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Fantasy Sanera Institute (HS/Academy RP)


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One day, you receive a letter in the mail.

'Greetings, we hope to welcome you to Sanera, where abilities are awakened as well as minds!

Founded in 1256 by the knowledge-crazed archfiend Favian, the Sanera Institute is an academy for bright, young minds discovering their supernatural abilities. With classes as unique as the students, learning potential is nearly infinite! Options include basic academic classes like mathematics or visual arts along with more supernatural ones such as prophecy and transmutation.

Favian's plan was not only to create a fertile learning environment, but also a safe one. Each student is assigned a homunculus to both monitor and protect the student from harm. The student chooses the homunculus's shape and size upon assignment and may be changed on a whim. With this is a special field around the campus that prevents anyone from using harmful magic, with the exception of designated areas.

We hope to see you soon

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