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Fantasy Sanctus et Foedus Sanguis (Characters & Lore)

Main Character: Cecilia Daube
Cardinal Cecilia Daube
164 cm, 28 years old

Power flows like blood through families.Cecilia4.jpg

Hearing these words many would think of Cardinal Cecilia Daub, one of the youngest Cardinals in history and pronounced a Venerable at the age of seven - a candidate for Sainthood, the only one in three decades. Not to mention the desperate length of time since a Venerable was last Canonized as a Saint.

She demonstrated beyond remarkable talent for not only invocations and prayers to the Father, doubtlessly a loved child of God beyond what was normal even for the highest echelons of the Holy Choir, but also a curiosity and understanding for the arcane beyond most mages.

Unfortunately, such favorable conditions came with high expectations, each. Expectations that individually, she may have managed to meet, but they piled on each other - built a myth of a girl, born at the turn of the millennia in an age where the fight to preserve Humanity and the light of the Church is failing. Destined to alter history.

A character larger than life was born by her many comparatively modest achievements and talents, and when people met the girl who was still innocently growing up and learning the world and life, there was disappointment.

Bewilderment with the contrast to their expectations, disappointment that the great leader and savior they had hoped for did not exist, and finally, frustration with the girl who seemingly wasted her gifts.

By the time the people who had made the decision to publicize her realized the backfire, it was too late to change course. Cecilia was by no means a failure of a girl. But behind closed doors, she was called a spoiled brat, talent with no effort, too busy chasing titles and sucking on a silver spoon to busy herself with greeting her peers and building her reputation as they all had to.

The reality did not matter anymore by the time she was sixteen and using her abilities to aid the suffering and fight back unholy abominations like any other member of the clergy.

It did not matter that she displayed power and prowess beyond her age rivaling the best, her kindness was overlooked as a trivial thing. Her long nights studying in any library she had access to went unnoticed. Her efforts and contributions, wherever they appeared, were at best overlooked. At worst, they were stamped out by those that had already thrown their lot against her.

She had no close allies, at best benefiting from those who remained reasonable and did not dismiss her for needing time to grow. The end of her career started before she understood it, and nobody recognized her work.

At the age of 24, she was gifted the esteemed position of Cardinal not due to her efforts or modest yet numerous achievements, but due to her father’s push for her election using flowery words.

In the same breath her father gave her the weight of authority, he gave her a novel position of ‘great responsibility’, to spend the rest of her life unable to accomplish anything.

Away from the Holy Choir where her position as Cardinal could be used to do something and build herself up. Away from the people and resources she had enjoyed ready access to. Away from her family.

This was not the only blow she suffered. Less than a year prior, the once healthy and jovial young woman who took great joy in experiencing new things and learning of new cultures had started having a steady, notable decline in her health. At first, she seemed more tired than usual. She was sick more often for events and meetings. She would struggle after a long day to do much.

The decline continued into her de facto exile, and those that knew her in her time of growing up would at best call the Cecilia of today a husk, if not a shambling zombie. Nowadays she spends most of her day in bed, minimizing any effort she can to draw out one more last day of life.

So that she may actually be able to do something with it.​
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Main Character: Luminas Intunecatius Aeternius
High Inquisitor Luminas Intunecatius Aeternius
177cm; 621 years old.

The Original Demon Hunter, the sword wielder whose blood forms the basis of the Homunculi lineage. Born from the union of an unknown Cardinal and Nun, Luminas Intunecatius Aeternius, otherwise going by the current name "Felicia", is the oldest Inquisitor still in service to the Church as a whole, with literal centuries of experience under her belt and hundreds of Demons personally slain by her hand. Her status as a "Church-born" made her a natural candidate for the Curia's many Orders and Sisterhoods, and through a brief, but brutal childhood being raised under one such Order, she became the youngest Paladin at the age of 15 when she caught the eye of her eventual employers.

A new life under the Inquisition had brought with it its own unique hell that Luminas was wholly unprepared for. The political intrigue of the Church had always been a political purgatory that came with being the bastard daughter of a Cardinal, but the horrific life that came with being an Inquisitor-Acolyte came damn close. Demons, Cultists, Heretics, Rogue Pastors, and even internal assassinations of Clergy rapidly took their toll on Luminas' mind and body, though it was in experiencing the worst of humanity that she found her true calling: Demon Hunting.


Her lackluster ability to enable the will of the Church through miracle of Holy Magic had been a constant thorn in Luminas' side. Despite being a Church-born, she had seemingly little ability to call upon the Heavens to aid her, but it was her ingenuity that won her many battles along with the novel idea of weaponizing heretic methods to the Inquisition's benefit. Weapons the Church would openly decry as affronts to the righteous image of the Church became commonplace within the Inquisition; the Dark Arts that would label most as heretics, allowed behind closed doors for the sake of closing the vast canyon between Man and Demon. Thus, Luminas founded the Holy Tribunal of Demon Hunters, with her as its original Inquisitor.

The centuries of hard work under the Inquisition had finally taken their toll on Luminas though; a lifetime spent spilling and shedding blood had permanently tainted her body with Daemonic influence, and although the Lord Inquisitors has done an admirable job at keeping knowledge of her condition from leaking, her plight only grows worse with every Demon she fights. Hell's siren call grows louder and sweeter every day, and her mental fortitude can only hold out for so long...


Luminas' strength of character is only outdone by the strength of her silence: cool, calm, collected, and slightly above the madness of the world. There are few sights and situations that can faze her, making her an unflinching terror to those who've thrown their lot in with Hell. She can come off as impudent due to her hardly (if ever) responding to external stimuli; her extreme reluctance to speak in public can make it difficult to garner a proper response out of her. That isn't to say that she is devoid of emotion; she is perhaps the last Inquisitor anyone would expect to harbour a deep sense of justice and empathy. Her actions give her a voice that loudly speaks in defense of the innocent, one that is willing to personally sacrifice if it means saving another life. Only with someone as old and experienced as her could such ideals live on in the tainted atmosphere of the Church, a shining example of genuine good amidst a cesspool of corruption.

All Homunculi inherit their natural affinity for swordsmanship and Holy Magic from Luminas, although it is debatable whether her "children" can truly compare to her. There is hardly a situation that she can't solve with her blackened sword, and while she is hardly the wisest or most intelligent Inquisitor, her tactical abilities are peerless. Her magic is largely limited to Rituals, Blessings, and Wards to stave away and cleanse Demonic influences, and her swordsmanship can occasionally come off as crude to the more trained eye of the Paladin Orders, but she compensates with a dizzying array of special equipment. "Bottles of Holy Water" fire bombs, silver knives, holy rosaries containing powerful sealing wards, a chain whip, and a repeating crossbow with a massive quiver of specialist bolts are just the beginning list of her seemingly endless arsenal, an arsenal that the Inquisition was all too happy to copy and implement among their own.
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