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Saiyans Have No Limits (In Character Posting)


That One Fear In My Enemy's Eyes
((This page is for In-Character Posting, not OOC discussion or other forms of posting. Thank you!!))

Rule 1) No God-Modding, Metagaing, or Power Playing

- I cannot stress enough how disrespectful and non-cooperative any of these offenses are. Your characters are mortal, and they should always be threatened with the possibility of dying and/or getting hurt. If you force your character to magically dodge all attacks or somehow never take damage, it's going to be an instant one-way trip out of the RP and you will be ignored/blocked so I never have to see or hear from you again. As well, your character's niche is their life. If your character is a Combat Medic, like mine, they are limited to their own field of study and experience. Nomiya, for example, is not a historian, lecturer, philosopher, psychologist, physicist, astronomer, or anything like that. She's a Combat Medic. She fixes you when you break and can hold her own in a fight. That's her life. She stays in it. Period. She won't magically get knowledge of other fields because "oh it'd be convenient if she knew how to do that because, hey, I can link that knowledge this way!" No. Your character stays in their niche. And finally, you may not, under any circumstances, write for another player-controlled character without the owner's express permission. This is a one-time offense and you're out deal.

Rule 2) I and I alone, as the GM, hold power over the story and plot of this RP.

If you want to add sub-plots, side quests/mission, etc, you must ask my permission to add them and have a good presentation/pitch ready for me before I will accept it. If you just have, "Hey, what if we do this," and leave it at that without further explanation or some kind of planned out path you can show me to prove it isn't a half-baked idea, it's not going to become part of the RP. You may not, under any circumstances, add lore or content to this RP universe without asking my permission and presenting me with your information. If you try, it's a warning. A second offense and you're out.

Rule 3) Before your character can advance in power level, you must work out with me how it takes place.

Training is a natural part of life for Saiyans. They all train in an effort to reach their maximum potential. But training by oneself is incredibly limiting and there's only so much you can gain from it before you reach a ceiling. As well, for Saiyans, battle damage and recovery is the bread and butter of how they grow. The more significant the injury they recover from, the stronger they become. However, because there's no truly fair or organized method of dictating how this happens, I will be utilizing a combination of logic and analysis of the state of your character before the Zenkai and will determine how big the Zenkai really is. I will also be analyzing the characters in the RP and our position in the story to determine who grows stronger and at what rate to help keep the advancement of our powerful characters interesting and fresh.

Rule 4) No screaming your attacks.

Yes, it's a staple of the anime for the characters to shout, "KAAAA MEEEEE HAAAA MEEEE HAAAAAAAAAA!!!" But that's just dumb. In a real fight you give away your position, broadcast what attack you're about to use, and give your enemy all the time in the world to prepare for and react to it. If they survive it once and you try it a second time, you've shown your cards already and now they can take full advantage of you. So no screaming attack names. They can have names. But don't shout them. It's just stupid.

Rule 5) Try to have fun!!

Even though the above rules make me sound like a stiff my goal is to make this a fun experience that we can all enjoy together. So try to relax and have fun with the RP for what it is and not worry too much about anything. The only time you should worry is if I bring something to your attention and say, "I need you to be careful of this for these reasons." But even then it should be a fairly simple matter of just minding it and making a simple adjustment to move on and have more fun.

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That One Fear In My Enemy's Eyes
Behthelom, the Saiyan Home World... (things of importance will be in bold text for your convenience)

A dry yet vibrant planet with an abundance of hardy and dangerous wildlife. With sparse flora, a harsh climate, and a powerful gravitational field, the Saiyans grew up in a dangerous and hellish world. Today, however, through the use of technology they have adapted and changed their home world into their ideal paradise. Thanks to the efforts of science they now have a more oxygen rich atmosphere which has spurred the growth of more flora. They have solar, wind, water, and astrological sources of power operating their society. And they have the technology of their allies to drive their business as planet brokers forward into the future.

And so we join one particular Saiyan on this fine, sunny day on Behthelom; Nomiya. A Saiyan woman of average height (standing 5' 9") with a slender though athletic frame, full bust, taught round posterior, long flowing brown hair, and deep brown eyes, Nomiya is a Combat Medic in the Medical Branch of the Saiyan Raid Corps.

The Corps itself is only part of business in Saiyan Society. Many other forms of employment and past times exist to occupy their daily lives here on their home world. Teachers, scientists, doctors, traders, communications specialists, technological gurus, you name it, the Saiyans have it. Somewhere on this planet is a humble Behlothian Goat Herder.

Today, Nomiya stood beneath the sun wearing her Raid Corps uniform which consisted of a high cut armor top, purple spandex pants, traditional white with blue-toed Saiyan boots, and her Scouter with a blue display panel. With it she could measure another beings Power Level up to a total of 100,000. Beyond that number, and thanks to anti-shorting technology, the device would simply read "- - - - - -" indicating it could not measure the power of the individual it was targeting.

Nomiya was currently waiting for her Raid Team, a group of eight individuals led by a single Commander who would travel through the depths of space and either conquer and clean a world for business, or simply explore and document findings in newly discovered worlds of potential habitation. On this day they were preparing for the latter. A visit to a potentially hospitable world with a humanoid population. The planet Juritus from the Star 55 System a quarter of the galaxy away. A deep space flight, but possible in just under two days thanks to their wormhole generation technology which they picked up from the C'thilians, a race of humanoid insectoids with hyper-advanced technological know-how.

And as Nomiya waited for the arrival of her Raid Team on the Launch Pad, she subconsciously rubbed her tailbone with a noticeably missing appendage... Her tail had been removed not but a few days prior due to an accident in her self-experimentation with the Genetic Limiter gene. A small price to pay for sure, but one she knew would bring her no end of misery from the others. Saiyans without tails were, after all, considered losers or degenerates who do not respect their Saiyan heritage. So this was going to be a fun day for sure.


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As the smaller saiyan waits amoung the lauch pad platforms, a pod makes its final decent from the stars and across the sky leaving the telltale streak through the clear sky to slow its speed only shortly before impact to land in the center of one of the bays. The white capsule remains motioness for a moment before the usual sound of hydroilics sound out and a large hand starts to reach out, slowly pulling the mass of a large woman outfrom its depths before she begins to stretch and work out the kings from a likely long period of motionless.

"Hmm? Yeah, Yeah....I know....no fight for them this time...would you rather waste resources? They agreed to provide and the entire thing is beneficial right? we dont want people attacking planets we conquer, they dont want to be blasted apart by random pirates or the vanguard only to have the same results right?...well yeah....look if they thing they got a good deal there less likely to complain and we get the resources regardless.......yeah...yeah.....wait another raid team? Into a black hole?...black worm whats the difference?.....I literally just got back.....hmm no i me...psshhh...its..pshh...tatic....breaking....interfearance...psshh" raising what seems to be the remains of a ration bar wrapper to the scouter on the side of her head before chukling as she turns it off. "Working me to the bone....at least this gets me a bit of rest before i need to head out again"

The towering woman stands just to the side of Nomiya's position, the typical Saiyan armor not present, instead what appears to be a mix of the sections of the underlay secured by thick leather outer bindings, boots and wraps around her arms all in the typical Saiyan colors. Covered head to toe in muscle yet her wide frame seems to show deceptivly fine and graceful movements as she stretches, along with flexability uncommon in others who hold similar builds. Atop her head appears a thick black mohawk of sorts, the wild layered spikes of which fall loosly to one side and down her back, the other completly smooth. Finally the other notable detail appears to be a variety of small tattoos going down the center of her body as she turns around, each set on what seems a specific point, the forhead, throat, heart, solar plexis and pelvis...there could perhaps be others though it is difficult to be sure. It was perhaps one of the oddest things, especially considering that such markings are more typical to the species invaded then Saiyan, rarely taking to marking there bodys with anything but prideful scars recieved in battle...something she appeared to completely lack.


The father of the Worldbreaker.
Null sat on the lowest roof of the landing port of the pod receiving bay with his usual look of apathy on his face. He often spent his free time here watching pods take off in the distance and occasionally witnessing a landing while he contemplated what his next move would be. He had a few days leave stored up and was sent on leave not as an order but as a suggestion from his CO. After a half a decade together the two of them had become akin to friends, at least in the CO's eyes. As far as null was concerned the man was just another face, powerful sure, but otherwise uninteresting and entirely predictable. he let his eyes wander across the platform looking for something potentially entertaining and sure enough he found it.

Standing in her raid corps armor with a red scouter was someone who he had kept an eye on since he first got access to saiyan files within the information corps. Nomiya, a saiyan well known for setting records while most saiyans were still growing up, they had met a few times. She interviewed him for one of her papers on different types of ki, and they had crossed paths here at homeward once or twice. Hopefully she wasn't on anything too important at the moment. Having found himself a new directive he slid down the curved roofing and landed softly and silently before sliding into the crowd of moving bodies, it wasn't so much a conscious effort rather a force of habit after nearly a decade of muscle memory.

When he finally made it to her he noticed that he was a few seconds behind another woman who had just landed and a large one at that. He didn't remember her from any file he had read recently but had seen her sparing here at homeward a few times, part of him wanted to ask if she wanted to go a round but decided introductions took precedence. "Hello Nomiya, do you remember me?" he walked slowly towards them and his white hair and lack of tail being notable features. rather than wearing armor or uniform he was in his casual Sinclaire garb which clung close to his frame pn the chest and feet but was baggy with deep pockets on the thighs. a white sash around his waist was billowed slightly as he asked his next question. "So what do you have on your plate today, i am on leave and looking for a reason to go off world perhaps you can help?" he asked in his strange dual toned voice.


The Phantom Hexblade
On the planet Juritus...

Juritus was a cold world covered in snow and ice. But even in the cold, there was still life there. While the life there wasn't advanced. a certain Frost Demon enjoyed visiting their villages from afar. That Forst Demon is Snow. The tall blue Frost Demon watched the humanoid race of the world work through there daily problems without worry of problems out of their world. He found it interesting to thinking about how these people saw their world and beyond.

Backing up a bit, Snow arrived on the planet twenty days ago after finding out about as he did research into planets with primitive life. After years of going against the Sayains and trying to slow down there planet conquering business, it was time for rest and continue one of his passions, philosophy. Snow studied the humanoids on the planet to help see what can be learned from intelligent life that hasn't learned about worlds outside there own. This proves somewhat difficult as he had to keep his distant for his research to truly work. If the people knew about him then it could have a massive unknown impact on their culture.

In the present Snow was surveying the humanoid creatures, safely out of sight in the trees. He had with him a notebook to write down notes about the people. The notes varied from observations to philosophical ideas he came up with as he watched the people. The ideas were a mix of what he thought the people said and ideas he came up with as he watched them. While this all seemed boring, this what relaxed Snow and made remember what he trying to protect in his fight to stop the planet selling business.


That One Fear In My Enemy's Eyes
As Nomiya sat on a nearby storage box, she happened to hear someone calling for her. As her head turned, she beheld a semi-familiar face. One she'd met a few times with before.

"Ah, Null." She called back with a small wave.

"My Raid Team and I are going on an exploration mission to Juritus, a planet in the Star 55 system with primitive humanoid life. Just a little sight seeing, really. No conquering or battles in store for us this time, most likely." She chuckled.

"If you'd like to tag along I doubt our Commander would object. He's usually pretty agreeable to letting others come with so long as he knows they won't get in our way if the mission has to do with combat."



The father of the Worldbreaker.
Null Made no attempt to smile or act in any way different than his norm. He simply nodded as she spoke and seemed to approve of what was said. "Excellent. A reconnaissance job sounds like its right up my alley anyway, it'll be almost like i am still working." he breifly allowed his tone a hint of inflection to show his mild excitement. Or at least to act as if there was some there. In reality he was just glad to have a new objective.

"So where will i find this commander best to get my request in earlier rather than later dont you think?" his wispy hair was shuffled about by a sudden gust of wind though he seemed to pay it no mind his solid purple eyes staring deep into the Saiyan he spoke with, aknowledging her figure subtly while commiting her ki signature and body shape to memory. He never knew if he would have use for her likeness but again he acted out of habit mildly aware that his scrutiny may be recieved poorly.

"And who do we have here?" he said to the larger saiyan woman standing nearby. Her ki was pretty impressive and the rank on her armor would tell him why, she was a first class saiyan, no joke for sure. "Are you also journeying to Juritus?"


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Nira turns to blink at the arriving man tilting her head over at his voice with a somewhat awkward style "That was faster than i thought...well turns out that interfearance is all cleared up now at least. No need to worrky" giving a bit of a laugh as she turns around fully. "Well guess i am now, I dont see any issue with being deployed again just as i return. Nope everythings perfectly fine." keeping on the laugh for a while before shaking her head and extending a hand out "But as to your first question, you have Nira here" flashing a wide grin as she does.



The father of the Worldbreaker.
Null looked at her extended hand for a moment before he reached out to shake it. "A pleasure , a busy day for you i suppose. I am sure it will be at least more entertaining than staying here right?" he said as he shook her hand with an uncharacteristically light grip for a saiyan. He turned his attention back to Nomiya "Are there any prexisting reports on our destination? and what is it that you hope to find there?" his curiousity was halfhearted at best, it almost felt like eleveator small talk in its casual yet stiff tone.


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Rolling shoulders a little "I mean entertaining and excitement is subjective in the end, but in the end its the pauses between that make those moments shine that much brighter....have to have a chance to take a break now and then right? Cant appreciate the big things if you cant do it for the small ones too"


In the empty darkness of space, drifting off to eternal nothingness, there was a ship. A small shop but a ship no less, it was clear that it was severely damaged, unable to move, unable to fly, locked and chained down to the stars thousands of light-years away. And inside, a young girl was panicking. "Hello?" She called out, covered in sweat and eyes glinted with terror. "Hello can anyone hear me? My name is Lin Pao of the Other, my ship traveled through an asteroid belt and it sent me hurdling into a calm belt. My thrusters are almost down... This is a code red, I need immediate assistance! Please!?" She waited, hoping, praying for a response... but all she got back was silence. She gritted her teeth, and punched the ship, making the entire thing shake. "God dammit!" She yelled, although it was to no one in-particular. She was alone in the ship, with nothing there but her thoughts. Just herself and her mind... this couldn't be it, how she died. She absolutely refused!

Lin checked the shippers scanners again, although it had been severely damaged because of one of her many emotional outbursts. It could still see and register incoming objects but could no longer define her. And she was close, very close, to a planet. She didn't know what planet it was, but it had to be better than starving to death, or waiting till her oxygen supply ran out. She jumped to the side of the ship, checking the fuel tanks. There was only a bit left, she was hoping to save it if she ever got in trouble with the ship and needed a quick escape. But there was no promise anything would come to her, and she refused to stay a sitting duck through all of it. "Axel." She hissed, speaking to the ships AI. The software had it's mainframe damaged as well, so it wasn't responsive, but it could still take simple orders, such as... "Set me on a direct course to the nearest planet possible. I don't care about the dangers, I don't care about the ship, just get me to that planet as fast as possible." She didn't bother asking for confirmation, there'd be no point. He couldn't answer her even if she yelled. She rushed to the front of the ship, and pressed her hands on the thrusters. She waited, giving the computer enough time to set the coordinates. She had no way of knowing if it actually did, so she acted on instinct. "Now!" She yelled, and pushed the thrusters. She braced herself for the impact of blast off, but, there was nothing. She did it again, and again.... Nothing.

"No, no, no." She muttered, "Come on! Go damn you go-" with one last push she was sent flying backwards into the base of the ship, slamming her head against the ceiling. Combined with her lack of sleep and food, it was enough to knock her completely unconscious, although the ship was still flying. Unebknownst to her, unable to perceive time, the ship got closer and closer to the nearest planet... The planet of Benthelom. To the Saiyan civilians it'd be quite a shock, like a shooting star the ship fell to the ground, completely submerged in flames and with pieces of the ship flying off. On the inside, Lin stayed, and surprisingly enough was still alive. With a loud boom, the ship crashed into the ground, not creating a crater but pushing away dirt and Stone as it dug into the planets crust with incredible force. Leaving behind it a blazing trail of flames in the ground and even beyond that.


That One Fear In My Enemy's Eyes
Nomiya nodded silently and tilted her head with interest as Null responded, asking after the Commander.

"The Commander, Korvaiis, is currently still on his way here from the other side of the planet. He took the others on a training exercise while I was here doing some research. They're due to arrive any minute now."

Not but a moment later, Null asked after another Saiyan nearby who introduced herself as Nira. Nomiya nodded to her responses, taking a mental note of the woman's height and musculature. Quite impressive, and far above average. Nomiya was about the average height of a Saiyan woman at around 5' 9". But this woman had to be at least 6' 5" or 6' 6" in height. Taller even than the average male Saiyan who often stood at around 6' 2" or 6' 3".

Nira seemed friendly enough, and Nomiya smiled as she and Null exchanged a few words before she made an attempt to introduce herself.

"Greetings, Nira. I'm-"

She was cut off by the sound of a streaking object, likely a ship, burning through the atmosphere on a collision course with the planet's surface. The base's defense systems kicked in and the massive Ki Cannon turrets locked on target, but did not fire. Through the base loudspeaker came the announcement, "Incoming Vessel Of Unknown Origin! All Units, Stand By! Repeat! All Units, Stand By!"

Nomiya instantly powered up to her maximum power of 20,050 letting her raging red aura flicker about her body like a massive and violent candle flame. She floated into the air and observed as the object crashed into the planet with a thunderous sound skidding across the surface to a flaming halt not far away. Nomiya flew over towards the object with a single orb of Ki gathered in her right hand just in case, and floated above the object.

Tapping her Scouter, the device on her face searched the frequency spectrum for the one used by the vessel until a match was found. Saiyan Protocol dictated that contact with unknown vessels was to be done with caution, but diplomacy, and a chance for a peaceable solution first before the use of force was authorized.

"Whoever's in there, please exit the vessel slowly! Our defense systems are locked on and ready to fire on you should you present any hostilities!" She announced.

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Nira gives a low sigh before shaking her head, taking a few steps back before falling off the platform out of view but not before throwing a mock solute to Null. Shortly after a pure white streak is heading off in the direction of Nomiya, eventually landing non chalantly a short way from the craft at which point they calmly stroll to the object and peer in through the door. Gently putting a hand on the rim of the door before knocking slowly on the rim of the ship, the soft glanging resounding out "Now if another is in range of this thing, they are far less likely to fire, best avoid the trigger happy ya know?....anyway you ok in there? Ill be honest not the best points for landing but considering someone who may be injured might have issues with that....let alone exiting, Ill give you 10 seconds before i come in though, since well i could be talking to someone whos currently unconcious that is rarely productive" giving a soft chuckle once more, her entire tone is calm, casual if not outright friendly as she pushes a soft wave of energy through the craft not enough to even damage a insect, but enough to for her to pickup the internal layout.

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Nira's eye turns to the ship once more though as she feels the surface they are leaning on keep getting warmer, finally noticing the smoke and flame resulting in their previously slow movements to jump into speed, pulling the door off and getting inside "Might want to get the foam dispensors....and tell whoevers aiming the guns that shooting someone whos on fire is just being unfair" her voice sounding out to above, before she seems to dump a water bottle from her pack over her head and begins to search through inside for the life-force she had picked up.
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That One Fear In My Enemy's Eyes
Nomiya floated warily at first, waiting to see what would happen. But Nira took a more direct approach before tearing off the door and entered the ship. Nomiya powered down and used her Scouter to detect the energy signatures within, reading a decently high power level belonging to a female humanoid shape.

Nomiya floated inside and followed Nira to the body, partially being overcome by flames. Nomiya quickly gathered her Ki and concentrated it into a forceful punch which blew out the flames covering the victim before hoisting her up onto her shoulder and flying out of the vessel as quickly as she could.

Landing outside, Nomiya set the humanoid down and immediately checked her pulse.

"Pulse is normal, if a little slow." She said to herself.

She checked the girl's exterior limbs, providing pressure along its length feeling the bones with her fingertips.

"Arms are fine... Legs are fine... Fingers are fine... Ribs are okay... Neck... Hips... Okay."

With the basic examination done, Nomiya hoisted the girl up and tapped her Scouter.

"This is Nomiya. Combat Medic number 0-0-9-0-5. I need rapid medical assistance for an unconscious patient, likely a concussion, on Landing Bay 3! Immediately!!"

"... Bzzt... Copy that. On the way."

Nomiya floated into the air and activated her Scouter's distress beacon to send her location to the incoming medical team. And within sixty seconds they had arrived. Four of them to be precise.

"Take her, quickly!" Nomiya shouted.

She handed the girl over and flew alongside them to the Medical Wing where she was loaded up onto a medical bed and wheeled to the examination room where the base doctors would give her a more thorough examination. And once behind closed doors, it was a waiting game.

"Not sure who she is, but I hope she's okay." She said as she returned to the Waiting Room and sat on a bench.

(Sorry for the time-skippy nature of it, but it's only a few minutes. Feel free to follow along with what she did and wait with her if you like.)

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Nira blinks, did this person just charge in....then manhandle a potential burn victim like that? Shes acting like a doctor but wow, shes happy shes not had any burn injurys on homeworld. Shaking her head a little she exits the craft watching them poke without any care, then again most here did tend to be prone to the rough approach so likely its not a suprise. This was going to be a ordeal, better follow along to stop them doing anything worse, the scent of scorched fur ment still in the air as she leaves. Turning to the other Saiyan in the medical room she final gets the chance to speak, shaking her head slowly "You know....for a Combat Medic, you really could pick up a thing or two form off world, Not everyones a Saiyan after all."
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That One Fear In My Enemy's Eyes
Nomiya sat in the Waiting Area silently until Nira, the woman from earlier, came in seemingly trying to lecture her about her performance. Nomiya closed her eyes, smiled, and slowly shook her head.

"True. But regardless of what race you are, removing the victim from the flaming area is the first priority. Once you're free of that, usually you should apply water to the victim's burns or cool it in other ways as soon as possible. However, this victim had no burns. Just some singed fur."

She opened her eyes.

"Next comes removing anything such a jewelry or other items which are held tight to the body that could attract flames or irritate burns which are there. But again, there were no burns. And her clothing was loose enough to not require removal. Following that, if any blisters or other visible injuries are present, don't touch or aggravate them. From my initial analysis when I set her down, she had no such injuries. If there are burns or other injuries, address them appropriately. Burns should have lotion applied, other injuries be washed with water and given antiseptics and loose bandaging."

She glanced up at Nira with a friendly smile.

"Normally I wouldn't be so quick to do what I did. But given that woman's muscular build I knew she'd be able to handle the fast pace I was going at. She's not a delicate flower that needs coddling. Call it intuition, but I get the feeling that when she wakes up she'll be proving that point well enough."


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She shakes her head "Nope.....First, Establish the area is safe, Second...you never checked them before grabbing them I was looking or put any of those fancy gloves on from those first aid kits" turning her head to them more fully "Im guessing youve not been in as many stressful situations? I mean they throw all that training around i guess but as soon as it hits a emergency be suprised how little sticks.......not saying delicate, just saying was kinda suprised by how the the entire thing got handled." leaning back with her hands behind her head "But good to know they at least covered some of the basics....survival first aid you can swap half that stuff with a few of the right plants, be suprised how much of that works better than those supplie kits they send out."


That One Fear In My Enemy's Eyes
Nomiya's eyes narrowed slightly, but her smile never wavered.

"Interesting... I suppose anyone who thinks they've lived through a few stressful situations when wounds were a concern likes to fancy themselves as a knowledgeable medic these days." She said with a chuckle, laying down on the bench.

"Let me tell you something sweetheart: You're wrong on both counts. First, if I had waited to establish the area as safe like you suggested, then both myself and the victim would have been-"

An explosion rang in the distance.

"... Blown up." She said, looking out the window to the fireball that used to be the girl's ship.

Nomiya sighed.

"Secondly..." She said, laying back down a bit and stretching her arms out.

"If you're not in a volatile and confined space that's about to blow up, yes, establish that the area is safe. That's indeed a basic medical procedure when you have the time to do so. But a confined and volatile space like that ship which about to blow up, you don't have time to admire the view. There are all of a few precious seconds to get in and get yourself and the victim to a safer area to examine them for more serious injuries. No matter what her power level is, that explosion just then would have killed her."

She closed one eye, but kept the other on Nira.

"Look, Nira. I've been a successful Combat Medic for literally half my life. I can analyze a patient faster than you were able to rip the door off the ship. The moment I blew the flames off her fur I saw that her flesh was otherwise untouched and her body was in good condition. No obvious breaks, lacerations, burn marks, or even debris anywhere near her. Just a girl lying unconscious on the floor. And I knew then that it was sufficiently safe to move her. Was there still a minor risk due to the fact that I could only see half her body? Perhaps. However, if you were paying attention to the environment as much as I did in those few seconds you'd have noticed that there was no blood beneath her, no damage the flooring she was laying on, and no signs of bodily elevation meaning she wasn't laying on top of anything."

She closed both eyes and laid her head back with a soft sigh.

"If I had seen any blood, lacerations, burns, elevated body parts, or other signs that she'd been harmed in any serious way, then absolutely I'd have taken a little longer to examine her before making any attempt to move her. But given the space we were in and the facts I observed, I knew that the absolute worst I could have done was aggravate a burn beneath her which I couldn't previously see. And compared to the risk of letting her and myself get blown up, I'll take the risk of aggravating a burn or two every time. Why? Because her life is more important than a few burns which, in case you weren't aware, can be healed in one of our rejuvenation chambers in a matter of hours."

She opened one eye again, looking at Nira out of the corner of it.

"Next time you want to try and lecture someone about how to do their job, make sure you actually know how to do it better than they do."

And with that, she closed the eye and leaned her head back to rest as she waited for news on the patient.


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Keeping the glance with a chuckle "Nice story, you missed a few details there still. Its Just advice in the end, take from it what you will" waving a hand off to the side and instead looking back to the room. The woman hadnt done half the things she just said and the timing was way off, she didnt stop for a moment or even look at half the things there, the flames and smoke where in the way, plus the giant delay between the crash and recent explosion proved just how much time there was. Either way, in the end it just another Saiyan lost in their pride once challanged....some things never change.


That One Fear In My Enemy's Eyes
Nomiya chuckled.

"Actually I didn't miss anything. You did. And I don't need your advice." She replied calmly, stretching her arms out above her head.

"You can keep pretending in your head you know something more than I do, Nira, but there's a reason I'm the best Combat Medic in the Raid Corps. That girl's alive because I didn't waste any time, and she's none the worse for wear because of it. That ship could have blown at any moment. If in your mind the fact it blew up while I was speaking just then is proof of anything, it just proves your ignorance. The final results speak louder than the words of an amateur like you, after all."

She yawned.

"I wonder where Null went?" She asked herself quietly.


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There it is, give them the rope they do the rest "Really? So which was it? She had no injurys or she was on deaths door? You took time to look or there was no time? We already have the fact there was quite a bit of time as you just pointed out" waving a finger as she laughs the entire time "You nearly had it, and on final stretch you contradict, and thats not getting started on the fact she was covered in fur....call me a amateur but your not the first who thinks their the best at what they do, heck even the ones that may be close miss stuff because of it. But hey whatever floats your little boat" pushing off the wall as she goes to peer closer into the room. She had done her part, they either realise it or they dont.
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That One Fear In My Enemy's Eyes
Nomiya laughed heartily.

"That was adorable!"

She opened her eyes and peered over at Nira.

"When I entered the ship after you ripped the door off, it took me exactly three seconds to get her out of there. The first half second was spent blowing the flames off of her fur and the smoke out of my way with that wind gust I let out. Following that half second, I spent one full second moving over to her side. And during that time, I was examining both her body's condition and her immediate surroundings. Like I said before I saw no lacerations, no obviously broken bones, no blood, no burns on flesh, no elevated body parts, and no signs of the environment around her being hazardous beyond the flames which were no longer in danger of reaching her thanks to that Ki wave. Just a girl with some singed fur whose body was otherwise in good condition. She was safe to move."

She closed one eye and smirked at Nira.

"Just because you aren't fast enough to analyze things that quickly and efficiently due to your lack of experience doesn't mean others are as well. Like I said, there's a reason I'm the best." She chuckled.

"Continuing. The final second and a half was spent picking her up and flying out of the ship which was, in that moment, a burning powder keg. While it's true that we now know that I had time to examine her further, we didn't know it then. And when you don't know what your time frame is while sitting on a burning powder keg, you don't have time to admire the view because the keg could blow up in your face. And since I knew she was safe to move, I moved her."

She closed her eyes again and cracked her neck.

"Upon examining her outside before calling for help, I checked her body from top to bottom to confirm my initial diagnosis. And I was right. No matter what you want to say to try and contradict me, I was right. She had no burns, lacerations, broken bones, or any other significant injury. She was unconscious, and she had singed fur. That was all."

She opened her eyes and smiled at Nira.

"So I'll say it again, Nira... The next time you want to lecture someone about how to do their job, make sure you know it better than they do. You're no medic. You're just another grunt who thinks living through a few bad situations makes you knowledgeable about taking on a medic's role. But nothing could be further from the truth. Not after all that prattling you just did."


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Not turning around the smile remains "Your a few fraction of seconds off, you forgot to fact she is covered in fur that hampers your little glance not that your eyes actually moved to do so.....So fill in the details how you want, its hard to lie to the person who was actually there....oh and there is a core little detail thats important here" turning around with the wide grin "I checked the place out fully before i opened the door, backdrafts are a thing after all, thats how i know half those details are false" turning her finger to herself "I know what i dont know, and what i need to find out, I know im not the best" turning the finger to her chuckling further "Do you?....and as for prattling, whos been the one doing most of that on the defensive?" shrugging lightly, completely relaxed, no agitation, not even a reaction from the insults thrown at her, but her finger starts to move from side to side with purpose now "But maybe some more useful advice, keepy your eyes focused if you lie. A person looks to the left when they are recalling, they look to the right when creating.....either way all thise" twirling the finger around "There could be a reason im saying thngs beyond the reason you think i am" letting the final statement hang before turning back around.


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As the others launched after the Crashed vessel Null assessed the situation from where he stood. There were already ample Saiyans investigating and if they needed him it wouldnt be hard to get there. Yet here he was horrendously unpreparred for such an exploration journey. He gauged the distance they flew and measured their speed against his own amd decided he had time to take a trip to his dwelling a few dozen miles to the west. He let his ki loose and exploded from the platform in the opposote direction. His flare up of power was as brief as his flight lasting hardly a second before he came to a soft landing in front of a large residential building.

He moved through the building to his own apartment at high speeds gathering a few things here and there. Thick clothes for cold weather, snacks , drinks, books, and his intelligence corps black and gold scouter. Turning it on he listened to the radio chatter hearing about the new off worlder being taken to a nearby hospital. He figured his two allies would be there and sure enough they were. "I have returned with snacks." he said in his usual creepy tone.


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Nomiya glanced down her nose at Nira and sighed through her nose, speaking just as calmly as Nira had.

"Convince yourself of whatever you want to save your pride. I was right in the end regardless of whatever you think you have to tell me about what I was doing, miss "I'm such a keen observer." The girl was not burned or injured in any way, just as I had determined from my initial observation after getting rid of the flames and smoke, no thanks to you. She was just out cold. And as I said before my results speak for themselves. She's alive and going to stay that way because I took action, and she's none the worse for wear because of it. Nothing I did put her in danger or caused her any extra harm. So I believe we're done with you trying to convince me that you know anything about being a medic."

She closed her eyes and cracked her neck as Null entered the room offering snacks.

"If you have any chips, I'll take them." She said.

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