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Multiple Settings --saturated sunrise β˜€ [detailed, any pairing.]

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W h y can't I fit the Bee Movie Script here, mods?

𝖆𝖓𝖉 π–Žπ–™'π–˜ π–‡π–‘π–šπ–Š



hello, I am Kitten, just your local stray looking to drown in angst.
get some more sweet details here:
i'm but a soul with cravings, so here we are.
i'm looking to pair together broken characters who fit together like pieces of a puzzle yet with a focus on eventual healing.
or, instead, angst to its fullest.
or, anything in-between
pick your poison.
anyway, i am a twenty-six-year-old caught in adult hell.
beyond that, i'm a chill pill.
let's spit out some basics, yeah?

ↀↀↀↀↀ ghost friendly, no post-quota, not particular about word count, yet i, myself, am a detailed and lengthier writer by default.

ↀↀↀↀↀ subjectively advanced and i can provide samples of my writing if asked for, albeit i am self-taught. i usually write 500+ but i value quality over quantity.

ↀↀↀↀↀ i am patient, i don't mind if it takes you two months to reply to a day.

ↀↀↀↀↀ i am a fan of angst, grit, and heavier topics. i have no triggers worthy of mention; however, please tell me if you have any.

ↀↀↀↀↀ 18+ if romance is involved, meaning, if we are to match our OCs you need to be 18 or above. this measure is for my comfort as i am way into my 20s.

ↀↀↀↀↀ i love video games, art, and music. creating playlists, drawing inspiration from mood boards, or just about any form of art is my jam.

ↀↀↀↀↀ i adore OOC, if you do too, that's some brownie points right there.

ↀↀↀↀↀ i will plot extensively with you, create intricate and in-depth characters as well as worlds.[/FONT]

ↀↀↀↀↀ casual OOC, formal IC- also, a meme junkie.

ↀↀↀↀↀ i'm down for any setting.

ↀↀↀↀↀ if you lack plots, i have hoarded several and would be happy to share them with you.
below you'll find some words to spark ideas.

ↀↀↀↀↀ i like to play male muses most but catch these hands playing females or NB OCs or sides.

-- πŸ’œ Inspired by Halsey's Colors πŸ’œ --

I wish to explore the dynamics of addiction and sobriety, alongside the grey areas that lay in between.
So, I've crafted a skeleton plot.

Muse A, a drug dealer entangled in the nefarious by debt, is burnt-out and battling addiction.
Unable to shake a beast they are tethered to, getting clean is far from their grasp.

Still, Muse A gathers the braves to attend a meeting for addicts.
There, Muse A meets Muse B.

Muse B is in a rut, but solidly clean.
A spark connects the two, yet what allures also drowns.

Muse B takes it upon themselves to help Muse A.
However, Muse B soon finds themselves ensnared in the complexity of Muse A's criminal affairs.

Anything can be changed, or this plot can go YEET in place of another.
My main focus is the exploration of a grittier side of life.
I am flexible and open to ideas, even to the point of radical changes.
Should you want to dive into this pool with me, shoot me a DM or comment!~
I will provide a writing sample, you needn't do so but as a writer I would enjoy seeing your work.
Keep safe, buds and keep hydrated.

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