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Realistic or Modern Salem Academy (Still Open, Claim your magic)

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Neo Alice

Mahō Shōjo
Magic is real, you discovered this when your power manifested itself. At first you could not believe it, but after try and error you managed to understand the basics of it. You were special, the world was yours to conquer… and you tried to conquer it, well it’s not like you could actually do it with such limitations but you did started to abuse the magical ability bestowed in you. Everything could have gone well if those scientists hadn’t noticed you.

Now here you are, stuck in a lab coat with people piercing your skin with needles to steal your blood every day. Exhausting test and exams all in the name of science, who cares if you’re only 15? Your hell only came to an end the day the compound was raided by your knights is shiny armor… well, more like witches in black leather suits. “From now on you’re all under our protection kids, you’ll be safe in Salem Academy.” That was all they said before taking you there, as name suggests, a prestigious academy for those that have magical powers. Now is this really where you want to past the next four years? Is your choice if you see this as a school or a prison or if you trust them or not, the thing is that you can’t leave until you graduate. And you don’t know why, since seeing the future isn’t your power, but you have the feeling that nothing is what it seems in here.

Well this is the plot of a new RP idea I had, inspired mainly by the anime Charlotte. The academy is hidden somewhere on Salem, Massachusetts. Of course is protected/hidden and only those recruited may go inside. Despite this, your characters may be from any nationality you prefer since the scientist took children from all around the world. The powers are unique (meaning that two characters can’t have the same power) and have a classification made by myself. Every character can only have one power, this will be explained IC in more detail but the reason for this is that magic has been diluted after generations of crossbreeding with regular humans and witches have now these restricted powers instead of resembling their medieval fantasy counterparts.

List of Available Powers:

Localized Powers: Magical Abilities that reside on a certain part of the human body, if your character loses said part or can’t use it at the moment then they can’t use the power. They are flawed at the start but the limitations can be improved and removed by training.

Telekinesis: Moving things with the power of your mind, you're limited to things you can see (Including, with effort, people). It doesn't matter if you know that it is there, you must be able to see it since this magical ability is located in the eyes. If you can’t no longer see whatever you were controlling then you can’t control it anymore, that simple.

Levitation: Essentially the ability to fly, you need to practice it or you won't be able to control it and you could seriously get injured or die. It’s located your vertebral column is like walking, so if you can’t walk you can’t fly either.

Elemental Palms: The power to create and control one element (Water, Ice, Fire, Electricity, Earth, Air, Light or Darkness), you have to use your hands for this since this magical ability is located in the hands. (The actual name of the ability replaces the word “elemental” by your chosen element, so Water Palms, Ice palms, etc. Two characters can’t have the same palms.) (Ice Palms: Kmbrly Kmbrly ) (Earth Palms: Ahmity Ahmity ) (Water Palms: Neo Alice Neo Alice ) (Fire Palms: Deredere Deredere )

Collapse: An ability that allows the user to crumble and destroy their surroundings or objects around them. A powerful and deadly power, people with it usually die young. Is located in the heart and it triggers itself under stress, fear or negative emotions quite easily. The users usually end up dying because they accidentally activate it and the structure in which they are falls on top of them, crushing them to death. The school infrastructure is protected and can’t be affected by this power; those identified with this gift must be recruited into joining in for their own safety, by force if necessary. olive.tree olive.tree

Medium: It allows you to be possessed by ghosts, if they had a magical ability you'll be able to use it. Is located on the brain and because of this the ghosts get to control you, basically getting multiple personalities with powers. You'll need training to retain your consciousness and suppress the ghost's identity to have access to their magic without them gaining access to you. While possessed, things like eye color and hair color are temporally changed to fit the ghost's original appearance. (You may start with 3 ghosts that were cellmates of your character but died from the tests made by the scientists, but you must create their abilities.) Yennie Yennie

Storage: The power to storage objects on a special pocket dimension to which only you have access. You can't enter to that dimension, only storage items in it and summon them later to be used. This power is located in the vocal cords, to storage or summon an item you must say its name. It's limited to objects and inanimate things so you can't storage people, entire buildings/houses or animals but you can storage food and plants. Until you have mastered this ability you won’t be able to storage something with the exact same name as other thing that is already in storage. TheHaileyWilliams_ TheHaileyWilliams_

Upgrade: The magical ability to improve natural characteristics of objects, a scissor upgraded can easily cut metal, a shield of wood won’t be pierced by bullets, etc. Is located on the hands so they must be holding it with to upgrade and maintain the effect, by training the effect can become permanent. @Kawsar

Poison Cooking: Doesn’t matter what it is, or if you only add salt to it but don’t actually cook it, any food made by you is inexplicably highly poisonous and quite deadly. This ability is located in the hands and is always active, it doesn’t matter if you wear gloves or something since touching the food is not necessary is the act of adding something to it or mixing, etc. that is required for it to ruin any meal. You still haven’t developed immunity to your own poison so I recommend you to be careful. The school has an antidote, if the victim survives enough time to be injected with it. After a lot of training you will be capable of producing poison energy from your hands and be able to shoot poison beams. Lexonomicon Lexonomicon

Morpheus Eyes: This magical ability allows you to put someone to sleep, is located on your eyes and they must see them in order for the ability to work. The downside is that after a few seconds you also get knocked out. If you train with this you’ll realize that you can actually go into their dreams and have control over them, that’s why you instinctively knocked yourself out, after learning that you can stay awake if you want to.

Bonded Words: Any promise made directly to you must be kept, however since it is located on your ears you must be able to hear the promise being made. It’s impossible not to fulfill what is promised, the person will have to do it since their body will make them do it. If they become unable to do it (because it’s impossible or they’re locked up), they’ll suicide and if they can’t suicide they’ll just have a heart attack and die. pinnasina pinnasina

Replicator: After touching an object you will be able to create functional copies of it out of nowhere and control them with your mind. It’s located on your hands and you must have touched the object before being able to create copies of it, furthermore the mental control is only made doing hand signals. It will require a lot of training before being able to replicate you, animals or others but is not impossible, however you’ll never be able to replicate the elements. You can only control 6 copies at the same time for now Neo Alice Neo Alice
Contractual Powers: A Faustian deal of sorts, the person has a powerful ability but has to pay an equally high price in order to obtain it first. With who or what is the deal made? No one knows since it’s not made consciously, which results in poor children resentful of an unwanted gift that looks more like a curse than anything else. They have already paid the price at the start of the RP.

Vocalist: You’ll have a beautiful voice, unforgettable and very calming that could shatter even bulletproof glass if you screamed. You could even be a famous singer, if you wanted to. The price you pay for this voice: your eyesight. Yet, you won’t need it since the rest of your senses are magically enhanced as well. You can analyze someone by the sounds they make and be aware your surroundings by echolocation. Yuu Vee Rays Yuu Vee Rays

Telepath: The power to hear people’s thoughts and share your own into their heads, you can create powerful illusions or look inside of their minds to unveil their darkest secrets. The price? Your voice, that’s right you can’t physically talk anymore. Tamriel Tamriel

Potion Brewing: The ability to mix ingredients to create a magical substance, you have to give up two of your senses: Smell and Taste to pay for this power. (Is up to you how will these potions work and their effects, be creative) proiettile proiettile

Gorgon: You went bald and later got snakes instead of hair, your skin became pale and with scales. The magic ability itself however is located in your eyes and allows you to turn into statues to whoever looks directly at them. This power is paid with your physical beauty and human appearance. OrWangatan OrWangatan
Fading Powers: Powerful abilities that eventually take away the way to be used, the users are usually restricted from practicing their magic and are taught the risks that comes with it. Unless is an emergency users are prohibited from using their power, you’re allowed to break this rule if you want but make sure that nobody is watching or you’ll get in trouble.

Spellcasting: A powerful ability that allows the user to affect reality to a degree with specific voiced spells, the more it is used the more the caster will start losing their voice until they can’t speak anymore. (You can use this power up to 25 times before you can’t speak anymore, I recommend you to study/create powerful spells that are worth this kind of sacrifice.) Kent Kent

Healing: You can accelerate the process of a healing wound on someone other than yourself but this shortens your own lifespan. (This character would have lived a long life of 80 years, since they’re 15 but lost 15 on experimentations during their time on the compound then they have 50 years to spare until dying. Minor wounds will cost you 1 year, medium ones 5 and grave ones 10.) Wandering Soul Wandering Soul

Psychosomatic Illusions: You can affect someone that looks into your eyes with powerful illusions that will feel real for them and will produce real damage on their bodies, however you’ll lose eyesight every time until becoming entirely blind. (You can use this power up to 20 times before needing glasses to barely see and then you’ll have other 10 until becoming blind) Czeshire Czeshire

Shapeshifter: You have the ability to transform into any animal of your choosing, eventually you won’t be able to transform back into a human anymore. You’ll become the animal and eventually forget you were even human. (You can transform up to 40 times before you get stuck.)

If you’re interested leave a comment claiming the power you want for your main character. You can make a maximum of 4 characters but at least one of them must be a children rescued by the witches since they’re the protagonist of this RP. The powers listed in here are just for the protagonists, if you make a teacher or an older student you must create a new power for them following the classification system.

I’m not going to be too strict on posting frequency; four times a week is ok. No one-liners please, a minimum of one detailed paragraph is all I ask. Face claims must be anime or drawn with no unnatural features (such as wings, horns, tails) unless the power specifies otherwise, so you can have pink eyes and blue hair with no explanation required but no cat ears or a butterfly wings out of nowhere. I’m going to need four players at least to make the CS thread and the IC thread but everyone is welcome as there is no maximum.
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Neo Alice

Mahō Shōjo

Sorry for the delay, everyone has been put on the list (Not in here, in the one i'll put on the CS thread)

While i make the CS thread you may talk among each other to synchronize your experiences on the compound (or if you became friends or enemies there)

Neo Alice

Mahō Shōjo

Everyone Everyone we have a CS thread! You can start posting your cs there <3

Also, we have some new powers available

Neo Alice

Mahō Shōjo
If you are still accepting I would like to join. Could I possibly have the "Barrier" Power?

We are still open so you may join, there's no "barrier" power in here (this is inspired by Charlotte but is not fandom) so you would have to create it yourself. But your main character must be a protagonists and they can only have powers from the list made by me

So this "barrier" would have to be a secondary character (either above 16 or a teacher)

In the CS thread are more powers to choose from
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Consider me a buyer for bonded words if it aint sold yet ^-^
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