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Saiyans Have No Limits (Lore)


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Welcome to the Lore page everyone!!

Ooooooooooohhhhhh BOY we have a lot to cover here, so let's get straight into it!

Saiyan Society

The Saiyans occupy a rather interesting role in this RP lore: Planet Brokers.

Yes. This is the same as their original role. However, unlike in the canon lore the Saiyans occupy this role willingly and are not under the thumb of an evil overlord with powers unimaginable. Saiyans conquer, clean (cleanse the native population), and sell planets for profit throughout the galaxy. They are not inherently evil, but they aren't exactly "good guys" either. They operate a very self-serving operation and are proud of the wealth and prosperity it has brought them.

Their society is broken into classes, which I will list from highest to lowest (and the power levels needed to qualify for them):

1) Royal - 75,000+ (King of Saiyans has a power of 88,200, Queen of Saiyans has 81,386)
2) Super Elite - 55,000+
3) Elite - 40,000+
4) 1st Class - 20,000+
5) 2nd Class - 12,000+
6) 3rd Class - 4,000+
7) Low Class - 2,500 (Or Less)

The Raid Corps is broken into four Branches: Vanguard, Medical, Intelligence, Communications

Each Branch of the Corps operates under its own sovereignty and cooperate with one another to terrifying effect. However, all answer to the King and Queen of Saiyans via Special Envoys. Within each Branch, your Class determines your position and how much respect you earn (most of the time unless your achievements prove you deserve more or less).

The Vanguard branch handles combat, and just like in any military-like branch you have Commanders (always 1st Class at minimum), Lieutenants (either 1st or 2nd Class), Captains (2nd Class), and everybody else (any rank of 2nd or lower). They usually operate in tight nit groups of around 15-30 individuals to a group.

Commanders take up about 2.5% of the Vanguard. Lieutenants 7.5%. Captains 12.5%. And everyone else is 77.5%.

Medical Branch is exactly what it sounds like. Anything and everything to do with medical. Contrary to the Vanguard Branch, the Medical Branch doesn't bother with Classes. You have Combat Medics (like Nomiya), Mobile Medics (the ones in tents at outside bases near combat zones), Evac Medics (deployed most commonly in losing battle situations), and standard Base Medics who remain in established base locations either on or off world.

The Intelligence Branch gathers information on planets they're going to Raid such as inhabitants, power levels, populations, etc. They also handle the gathering of intelligence during war time against enemy races. The internal workings of this Branch are largely classified, but the general idea is that, from highest to lowest ranks, there's a Head of Intelligence (HOI), a Chief Officer of Intelligence (COOI), Head of Logistics (HOL), Head of Operative Allocation (HOOA), Head of Information Organization (HOIO), and then you have the operatives/agents taking up the rest. Arguably they have the most dangerous jobs given their proximity to the enemy on a consistent basis.

Finally we have the Communications Branch which is a large, multi-headed organization run by a Chief Executive Officer of Communications (CEOOC). Beneath him are personally hand-picked subordinates who take charge of Long-Range, Short-Range, Interstellar, Inter-Galactic, and Royal Communications. And beneath these individuals are a host of teams delegated to maintaining and enforcing communication lines and streams at all times.

Saiyan Power

The Saiyans in this world are limited in how powerful they can become due to a single gene in their DNA which they've labeled the Genetic Limiter (Creative, I know, shut up). They have tried for generations to breed out and/or scientifically remove this gene from their DNA so that their powers would no longer be constricted. However, all efforts have failed.

The Genetic Limiter is the point at which the Saiyan's power stops growing no matter how many battles or injuries they endure. It's a dead stop to power growth.

Enter the Saiyan Limit Breaker Project, or SLBP for short!

It was comprised of a group of scientists who decided to find a way to unlock Saiyan power, no matter the cost. And after decades of testing, experimenting, failure, and more testing, experimenting and failure, they had a breakthrough. A single child known as Kurosa was born whose genetic code lacked the Genetic Limiter. Her power level at birth was 2,000, and she became the first success story of the Saiyan's efforts in history to break free of this limitation.

However, history is written by the winning team. The King at the time discovered this group's success before they were ready to present it to him with any significant data, and demanded their results immediately. They were forced to deliver what they had, however they hadn't found out why Kurosa lacked the Genetic Limiter. And because it was an unknown at the time of delivery, and Kurosa's power eclipsed that of the King's son (the now current King), out of jealousy and fear the King killed Kurosa with his own hands and banished the scientists to an inhospitable planet where they all perished less than a year later after struggling to survive.

Since that time the Genetic Limiter has remained the bane of Saiyan power growth and is a reality they have, as a society en masse, come to accept and no longer seek to undo or escape.

... Except for one individual in the Raid Corps Medical Branch named Nomiya.

From studying Ki throughout the galaxy, she has formed a theory on the Genetic Limiter and how to remove it. However, making her theory public in the inter-galactic cyber network earned her the ire of the current King who has since ordered her article taken off the network and for Nomiya herself to destroy all of her findings and records on the subject (as if that would take away the knowledge in her head, pfft). She did as ordered to appease the king, however to this day Nomiya continues to experiment personally on herself in an attempt to remove the Genetic Limiter from her genome and finally break through the barrier which has held back the Saiyan Race all this time.

Once the Genetic Limiter is broken, our Saiyan's power levels will begin rising "off the charts" and we will no longer be measuring them by numbers. Instead, I will be using an amazing, groundbreaking, and highly specialized system I designed which I simply refer to as the "Relative Scale."

The Relative Scale - Okay, let's be real here... It's so simply it's not even a system, lol.

Basically, if the Saiyan's base form is stronger then their transformations are stronger by default. I will use a basic progress bar like the one beneath this one to show how strong our enemies are compared to the strongest Saiyan in the party (at the time of the enemy's introduction) while the Saiyan is presumed to be at their maximum power (meaning their highest transformation if they've been unlocked):



So up there you can see that the Saiyan is at 80/100 while the enemy is 100/100. That's a relative determination of how much stronger the enemy is, which is a fairly good amount in this example. With a power difference of this magnitude, the enemy would give the Saiyan in question a very, very brutal fight while still being a at a level where desperation, cunning, or proper assistance from others could see them through to a victory without the need for any Deus Ex Machinas.

Speaking of Transformations...


We are following the main canon for this RP as far as transformations are concerned. We have Super Saiyan 1-3, Super Saiyan God, and Super Saiyan Blue as the primary transformation line. However, there are some minor and partial transformations which are in the RP lore as well.

Before we get to that... Power Scaling.

In the canon they explain the Super Saiyan form being a 50x increase to one's base power level. Super Saiyan 2 is 100x base power. And Super Saiyan 3 is 400x base power. Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue are both utilizing Divine Ki and are thus unmeasurable by the traditional standards. However it is known that Super Saiyan Blue is the "Super Saiyan" of the Super Saiyan God form with the same increase in power (50x) that the form's mortal counterpart comes with. Super Saiyan Blue is, without question, the most powerful Saiyan transformation there is (at this time).

Now, the forms:

* False Super Saiyan - This is a partial transformation from a Saiyan who is just shy of the power needed to reach Super Saiyan, but has felt the same kind of trigger it would take to reach said form otherwise. The aura turns gold, their muscle mass increases, and their power is multiplied by 35x its base amount.

* Super Saiyan (Base) - This is the base Super Saiyan form with a 50x multiplier to the Saiyan's base power. The hair turns a white-yellow coloration (gold when the aura flares), muscle mass increases, and the Saiyan's aggression and anger become the driving force of their state of mind.

* Super Saiyan (Grade 2) - This is the "Ascended" Super Saiyan form with a 60x multiplier to the Saiyan's base power. Muscle mass increases more heavily, but not to the point where bulk becomes an issue.

* Super Saiyan (Grade 3) - This is the infamous "bloated" form of the Super Saiyan. It comes with a 75x multiplier to one's base power and greatly increases muscle mass to the point where one's bulk begins to slow them down and become a detriment to their effectiveness in combat.

* Super Saiyan (100% Mastery) - This is the point where the Super Saiyan transformation could be held indefinitely due to the Saiyan spending extended periods of time in the form to acclimate themselves to the transformation and adopt it as their new "base" form. In this form, the energy typically used to initiate the transformation is instead focused into much higher levels of "natural" power that push the Saiyan's strength beyond the levels of Super Saiyan Grade 2, but not as far as Super Saiyan Grade 3, with roughly a 67.5x power multiplier to the Saiyan's base power while maximizing their power, speed, agility, and control.

* Super Saiyan 2 - This is the first true "next phase" of the Super Saiyan power hierarchy and is twice as powerful as the original Super Saiyan form with a 100x base power multiplier. Power, speed, agility, control, and aggression all increase in this form from the original, making this form very powerful and reliable, though also making it somewhat unstable due to the Saiyan's inherent aggression increase which often results in sadistic and more brutal combat methods and mindset.

* Super Saiyan 3 - Though the form has a whopping 400x base power increase, it comes with the trade off of immense stamina drain. Even when utilizing the form for extended periods, the sheer power output and strain is so high that there is no acclimating to it as there can be for the base Super Saiyan form.

* Super Saiyan God - This form is attained when a Saiyan either experiences God Ki and absorbs/adapts it to their own body, or when they are granted God Ki by a divine being. The result is this form, which is the "base" form of a Saiyan properly utilizing God Ki. Its power is so far beyond mortal comprehension that it cannot even be sensed by mortals, let alone measured.

* Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Super Saiyan Blue) - This is the form assumed by a Saiyan who has learned to push the power of Super Saiyan God to and past its absolute limits by figuring out how to activate the Super Saiyan transformation utilizing divine Ki rather than mortal Ki. This form is 50x stronger than Super Saiyan God, but is still "unmeasurable" compared to mortal powers.

Other Lore

Non-Saiyans exist in this lore such as humans, Namekians, Frost Demons, etc.

However, there is something to keep in mind about them: They're not Saiyans.

Yeah, you didn't need me to tell you that. But there it is. They're not Saiyans.

Once our Saiyans break the Genetic Limit, which they will not long after the RP begins, the non-Saiyan characters will not be able to keep up with them power-wise. However, they will still be useful and irreplaceable allies since this RP doesn't prioritize combat so much as places the emphasis on all aspects of life. Saiyans are great fighters, but they're not really the ones who make all of their technology or develop the common Ki-based attacks many of their warriors make use of.

So if you make a non-Saiyan, please remember the following limitations about them:

* Humans are the weakest of those who are allowed in terms of power level
* Namekians cannot use healing abilities like Dende did in the show since it's a Deus Ex Machina
* Namekians cannot join together (no fusion rule)
* Non-Saiyans of a race of your own creation must be approved of by me before being added to the RP (the last time I allowed someone to craft their own race and make it part of the RP without that much moderation, the RP fell apart from the inconsistencies and borderline God-Modding of the character's design)
* If you play a Frost Demon, they aren't Frieza, so they won't be nearly as powerful as he was

Destroying a Planet

To destroy a planet in the original DBZ franchise saw Vegeta do it at a power of around 10,000 or so. That's not the case in this RP. To destroy a planet will take a power level of at least 250,000, and that's presuming you use 100% of your power in the blast. Anything less will severely damage the planet, but not destroy it outright.

Thank you!

That's about it!

Thank you! If I think of anything more that needs to be added I will do so!
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