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Futuristic Save the World :: A Dark Superhero Roleplay

save the world
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    Gods. Prophets. Madmen. Heroes. People with unique abilities that go beyond human capacity have existed as long as civilization has. They used to lurk in corners or step into spotlights, twisting their existence into mundane and miracle alike. But that time has passed and a new age has settled over the world, a new order, a new beginning.

    Where do they come from, these superpowered beings? Human or something else, something more? The question stays while the answers vary. Radioactive waste. Aliens. Born mutations. Science gone terribly wrong. Whatever the reason, these people are something else, something awe-inspiring and incredible. Something dangerous. They carry the capacity to shape society or tear it down, to build and to burn.

    Or to sit back and watch.
    The New Age
    In the year 2071, the person who simply called themselves The Prophet revealed to the world a cataclysmic power buried beneath their skin. With a single point of their finger, they decimated entire cities, killing millions of people and throwing the world into chaos. Like a wave, people flooded from the woodwork, people with strange and incredible abilities. Some fell in line with The Prophet, seeking a world where they ruled over the ordinary. More brave people stepped forward, putting their lives on the line to stop The Prophet and their disciples. War waged for nearly a year as these parties clashed and the world suffered.

    Until a group of five people stepped forward, united, powerful, and determined. They managed to take down The Prophet, managed to win with only one single causalty around them, a woman who called herself Ursa. Ursa sacrificed herself in a blaze of blinding light, killing The Prophet and sending their followers running.

    The war for the world was over but The Prophet had a dangerous impact on the world. Not only did they throw the world into disarray, but they also brought about the revelation of powered individuals. The results were devastating. Conflicts popped up across the world. Genocidal persecution ran rampant against powered people. At first, the number of powered people appeared to be small but it quickly became clear that the numbers were far beyond what anyone expected.

    Seeking a solution, in 2075, the United Nations teamed up with the heroes that had saved the world. Together, they created the Ursa Agreement, named after Ursa herself. The Agreement set forth a list of guidelines to protect both powered and non-powered people. Most countries adopted the Agreement easily, including some not aligned with the United Nations. In short, the Agreement called for a census of all powered people. Those that wanted could lead ordinary lives as long as they never used their powers or used their powers in productive, beneficial ways. Or, if they so chose, they could join the Sentinels, a team of heroes that helped humanity and enforced the Agreement. The Sentinels were independent, unaligned, and self-governed. Sentinels were also employed and well compensated.

    Unfortunately, like most things, the Ursa Agreement was flawed. And the Sentinels, like all powerful institutions, became a breeding ground for corruption. Powered individuals began to keep their statuses secret or use their abilities outside of the Sentinels. And powered villains became more and more commonplace and emboldened.

    While the world now enjoys some modicum of peace, that peace is tenuous and brittle. One misstep and it could all come crumbling down.

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character page is live. ic will come later. lore will be dispersed in character or in dms. I will set up a discord if there is sufficient interest.


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Interested!! But like just wanna know if this goes into gore/horror kinda dark themes? Like do you have any movies/shows to compare how squicky it gunna get?

Interested!! But like just wanna know if this goes into gore/horror kinda dark themes? Like do you have any movies/shows to compare how squicky it gunna get?

No more squicky than say the Marvel or DC universes. Expect like bodily harm and stuff but not much beyond that.

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