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Digital Sammy's doodley poodleys


a friendly dork
hello all!! i'm a bit of an artist and moooostly do sketches, but i thought hmm why not post an art thread? i've been drawing for about hmm eiiight or nine years and my art style has changed a lot, and i'm always struggling to draw more manly types of characters!! but... its a big struggle (any advice would be appreciated!)

these are just some digital doodles i have that are recent, buuuut i might post some traditional stuff later!

Alice, my main character in a webcomic idea called Restless !!

X, Y and Z !! my main characters in my webcomic idea Alphabet Park

some creature designs for YET ANOTHER webcomic idea ahahaa

an old character of mine named Adrian!! i was trying to age him up from a teenager aha

a new roleplay character named Mayday!!

yikes i think that's enough doodles aha,,, hopefully people like my art!! any and all comments are appreciated <3 and if anyone might want to do an art trade or something 👀 hmu ??? i can do full bodies too and i do have some examples of them but i didn't feel like adding them//lazy

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