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Realistic or Modern Saving her | Finding Her

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Manic potato
~ Main Rp ~
They were pen pals, Desmond and Kira, in the modern age. They traded emails and texts and secrets. Which was why when the news broke that she crashed in a high speed collision by driving on the wrong side of the road it shocked him. How could it be Kira the girl he traded secrets with, who knew him and he knew her... Did she want to die? The more time passes the deeper he spirals into his delusions where he rewinds time thinking he can save her. He writes letters to her every day, waiting to see if his save was successful which would mark a response from her. Finally one day it seems his most recent attempt to save her life was successful: he gets a response. The sender (Emery) claims she's not Kira and that Kira is dead but he knows better. He finally saved her. Desmond says he won't believe it until he sees her in person. Kira's alive and that means they can finally meet.
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are you ignoring me...??
dIZZzyy! I miss you. Don't you know that it's rude to keep a girl waiting?? JK, I'm only teasing~ but not really.

In all seriousness...why aren't you answering right away? I mean, I know it's summer but are you already having so much fun that you've forgotten all about me?! *insert photo of an adorably sad cat here*

It's a strange feeling to be finally free from hs. I feel like I should be happier..but im not. I hate that my parents always bring up college and my future. I hate that they always make it sound like every. single. thing. that I do now will change the course of the rest of my life. Like, GOD FORBID i sneeze at the wrong time and find myself working at a McDonald's drive-thru for the rest of my career.

Des....do you really think people will like my paintings? Be honest with me.

god, sometimes I just want a pause button so that everything stops all around me and i can just fade into the background. I feel like there's constantly eyes everywhere, judging me. Sometimes i just want to run and run and run and leave behind everything. If i go, will you come with me? we'll bring all of your favorite snacks, go stargazing, and never have to listen to another person telling us what to do ever again.

PLease say yes.
xx, K



Manic potato
From: DisasterDitz@gmail.com
to: kitkat_kira@gmail.com
Subject: Patience is a virtue

Hey K.
Sorry I've been so busy lately. Been doing some soccer practice with the team in the summer. It's not that big of a deal though. Things aren't as strange as they usually are with me. My parents talk about me using soccer as a scholarship. I haven't told them I wouldn't be able to do it professionally because of that thing with my "eyes" y'know. Fwiw serving shitty people all day is an achievement worth bragging about. I can hardly stand all the health nuts at the juicery I work at.

And I live for your paintings K. Seriously. You could be famous with them.

If people are judging you they're probably jealous because they want to be you or they're thinking about how awesome you are. So you want to be an artist on the run? I guess the artsy spirit has always been a free one. I'll be your getaway driver. Just say the word when and we can also nab a huge bag of cash while we're at it.

Sorry I took awhile to respond,

Desmond clicked send from him phone and went back to practice. It was hours in the grueling heat and by the time it turned five pm he felt as if his legs would give out. He got into the large blue Tacoma truck he had bought himself for his birthday and drove home on the dusty roads. The quaint yet small town of Hazelwood here in Illinois had always been where he called home. It took about 45 minutes to get there because the park they were practicing in was the next town over.

strange.. she usually would have responded by now.

But then again this was Kira. Sometimes she wouldn't respond for a day, other times she'd respond right then and there bemoaning her (in her words) "bitchy friends".

He managed to heat up some roasted chicken with vegetables and mashed potatoes and ate it by himself. His dad was on the late shift of the hospital as a RN and his mom tutoring session with a student probably went late again. After he washed the dishes he went upstairs and wrote down a few things that could serve as some inspiration for some poetry. Sometime in the night he had drifted off into sleep because when he awoke it was 10 am. He checked his phone again. The screen was blank besides the time indicating there wasn't any email. He sighed. This was weird. Usually shed at least say she was busy. Worry gnawed at his brain. Had he said something wrong? If she didn't respond by the afternoon he'd look up her Facebook or something.
K I R A​

Lungs full of the sharp cold night air. Burning exaltation coursing through veins, one foot in front of the other. Rhythmic tap tap tap of rubber soles meeting pavement.

On any other evening, she would have been eager to go out for a run, letting the door slam behind her on the way out. But her limbs felt heavy like walking through water, and her mind was both numb and foggy.

The stars blurred above her as she nudged the gas pedal further. The meter steadily approached higher numbers...higher and higher it went, so the lighter and lighter she felt. Weightless like a feather. Windows rolled down, hair buffeted by the wind. If she closed her eyes briefly, she could almost believe that she was flying. Flying far far away from everything.

The news sent a shiver through her body despite the summer’s heat that clung to her skin. As Emery stared at the words on her computer screen, none of it felt right. A wave of shock, grief, and guilt crashed over her. She counted back the years since she had last spoke to Kira. It had been too long, and now it was too late. Now, the number of years that stood between them would forever remain unchanging because...she was gone.

Emery slowly sat back in her chair, feeling an emptiness that began to gnaw inside of her. Kira had been her first friend. A childhood shared in between secretive whispers late into the countless nights of sleepovers; a tangle of arms in sisterly embraces as they both shared tears and laughter in each other’s celebrations and obstacles as they grew from toddlers to adolescents.

It felt wrong to hear the neighbor’s children squealing as they splashed around the inflatable kiddie pool right outside her window. It felt wrong that the clock still quietly ticked in her room and the world continued to move while the unsympathetic words on her screen stared back at her, unknowingly burrowing a hole in her chest. Immediately, her mind molded itself to an an array of regrets. Would it had been different if...? Emery could still remember her friend’s angry bitter words - hurtful accusations that had driven a wedge between them. She had tried to salvage their friendship; she had been the one willing to make compromises but, in the end, it hadn’t been enough. It was always like that with Kira. Nothing ever seemed to be enough for her.

The buzz of her phone shook her out of her thoughts: Ur on your way right??

Tears had run steadily down her cheeks and she didn’t realize she was crying until she brought her palm up to brush away at the wetness. She already felt exhausted, like a towel wrung out in different directions. One moment submerged in the past, and then the next moment abruptly thrusted back to the present. It wasn’t like her to lose track of time, and it was certainly unlike her to be late to work. Arriving to the cafe’s parking lot, Emery stepped out of her car and nearly stumbled in a rush to pull the apron over her head. Behind the counter, she steadied herself with a wide smile that was convincing enough for her customers to see past the puffiness of her eyes.
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