in being a player, please, feel free to let me know in this very thread.

I am available for any questions about the setting, the story or any limits.

Peace out.
Alrighty, while waiting for a third player I will create the Character Sheet Page so that you two can create your characters.
I'll post the link in this thread.


Junior Member
Interested. Would you accept a Dhampir?
I can pull up either the DnD beyond statistics, or the Pathfinder ones, if you'd like.
One more thing: Can we use an artificer? The new class in Eberron? Also use firearms? Or no?
I don't know about the artificer or how he works, but I'll allow it as long as its balanced and you don't expect me to just allow everything.
Firearms are open to be used but know that a gun isn't necessarily more powerful than a sword.


Junior Member
Heh. Yeah, I'll probably use a crossbow instead of a gun. I'm having a hard time finding the specific rules for guns in D&D. :/
Stick to the familiars!
Heh. Yeah, I'll probably use a crossbow instead of a gun. I'm having a hard time finding the specific rules for guns in D&D. :/
Stick to the familiars!
This isn't a D&D roleplay, even though I may use rule somethings based on D&D or Pathfinder rules, don't feel obliged to seek rules as they may not even be useful.

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