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Salem High (Supernatural/Fantasy school RP) [ALWAYS OPEN; Need teachers and human students]

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Lore and character submissions can be accessed here! ^_^

I've been trying to put this together for a couple years now, but it hasn't taken off yet. The world is completely built. I have 15 pages worth of lore. I just need people interested in joining this rp, so if it sounds interesting, let me know.


Halloween is just around the corner. At Salem High, this means many things: homecoming, a fall festival, the occasional prank or two — you know, normal high school stuff. But Salem High isn't a normal high school. Not by a longshot.
1895- Salem Academy of Witchcraft and Other Magicks is founded by Abitha Lawrence, a young wizard, in order to provide an education to witches, wizards, sorcerers, and other magic-wielders without interference from humans.
1921- The Supernatural Non-discrimination Act requires magic schools to permit all supernatural students, given that they have physical forms and able minds, to attend classes, regardless of species.
1967- The case of Gomez v. Brown rules that all magically-attuned humans, such as wiccans and mediums, should be considered honorary members of the supernatural community.
2009- Salem High begins admitting non-supernatural students as part of an effort to eventually merge the supernatural and mortal communities.
The supernatural students of Salem High weren't particularly happy when they found out humans would be attending their school, but most of them got over it pretty quickly. Over the past few years, the two groups of students have coexisted with very few altercations. A few of the humans have gotten suspicious of their classmates, but none of them would guess that their school was filled with monsters, some of them being descended from legendary beings like Dracula or Medusa. At least, if the humans do suspect something supernatural at work, they haven't said anything about it. However, something is going on at school —something that could affect all the students, supernatural or mortal.
August 26, 2018- A group of students went missing: a werewolf and eight humans.
All teachers and other authorities who have looked into this disappearance seem to have gone missing as well. Tensions are high in the supernatural community. Some parents have threatened to keep their children home from school until the issue is resolved. Among the humans, a few of the more suspicious ones have decided to take matters into their own hands. On both sides, there is a growing fear that they might not survive through Halloween.
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A couple of questions. One, how on earth do they hide the fact that it's a school for supernaturals? If I saw a class for something like Intermediate Transmutations, as an example, I'd know what's going on. Second, where do we post our character sheets?

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