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Saiyans Have No Limits (Characters Page)


That One Fear In My Enemy's Eyes
Here we will post our characters for the RP!! I'll start us off with my own, Nomiya!


Power Level: 20,050

Techniques: Ki Gradient, Nerve Assault
Special Traits: Ki Control

Finishing Technique: Scalpel
Years Of Experience: 14

Rank: 1st Class
Role: Combat Medic

Age: 23
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 130 lbs
Body Type: Mesomorph
Voice: Nomiya


- Father: Missing
- Mother: Deceased
- Elder Brother: KIA (3 years ago)
- Younger Sister: KIA (3 years ago)

”Your life is my first priority… Until someone tries to take mine.”

Personality: In a word: Tough. Nomiya’s voluptuous and slender figure, coupled with her role as a combat medic, belies the fierce warrior she has become. Having joined the Saiyan Raid Corps at the age of ten, the youngest in Saiyan history, she was literally raised in combat and war. As such, her battle instincts are incredibly refined and are at the core of her calm, confident persona. She seldom ever loses her temper which is a rarity among Saiyans with any level of significant pride such as herself, and she doesn’t much care for the ranking system. While it’s not known exactly why she doesn’t care for it, a hint may lie in the fact that she will utilize her skills for any Saiyan she sees in need of them. Not just the Elites who everyone says need her skills before anyone else. Be it kindness or a problem with authority, she is the finest medic the Saiyan Raid Corps has ever produced and is the pride of the Medical Branch of the Corps. And she’s very, very proud of that honor.

Basic Biography: Nomiya was born to a 1st Class Saiyan father and a 3rd Class Saiyan mother. Her father was a Captain of a Raid Corps Battle Team, and her mother a home-stationed Armorer who designed, tested, and distributed Saiyan armor for the Corps. Growing up, Nomiya’s power was fairly unremarkable with a PAB (Power At Birth) of only 5. However, at age 8, her power suddenly began to skyrocket from a mere 56 to just over 2,000 in less than six months. A near 36x multiplier in half a year was astonishing though it wasn’t the first time in history it had happened. But what made it so remarkable, and what did make it a first in Saiyan history, was that this increase was not due to a Zenkai. Her power rose to that level naturally which had never happened before in such a short time. Previously, the highest increase in six months or fewer had been a 14x increase.

At ten years of age her power level had risen to just over 4,000, also a first in Saiyan history as it qualified her for 3rd Class Status as but a child. But she wasn’t done breaking records yet... Because this feat, she was officially the first in Saiyan history to qualify for the Saiyan Raid Corps at such an age. Her father was so proud he immediately enrolled her, but her mother insisted on the Medical Branch due to her inexperience in combat and her lack of significant training. Her father agreed, and she was enrolled immediately. By the end of the 2-year mandatory medical training period her power had risen to just over 5,600, and at the same time she became the youngest Combat Medic in the Corps history upon graduation. But what astonished the Medical Branch wasn't her success so much as the fact that it was a child who was succeeding. Many Saiyan women had made it through to become Combat Medics. But a child? That was a first. Nomiya's first deployment came the very next year at age thirteen with a power level of 7,345, and she saved a grand total of fourteen Saiyan lives which was an impressive start, but not remarkable. Perhaps she wasn't quite as extraordinary as he power made her out to be after all...

Over the years she continued to grow and flourish as a Combat Medic gaining both medical and combat experience in spades as she and her group traveled from world to world. She also matured in other ways during this time. By age sixteen she had come into her own as a voluptuous young woman and was already receiving letters and personal visits of young male Saiyans (and some older) seeking her hand as their mate. Of course she refused as combat and being a medic were her only loves at this time of her life. By age eighteen, and now fully recognized as a woman, her power had risen to 14,760 and she had long since achieved 2nd Class Status and racked an impressive 720 Lives Saved record. Not record breaking, but still impressive. However, by age twenty, she finally broke the record she’d been chasing which was the most Lives Saved by a Combat Medic, totaling 1,082 (the previous record being 1,081). As well, it was at some point during this period that she developed a technique called the Nerve Assault... And the name alone has prevented almost anyone from daring to ask how it works.

Today at age twenty-three, and now a 1st Class Saiyan with 1,487 Lives Saved under her belt, she continues to impress the Raid Corps Medical Branch with her medical record and near encyclopedic knowledge of Ki. Having studied the subject intensely both at home and on other worlds, she has learned things about Ki which no other Saiyan has and formed theories about Saiyan Ki versus the Ki of other beings such as Earthlings, Namekians, etc. She even astonishes her peers and superiors with her keen intellect and innate sensibility for Ki Control. In fact, she wrote an article on Ki Control which has become the #1 work on the subject in recent memory across the inter-galactic cyber network and medical communities. Her work as a Combat Medic and as a student of Ki have made her the envy of the inter-galactic medical world, and she retains her position as the pride and joy of the Raid Corps Medical Branch. However, becoming a legend and idolized figure have brought her more than her fair share of tragedies and horrors, but she chooses not to publicize or speak of them...

If there's anything more you wish to know about her, you must ask her yourself.
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One Thousand Club


Name: Nira
Power Level: 39,800
  • Counter Force: As opposed to challanging force with force, the energy is instead directed using smooth circular motions allows the redirection of attacks directed towards them back in the direct of the attacker or a new target, applying their own energy into the attack at the final moments of the technique.
  • Ki Impact: Rather then expelling Ki in energies, the energy is kept within the attacking limb to be released at the moment of impact to either increase the force, or a sudden extention of the blows range.
  • Aura Warning: Expanding their Ki in a weak field throughout the enviroment, allowing them to detect disruptions and movements through the area to give advanced warning of attacks or enemies even when normal senses are being unreliable or other concealment is being used.
  • Swallow Reversal: Inspired by one of the species in her travels, where any strike would be evaded with changes in direction one in flight. Striking with multiple condensed arching blades of Ki concurrently to attack from all sides creating a prison with no room to dodge or block fully.
  • Swallow Return: The continuation of her Swallow Reversal, throwing several additional arcs with the intent of boomeranging back to create attacks from multiple angles.
  • Moon River: Perhaps the most dangerous technique currently in her arsenal, Taking advantage of the sheer levels of durability and endurance she possess and combining it with her Ki control in order to perform safely. Focusing their energy into a arrowhead they fly directly into and throw the center of incoming large scale beam attacks, the energy not requiring to overpower, merely shift the direction ever so slightly so it flows around her during the process. This is finished with a final burst during which they take hold of the oppoenent to deliver a devistating counter attack.
Special Traits: Ki Instinct, Ki Detection, Zen Flow, Zen Mind and Body, Broad Traveller, Bastion

Niras exposure and level headed nature has allowed them increased control of their mind and body, and as a result their Ki as well. While they may not have the technical level of knoweledge others possess, they instead have a far greater instinsic understanding of Ki in its essence, describing this as feeling rather than knowing. As a result this allows them both the level of control needed for their techniques as well as a aptitude for development of new variations even in the flow of battle or a understanding of what is being used against them. This also has the effect of drastically increasing the efficency in which they use their abilitys, granting far greater stamina allowing for prolonged activity both in combat or out of combat such as enduring drastically longer durations without food, water or even air. Finally this has also increased their mental and physical endurance, capable of continueing to function and push through what to others would be impossible degrees of injurys or pain.

Her vast travellers in her role, has also allowed her to be exposed to a even wider variety of fighting styles, experiances, philosphys and more. While no academic by any length there understanding and knowledge of the various cultures has allowed her to adapt and interact effectively, and granting them a variety of miscelanious skills picked up along the way though tending towards the more practical, certainly with no actual degree of mastery compared to others with such knowledge. This has made her a pragmatic individual when it comes to both social, domestic or fighting actions, taking full advantage of everything available and using these experiances in both conventional and very unconventional ways.

Finally but most notably would be her body itself, clearly visable in her wider build compared to most Saiyan females and with it a large amount of muscle. This has allowed her great levels of both physical strength and durability even before such is augmented via her fighting power, techniques or other qualities. Her body itself incredibly resiliant and well suited towards strength training while also keeping of the fat for the most part. The culmination of all these factors making her a physical juggernaut in combat, something she is well aware of and takes full advantage of when combined with everything else she holds in her arsenal.

Years of Experience: 20 Years
Rank: 1st Class
Role: Intelligence Branch

Age: 24
Height: 6' 7" / Weight: 240lbs / Body Type: Endomorph
Voice: Brigitte

From her initial deployment as one of several child to a remote planet in preperation for conquering, Nira has spent a considerable amount of time out amoung the stars and encountering the various races cultures from a young age, and through this developed a unique view and approach to most problems atypical to your average Saiyan as she was shaped by the experiances as more than simply another battle. Casual and almost too laid back despite their diligant training they are viewed of somewhat of a odd-ball amounst the Intelligence division resulting in more than a few times being sent on the more dangerous of scouting tasks only to return each time successful. This odditiy has been seen as weakness by some, there overally friendly nature verging on pacifism at times, laziness at others, but never the less has served them well in there role much to the frustration of others, especially with the strange humility they go about it with, leading people to question if she even actually holds the typical "Saiyan Pride" common to her race. Her straightforward way of conversing and casual bluntness has also caused more than a few agrivations.

Her entire life she has been travelling from planet to planet, learning what she could during her assignments and as a result developing both physicallly and mentally into the woman she is today. It was on the "abandoned" world of the now nomadic Koshian race the she first encountered spirituality from a innate curiousity, the welcoming nature of the race to the "invader" confusing them initially. She would spend several years with them before declaring her mission a "success" with the race leaving the planet on a pilgramige of sorts, sending back false reports of difficulty to extend her available time (which fortunately had been expected from scouter readings) and then causing enough damage to make her story believable before returning.

She is perhaps most well known for her several victories over several elite class vanguard members whom had attempted to prove a point, even proving difficult a challange for the mid tier elite claiming such a fluke given the power level gap. Following this, would be a reputation gained from her various assignments leading to subjucation of new planets without the large scale attack forces commonly deployed and minimal damageto the planets infastructure with her particular approach of selective challanges as opposed to large scale shows of force. It is likely due to this that she has escaped punishments for her attitudes, allowing the eccentricitys due to her effectiveness.
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Name: Uma
Age: 24
Height: Seven foot two.
Weight: 230
Role: Vangaurd

Power Level: 11000

-Ki Blade: He can channel his Ki into his sword to augment the force with which it strikes and the equivalent number of slices as compared to an everyday sword.
-Homing Hail: After launching a sizeable ball of Ki into the air, it rains back down as small balls of energy that barrage the intended target. The strength of this attack depends on the amount of energy used and the height from which the energy falls. In a typical battle you'd need time to use a supereffective version of it.
Ki Scream: An attack in which he sends Ki hurtling from his throat to his opponent
Years Of experience: Nine.
Rank: 3rd Class
Special Traits: He has high amounts of resilience, even by Saiyan standards.
Personality: Uma is very opinionated but far from cocky. He simply says what he thinks regardless of any consequences that might follow. Much of his time is spent thinking about how best to accomplish the tasks he is given. His thinking is very linear. For instance when engaged in combat, it would never occur to him to toy with his opponent for the fun of it. The goal would be to win. Despite this, he enjoys combat as much as any other Saiyan. He prefers to train more than anything else to the point that he often forgets to fulfil basic needs such as eating and drinking. He dislikes being dirty believing the Saiyans to be a proud warrior race that should always look presentable. He desires greatly to dispel the notion that Saiyans are little more than destructive brutes.
Biography: Uma was born to Koa and Ran; a pair of low class warriors who sought improve their status among their fellow Saiyans. Feeling that they had insufficient power levels to groom their son into a great warrior, they placed the infant in the care of Cryon; a Frost Demon and family friend who had just become a father himself. Koa imparted instructions for Uma's upbringing, imploring Cryon to make even the simplest task a rigorous challenge that would put strain on every fiber of the boy's being. Cryon was all too happy to oblige. After fifteen years, Uma was returned to his own family. Not long after, he became a full-fledged member of the Corps
Body Type: Mesomorph

Name: Hale
Age: 23
Height: Six foot two
Weight: 169
Gender: Female

Power Level: 8900
-Homing Hail:
After launching a sizeable ball of Ki into the air, it rains back down as small balls of energy that barrage the intended target. The strength of this attack depends on the amount of energy used and the height from which the energy falls. In a typical battle you'd need time to use a supereffective version of it but being the creator of this attack, she has perfected it.
--Ki Chains: She can form shackles and chains out of Ki to bind an opponent in place. Honestly it's hit or miss.
-- Poison Fog: Expelled from her throat it manifests as a thick darkness that quickly clouds the surrounding area and distorts the senses of anyone nearby making it difficult to detect her location. While it can be used to provide an opportunity for attack, it's best used for making a hasty retreat. Besides that, she doesn't like to use it often because "It's undignified"
Special Traits:
Hale is extremely observant and analytical, even in the heat of combat. She's also extremely fast.
Body Type: Mesomorph
Personality: Hale has a love of experimentation. She often does things just to see what would happen. She isn't very empathetic when it comes to the suffering of others because she believes that suffering is merely part of life. The fields she enjoys experimenting with the most involve genetics and biology.
Biography: Hale was born to Cryon and Glacia . The pair were nobles on the planet of Frost Demons they spared no effort when it came to training her to be an excellent warrior. She grew up alongside Uma and the two would often work together to weather the trails that Cryon's training brought them (Much of which entailed being stranded on barren planets with fearsome creatures). Early on, she realized she could never be as strong as Uma was, but it never stopped her from trying. When Uma was fifteen, the two of them parted ways. While he went on to serve the Saiyans, she stayed behind on her planet having inherited her family's vast fortune after Cryon's mysterious death. Nowadays she spends her time doing whatever amuses her. She's one of the Saiyans' most frequent customers as far as the purchase of planets goes.
Voice: The Red Haired guy as he speaks in the Japanese variant, (Couldn't find anything else)
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The Phantom Hexblade
Name: Snow
Picture:Screenshot 2019-02-03 at 1.52.32 AM.png

Power Level: 39,750
Reinforced Onslaught- By transferring ki from other parts of his body he can greatly increase the power behind his punches and kicks (or tail slams). This technique does, however, make the parts his body weaker as he does it. So while his fists hit harder, and punch to gut as he did so would a lot hurt more. So he choices to use the technique in short bursts.
Tail laser- A Piercing blast from the end of Snow's tail. Snow has learned how to be quite accurate with it.
Sense Ki- After his training with the monk Snow learned how to sense the ki of others without the use of a scouter
Masking Ki- Snow learned from the monk how to lower his power level to help mask himself from scounters and people sensing Ki.
Blinding Blasts- Ki blasts Snow fires and have exploded into blinding light in front of his opponents, blinding them temporarily.

Special Traits: Snow has many years of experience in both fighting and philosophying.
Years of Experience:
Age: 106
Height: 6'5
Weight: 200 Ib
Body Type:
(Uncle's voice)
Personality: Snow is a calm and clear-minded man. There are times he has begun losing his cool though, which have to lead to him taking his aggression out and those he made him mad. He has been working on not doing this over years and while he has succeeded mostly, there are still things that anger him to such an extent. Besides his temperament, he's a very social person. He listens well to what others have to say and when it times to speak he enjoys bringing up philosophy and gives advice to those he speaks with. He wants to help others in hopes of atoning for his bloody past. He deeply regrets the actions he took as a hitman and visions of those who died by his hands still haunt his dreams to this very day. In the end, Snow's a changed man for the better with a bloody past that he wishes he could forget. But he can't.
Many years ago there was dangerous hitman that spread terror across the galaxy. That hitman name was Glacier and he was a Frost Demon. There not many people he wouldn't kill for the right price. For over thirty years Glacier did this, leave wakes of bodies behind him. Then his misdeeds caught up to him. On his way to another world, his ship began receiving heavy fire from several ships of people coming after him for revenge. Glacier tried to make evasive manoeuvers but the hail of fire was too much and his ship crashed into a nearby planet...

A few days later Glacier woke up on a mattress on the floor of a wooden building. Glacier looked over himself and noticed several bandages across his body. Glacier began getting up and felt sharps amounts of pain as he did. Even in the pain, Glacier got to his feet and slowly started to explore the building he was in. Glacier only one other person in the building, an older humanoid alien drinking tea and wearing white robes. Glacier then began asking the man several questions. After many questions and a cup of tea, Glacier learned the man he has been speaking to was a monk who spent his whole life living alone and meditating on the inner workings of ki. The monk then offered for Glacier to stay as long as he needed to. Without another option being he couldn't leave in the condition he was in any way, he stayed.

So Glacier stayed with the monk for a long time. During his stay, he was stuck listening to monk endless amounts of philosophy. But as time went by Glacier started to dread the philosophy sessions less and less and instead began to understand them. Once Glacier was back to good health he stayed with the monk and continued to learn from him. From his new master, Glacier learned more about Ki developing the ability to sense it in other and lower his own to hide from other's scouters. While the old him would use it to be a better hitman, Glacier was a new man. Becoming a new man meant he needed a new name. So Glacier changed it to Snow to began his new life.

Years went by as Snow became a frost demon completely different from his former self. Instead of being a hitman, Snow was now a philosopher think on the finer points of the universe and how he could help others with his master. But as his last life ended, so would this one. One day a sayain pod landed on the planet with the young Sayain kid here destroy life the planet. During that day Snow was away from his master gathering herbs in a forest nearby... That was until he sensed a power level at his home. Snow flew as fast as he could back home only to find his master dieing in the front room with noises coming from the next room over. Snow's master was trying to say something to Snow but rage took over him as raised his tail to the next room. Snow fired several piercing blasts into the next room until he couldn't sense the power level in it anymore. Snow check who was a monster who brought his master to the brink of death, to only find the body of Sayain child. Snow went to his knee as he couldn't believe what had just done. This is when his master gave his last lesson to Snow. "While your past will always existence remember your future doesn't yet. It can be changed... it can be what you want it to be..."

Snow buried his master and the Sayain child and made a promise to them both, he would never kill ever again. After that Snow took the child's ship and flew off the planet. After doing this Snow began doing good in the best way he thought he could, by trying to stop a system that causes so much death and agony for greed. Snow began going against the planet selling business. Now in present day, Snow has become an annoyance to Sayain's, cause many delays in planetary invasions. What the future has in store for the Frost Demon's future is anyone's guests.
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Franklin RIchards

Reality Warping Child


Transformation: Ikari State

Transformation: Evolved Ikari State

(This, but with 6 Arms instead of just two)


Name: Pineat
Role: Vanguard
Race: Saiyan
Age: 21 (Appears to be 16 facially and physically)
Ki Color: White normally. Turns grey + black combined hue when using Ikari Influence , Ikari State, or Evolved Ikari.

Power Level (Base / Ikari Influence): 13,000 in Base . Due to Powering up can temporarily increase it to borderline 20,000 to 40,000 in short bursts of anger (We can call this "Ikari Influence" State). Using any form of Ikari Influence can make him tired and unable to fight from then on.
Power Level (Ikari State): 45,000 . Can increase to 50,000 via Rage.
Power Level (Evolved Ikari): 53,000 to borderline 54,999 . Can not go any higher due to mental blocks and other such things.
Power Level Note: (All the above can be raised depending on if the cap increases and the mental blocks are lessened via in-story dialogue and changes. This will also happen at the Mod's discretion.)

Special Traits: His Ikari States and Prodigy Level Adaptation abilities
Years of Training: At least 5-10 years outside of Vanguard, 1 within Vanguard.
Height: 5"4
Weight: 140 Lbs
Voice: Kale's Dub Voice (DBS)

  • Tiesha: Fires a double handed attack that tends to track the enemy. Those far faster than him can outpace it.
  • Mouth Canon: Fires off a insanely powerful blast of energy directly at the opponent. Only available when tapping into Rage Forms.
  • Primal Roar: Only when tapping into the inner strength of the Great Ape (Ikari Influence or Beyond). Is a Ki based attack so loud, sounding akin to a Great Ape, it shakes the ground and releases around a Power Level of 50,000-53,000 (depends on how angry he is at the time) . However, it's a one time use per battle and he collapses after use.
  • Evolved Ikari Signature (Zennou' Fist) : Evolved Ikari powers up, roaring in a powerful manner. He forms a giant grey ball of all his energy and throws it at the Opponent. This move is a once per battle thing.
Most of Ikari State and Evolved Ikari States movements are more.... Savage. He tends to go for brutal blows and will attempt to try and hurt you to the point you can't get back up. This is why he doesn't have a lack of techniques. Pineat learns techniques quite a deal quicker than the average saiyan, and the same thing goes for Ikari State and Evolved Ikari. Do not use the same techniques over and over again throughout the fight... They'll eventually learn how to use it against the character. These forms only last only about a few minutes at most before it knocks him out becuase it exhausts stamina greater than even Super Saiyan 3 would on the body.


I may be a weakling amongst my race... Or maybe even the whole gaalxy. I don't want to disappoint the empire. So... Even if it means I give it everything I got... I'm going to do my best. S... So please, take card of me~!

Pineat is described very simply as a very shy & polite young saiyan. He isn't exactly the type to easily be identified in crowds of others like him. He was even called a 'special' amongst his race because he didn't share their 'love of battle'. This was because of his father passing away when he was quite little, as a result of a intense battle. He had a choker to suppress his power because his father was afraid of what he could become. For good reason, as Pineat was the reason his father died. Due to the white choker around his neck, most assumed automatically he was a spineless, weak saiyan. This wasn't always the case however . His true nature (prior to the chocker) was described as relentless and strong, wanting to conquer all he could see and was described as the 'Truest, Primal Urge hidden within all Saiyans' . Because of this, he was the only Saiyan amongst their ranks to gain the "Ikari" Power.

However, while he has the choker on, which heavily limits the power intakes he can gain plus his own mental blocks on his absurdly monstrous potential reserves , he was described as cowardly and meek. He shook violently as a result of battle, not only to avoid it, but fight off the primal urges that surge within him whenever the chance at a fight was upon him. Due to this, he usually has a hard time concentrating on the here and now , resulting in him usually being the first to get pummeled in a real fight of sorts. This is supported by when his master constantly assaulted him without warning, trying to figure out what made him tick, he tried his best to simply guard whatever he threw at him.


When Pineat was born, most people wouldn't believe he had as much raw potential as he did. He was disgustingly weak for a Saiyan, even mocked by his fellow members & even his parents. He always had low self-confidence as a result, usually training on his own merit to get stronger, but usually the results were mediocre at best. At best he gained a 300 PL increase per training session. This is not the results he needed, and desperately wanted to get stronger. He decided to train with his dad, a formerly retired member of the Vanguard. When he trained with him, his father noticed his ferocity in battle changed considerably. It was almost as if he was training a Great Ape. Days later, he remembered his son was able to blatantly overpower him in mere minutes. He actually finished off his dad then he collapsed from the effort to stay in the Ikari State, returning to his previous Power Level. When his mother returned , shocked at seeing her husband dead, she knew that there was a prodigy in their mists (Yeah she didn't care much about her husband dying than seeing their son become a Prodigy)

Without wasting any time, she cut off the tail of the Saiyan and even put a restrictive power chocker on him, making sure he didn't go past a certain level. No matter how strong he got, as long as he believed he can never be forgiven for what he did, he can never remove it . He was registered in the Vanguard after being trained by his mother who was alslo a highly competent former Vanguard member. He was accepted after seeing him in action after being asked to by her mother, and when reminded of the horrible dead he did, his eyes turning Yellow for a quick second before mostly dealing with the competition who was gunning for the spot in his place in mere moments. This is how he got to where he was now.

- Each of the forms last shorter than a hypothetical SSJ3 Potara Fusion.... It doesn't last very long and it will exhaust the user, even if in only hsort bursts.
- Doesn't have a lot of Combat Experience
- While a Prodigy, usually cannot master the techniques he sees. Usually can only use them on a basic level at best, and cna take up to a hour or so depending on the complexity of the move in general. Can't use a move that he doesn't have the ki type signature to use (God Ki or something else as unique)
- Tends to not focus as a result of trying to keep the Ape within him at bay, and as a result is not 100% focused on the fight.
- The Ultimate Moves of the Ikari Transformation take time to charge and can usually easily be dodged if the opponent isn't cocky (Essentially like The Spirit Bomb)
- Is insecure and sensitive about most things.
- Saying his father's name will trigger his Ikari State, and saying his name will reverse it (if you say it three times)

Code by @Goldieloxx
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The father of the Worldbreaker.

Name: Null Zambezi

Power Level: 46,000
Shadow tracer- A large, slow moving, high damage energy sphere with mid tier homing capacities. instead of exploding the orb locks the target in a field of destructive ki, less of an explosion and more like a furnace.

Crush Claw- a focused stream of ki gathered around his hand crackles like electricity around his hands, this adds additional power to a short burst of melee attacks, as a secondary effect the lightning burns up gases in the air leaving behind a vacuum which can aide in preventing an opponent from catching their footing. this can be used with either a fist or a claw and with claw form can wounds inflicted by the strike to be torn further by the subsequent air burst.

Ebony bolt- a black bolt of lightning like ki with high explosive capability. this attack moves incredibly fast but is less accurate at greater distances.

*Nightmare flash- an omni directional explosion of Negative ki. rather than damaging those caught in the blast radius it takes ki from them and transfers it to null. at maximum absorption he can increase his power up to 50% his base maximum power. however it drains half of his Negative ki.

*Withering strike- by mimicking the technique Crush claw but using negative ki instead null is able to steal ki from those who swap blows with him for a limited number of strikes, each strike increases his power by up to 5% of his base maximum power at the cost of up to 5% of his negative ki.

*helix sphere- after forming two spheres of negative ki with an arc of purplish energy in between them. the two spheres revolve around one another and each one hits the target individually and with each successful hit will drain 12.5% of him maximum base power or from his foe. max 2 hits, drains 25% of his negative ki.

Special Traits:
Sinclaire/Saiyan hybrid physiology- Sinclaire are a strange race of being that posses a few unique traits. the one most would notice would be the ability to preform minor shifts to their bodies structure. from developing gils, to growing claws, even growing larger or smaller but only within a meter of their original height. making them a dangerously unpredictable foe. they are even said to be able to adjust their weight though null has yet to develop that skill, luckily he has long to figure it out, scientists estimate that Null could live for up to 900 years as his non saiyan half is a species known for very long lifespans. however he does not possess the ability to turn into a great ape, nor can he receive a zenkai boost. it is unknown wether or not he can go super saiyan.

Negative Ki- though all Sinclaire have the negative ki in their arsenal, they have become far less reliant upon it as their technology increased. most are too weak to even form a small ki blast. null however has been encouraged by his saiyan mother to train in both ki and negative ki equally granting him equal reserves in both. this negative ki works as a siphon on regular ki when it touches ki or a being with ki it pulls their ki into Null and expends itself. if null can drop a foes power level to 0 then they will pass out and need time to recover.

ki control, ki detection.
Years of Experience: 10 yrs
Rank: Elite
Role: Intelligence

Age: 29Yrs
Height: varies between 1 & 3 meters (3 to 9 ft)
Weight: 200lbs
Body Type: Varies
the voice of hal is just great (the last singer)
Personality: Null seems to have a seemingly endless amount of patience and an almost religious focus on keeping his emotions in check, relying on logic as he was taught for most of his life. he views emotions as a hindrance however he can understand their importance he chooses not to address others use or submission to them. Like most of the sinclaire he seems to have a love of knowledge and values it over most things and like most saiyans he loves a good challenge and sparing is one of his favorite pass times. If the battle gets serious he seems to prefer a stealthy and precise approach to combat, even going so far as to deceive his foes so he can land a surprise attack. devoid of saiyan pride he is unfalteringly loyal to the crown.

Biography: When null's mother Pearash arrived on planet Sinclair she was surprised to find the people welcoming her will open arms and treating her as if she was a savior of some kind. They has prophesies that claimed that shortly after the arrival of alien outsiders a legendary
Sinclair would be born to lead them into a new age. They were right in a way, in her basking in their hospitality she turned off her scouter and indulged in the fruits of the world...All the different kinds of them. A year of two after her arrival Null was born and she calmed down to raise the young warrior returning to her post and suffering punishment, however she was given mercy for the interesting child she brought in. At times of extreme focus his scouter readings would drop into the negatives then fluctuate between the same number but in positives. he was encouraged to pursue both of those things and he did but always seemed to be more interested in scientific study than combat. Or at least he was. however shortly after his seventeenth birthday he was sent on a mission with his mother and a large battalion of saiyans to seek out and crush a rebellion that was brewing on the world. Their orders were to level a quarter of the planet where the rebels had gathered and they followed them to the letter. Hundreds of millions of sinclaire perished in a rain of ki blasts that forever scarred the planet and broke any want to resist the saiyan empire. It also proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that null and his mother held the royal saiyans above the planet they had enjoyed. many saiyans tho were at the site reported feeling unnerved by how cold and apathetic null was that day, saying he seemed to have a bored look on his face even as he tore into his own species like a machine. it wasn't long before the combination of his unique abilities, high intellect, and lack of moral restraint allowed him to climb into the rank of elite along with a single minded focus on growing stronger any way he could. When not on covert or recon missions he spends most of his time sparring with fellow elites most are happy to accept on account of his wide range of abilities offering a versatile training experience. That said he still seems to prefer to resolve conflicts with his brain rather than his body or strange powers.​
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"I'm too much~"
full name
Lin Pao
21 (ages slowly)
(idk how the month system works here)
189 ib
hair color
eye color
short and slender(thiccy)
Bounty Hunter/Thief/Combatant
"Touch my meat and your dead!"
Bast Race
Wano Planet
home planet
Planet Vexin
being alone
cover ops/assassination
licking her fur
Lin Pao is a rather cold-hearted girl, from the time where she was loathed by her family and kidnapped, to when she was sold off as a slave, liberated, and became a Bounty Hunter. She's been hurt and broken so many times, not helping the fact that due to her mixed eye colors her mental state and emotionally state has been completely mixed over, it's kept her in a state of a monster even if she doesn't want to. If there is one thing that this monster wants, however, it's to be free. She hates being restrained, always has been, for whatever reason it is she hates it with a passion. Be it her being an actual slave, to even know where she's stuck in a contract to save her family, she hates being in it the most because it's constricting her. Sometimes, even if she hates admitting it, she hopes her family could die, or leave, so she wouldn't have so much weight on her shoulders. She would never truly admit it, however, and keeps emotions like that right next to her heart. As such, no one can keep her from doing things her way, she's often the one late to class or the one who cheats on tests. She wants to find the quickest way to get to a location, and the easiest, so if there is an easy way out more times than not she'll take the easy way. She refuses to respect authority and resents people who see her as weak and unworthy, even going as far as to attack those who deem her such. She has a very headstrong and stubborn nature, refusing to give up or relent when she is focused on a goal. Additionally, Lin can be incredibly manipulative, sharp with her tongue and fluid in movement, she could insult you and have you on your knees kissing her boots in just a few words.

In battle, Lin is quite... monstrous, to say the least. Like a beast, she stalks her prey with silence and precision, although when in up close fights she's just as precise and just as fast. She is very good at using her opponent's power to beat them, making it quite hard to overpower her. She likes making jokes while she fights, taunting the other opponent and giggling when they get mad. Funny seeing as she gets mad just as easily as them, if not her anger being worse. On the opposite side, however, she's actually quite happy and quirky if you get her to open up to you. She'll love you and be there for you, you'll see just how adorable she is when she stops glaring and will be able to laugh and have fun with her. Although that's rare, since practically no one can get her to let her guard down around them.
Due to the years of pain and abuse she's been subjected to, Lins body is covered in scars. While her fur covers most of it, if you were to see her body you'd see all the wounds and the years of hurt she's been through. It doesn't keep her from being strong, however. She's quite muscular, definitely not the strongest out there but her physical strength far exceeds what it looks like her body would be able to output. Her muscles are tight and defined, although they don't keep her from being attractive. Although she doesn't actually try to be attractive, if she did, however, she'd look amazing.
On the planet of Vexin, there lives a race of animal type people, they are called Vexinians. Of the Vexinians, they are categorized into different tribes depending on what animal they seem to come from. Although regardless of the tribe, every Vexinian shares one common trait. Their eyes are very special, said to have the "eyes of the soul", Vexinians eyes are supposedly the most beautiful in the Galaxy. Although the Vexinians eyes are meant for more than simply being beautiful. They represent their emotional and mental stability. Without going too deep into it and making this 20 paragraphs long, their eyes glow and help them feel emotion. If someone is sad, or mad, or angry, they can be calmed down by someone else by activating their "inner eye", which connects their mental and emotional state, helping heal them in a sense. Due to this simple fact, their crime rate and their mental illness rates are close to nill. Love, hate, sadness, to the Vexinians, everything, even family, is determined by your eyes. When a baby is born, the parents activate their inner eye, and the child's eye glows in response, and the parents claim the children as their own. It was never heard of for a child to be born and not have their eyes glow in response. That was... until Lin was born.

Lin was born as a mutant of her race, with what most people would describe as Heterochromia. It caused her left and right eye to be two different colors, yellow and blue. Although this isn't all that it did, it made it impossible to use her inner eye with members of her race. This meant that, when she was born, the thing that would deem her the daughter of her parents, which made her apart of a family, would not work. No matter how hard her parents tried, her eyes simply would not glow, not for either parent. Although it was thought that she was simply a late bloomer. But as the years passed and she grew, it was evident that she simply was not like her family. She wasn't able to connect with them on a mental or emotional level. Although she still loved them and cared for them, she felt every emotion that could be felt, without her eyes every glowing. To her parents, and to society, she was a monster, a freak. She couldn't help anyone and couldn't be calmed down, and not only that she was a violent child. Always fighting her siblings and the other children. While it wasn't forbidden, it became a problem when she grew mad in a battle or was sad after a battle, and no one could condone her. On top of that, she spoke so much. Vixinian s could communicate with their eyes as well, and could simply feel each others emotions. So for someone who couldn't be read so easily, she was a danger to herself and to others. Although one day her parents simply couldn't take it anymore, and they left her. Seemingly changing their identities and leaving her at the care of the ghetto streets of Xylar, the most dangerous city on the planet. For years she grew up alone, surviving by any means necessary, and cursing the world she was born into.

Things took a horrible spin, however, when she was caught stealing from a pixie dust dealer. She was beaten and kidnapped, and unbeknownst to her, put directly into the Black Market as a slave. She was taken out of her planet and sold to the Wano Planet, also commonly known as, the slave planet. The planet is massive, largest in its solar system, and has the most slave to civilian ratio recorded on habitable planets. The slaves outshine civilians 100 to 1, and yet, they can not revolt. Not that they couldn't, it's that anytime they tried, they'd be killed. The Wanonians were simply too strong to fight against. The slaves, no matter what they did to fight back, would always be forced to submission because the Wanonians, like the saiyans, were a powerful race.

Life as a slave was much better than her previous life. Lin worked under Sprigga Moore, her master, who took advantage of her feline body and her abilities. Making her his personal bodyguard, assassin, and enforcer. He invited her to his home and treated her with kindness she was completely unused to. He fed her, clothed her, and even let her sleep at the foot of his bed, something she was quite fond of. She didn't think about the brutal training or the people that Sprigga had her harm and hurt. She just thought of him, and the love and affection he gave her that no one had given her before. He trained her by constantly attacking her, raising her guard and helping her perfect her Presence ability. He sent her to spy on people, sent her to do covert operations and assassinate any industrial rival he had, and kept her happy so she could think he actually cared about her like she was one of them. But she wasn't, not by a long shot, and she was going to learn that very soon.

One-day Sprigga ordered her to kill the first newborn in his slave house, as a message to the rest of the slaves since the parents of the slaves had tried to rebel. But when she got there she felt something completely indifferent, originally meaning to kill and get out, the people she had once harmed and hurt treated her with care. They introduced her to their religion, to their music and their food, their culture. It was the most beautiful thing she'd ever experienced and filled her with a whole new sense of wanting she wasn't used to. A sense of family. She was unable to go through with her mission, to kill their child. It wouldn't have been right to deprive the child of the wonders in the world they were yet to experience. Foolish of her, however, to think herself the same as her Master, as if he truly cared about her and respected her opinion. When she arrived back to him to tell him that she wasn't able to kill the child, instead of understanding like she had once expected him to, he beat her till her fur churned red with her own blood, and killed the baby by his own two hands. It broke something inside of her, to feel unwanted was one thing, but to feel such horrific things from someone she once thought loved her, it was unbearable. She placed more and more mental barriers around herself, not even letting the other slaves get too close to her, even though they were willing to forgive her for her past actions, she couldn't forgive herself. With her role with Sprigga completely established now and no longer viewing herself as an equal, she did her best to find a way to liberate her fellow slaves. Although no negotiation could be made with Sprigga, he refused to let his slaves free. She couldn't possibly raise the money to free each one, and couldn't kill Sprigga, he was simply too strong for her. But very soon her saving grace showed up, something she hadn't expected at all.

The Wano Planet had begun intergalactic war, something she herself had been a part of since Sprigga sent her on many missions relating to the war before it formally started. But once the war started, it ended. The opposing force was not only stronger, but they had more technological advancements. They tore through Wano forces like a hot knife going through butter and made it to the planet. They set all the slaves free and hunted down any Wanonians, on the charge that the slaves were to stay on the planet and serve under them. And naturally, the slaves accepted without objection. But not her, Lin had gone through enough that she knew any good thing had to have a downside. And turns out she was right. The other race, simply called, "The Other", occupied the planet just as the Wano did. While the slaves were no longer "slave", they had to work for the Other to pay off the debt they had for the Other saving their livelihood. The only real difference between them now and them then was there were no more whips, and they were called workers instead of slaves. But the way the Other treated the former slaves on a normal basis wasn't better. They were, again, viewed as less than beings, people to be used and to be controlled. And Lin wasn't going to let it happen, not again, not the former slaves she'd grown to know and love, who she almost dared to call her family. If she could save anyone she would do everything in her power to save them.

Thankfully, however, unlike Sprigga, the Other could actually be talked too. They commended Lin for recognizing the things she did but were unwilling to move. Simply put, the former slaves had a debt to pay, it was not easy liberating them and fighting for their cause. It costed money, money that no former slave could have on their own. Although Lin, as fast a thinker she was, had a proposal. She could work for them, pay off the debt for her family, no longer how long it took she'd get the money and not just pay for her family's freedom, but also for a pod to take her entire family off the wretched planet, and if she broke the contract in any way it'd be her life. Although the debt was high, massively high, over a hundred million units. But the determination she held and the ferocity in her eyes practically made the Other quiver. So, they formed a contract. Once Lin Pao gained 234 billion units, she would be able to free her family, as that was their combined debt. She would also act as a foot soldier, for hire of course, to the Other. Although it was clear the planet would not give her the money she needed, so she bid a sad farewell to her family and set to the stars as an intergalactic bounty hunter. Taking the bounties of pirates all over the Galaxy, and racking up an extreme amount of currency.

For the next few years, as stated, she traveled the stars as a bounty hunter and thief, although does not have a name for herself. Why? Because no one has ever gotten a clear look at her face, and anyone who has either isn't alive or is too mentally broken to describe her. Of course, she started off small, but as time passed the people she hunted began to grow in power. At this point in time, she had no teacher, no trainer, every time she ever went out it forced her to adapt to the world she was in, although she had always been a quick learner this made her adapt even more so. Every fight, every time she got attacked or was in trouble, she had to learn everything herself. She made attacks for herself and learned to use her own abilities to their fullest extent, and has become incredibly strong from it. Although strange as it may seem, she has no knowledge of what Ki is, and as such, can not manipulate Ki. She can, however, sense life energy. Although she doesn't know she's sensing Ki, it's simply something she awakened in her covert ops days. Where she had to wait for hours for an enemy to arrive, to only end up missing them or to be ambushed, she learned to sense peoples life energies once they get too close to her. Although to wrap it up, Lin only wants a few things, money, and freedom, and even if she won't admit it, love. She has yet to ever feel true love and to have friends, since she was either betrayed each time or has built walls too high for anyone to get over. These days, with the money needed till she frees her entire family reached, she's going for the highest bounties possible. Taking on lords and emperors, and pretty much anyone she can get her hands on. Although her progress comes to a halt when her ship gets damaged, and crash lands into a strange and yet familiar planet.
ability description
Lin Pao isn't the type to go in the front lines, while she's far from weak she isn't one for long drawn out fights. She attacks with quick strikes, dirty tricks, anything she can to bring the enemy down. It's why she's so good at covert ops. Taking out world leaders, assassinating space pirates, she's definitely the one to call. Although things don't always go the way she plans, and she does end up having to fight normally, although she isn't useless then. She can hold her own with most fighters. For her she relies on two things, her mind and her body, pretty much her smarts and skills mixed in with her natural strengths as a Bast Race member. Although out of most people you'll find her physical strength to be astonishing, even more so when you find out she has no knowledge of ki or it's applications. She's simply just very very strong. As such, she currently has a powerlevel of 8,190.


Inner Eye: The ability of her people to feel the emotions of others of their race, being a mutant, she simply can not do that. However, she can feel the emotions of any other race. She can feel them, and she can allow them to feel her. She can also connect several different minds and souls, acting as a medium, and making them feel the emotions of each other. Although she does not know she can do this yet.
Presence: A skill that she's used since she was a child, which allows her to control the pace of a "hunt". Presence allows her to completely remove her presence, she can not be seen, heard, or smelled while in this state. If you were to touch her, your body would react as if she were never there. Basically, she can not be perceived in this state. Although also while in this state, she can not attack, and can still be sensed by way of her life energy.
Bast physiology: As a Bast Tribe member, her body is much stronger than most races. Not only is she physically stronger, she's naturally more agile and fast, especially when on all fours. Her senses are heightened to 11, with her ears she can pick up a pen falling from a mile away, her eyes can see clearer and farther, and her sense of smell is incredible. She also has long retractable claws from both her hands and her feet, which can be used to climb/scale large areas and especially attack.
Primal: This transformation is a form said to be unachievable by the Vexinians. The Vexinians are, at heart, an emotional and angry race, this is due to Primal. Primal is, in a sense, a Vexinians true self. Monstrous, dangerous, without remorse. To combat that they formed their eyes, which helped them calm down. But for Lin, someone who doesn't have the same eyes as the others, it means she can use this form. The form makes her 5 times stronger (up to 40 depending on how emotional she gets), and during transformation, her hair grows exponentially as well as becoming white in color. Her body becomes much larger, about 2 times in height, and takes on a beastly appearance. Lightning trickles around her body in this, although the lightning is not just for show, it can be manipulated and controlled to shock someone.


Ki Sense: Although she sees it as simply sensing others, she has no idea what Ki is or that it can be controlled to fly and attack.
Assassination technique: Bastard - A technique she created, by sharpening her class and moving extremely fast, she can take out someone's heart in a swift Manor.
Killing Intent: This technique clears her mind, allowing her to think much faster than normal and put one hundred percent of her focus into a task. Allowing her to do said task flawlessly.

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New Member
Name: Mush
black saiyan.png

Power Level: 9001 (controlled) (about >20000 max)

  • Flash Bang - can create an explosion of light and sound that disorients foes
    • Flash Bang (orb) - leaves a lingering orb that can be detonated at will or impact
    • Dirty Bomb - a more powerful version of Flash Bang (orb) designed to do damage (requires more energy)
  • Finger Gun - fires energy beams from his finger tips
  • Trick Shot - can manipulate the trajectory of energy beams fired from his finger tips
  • Ki Cloak/Armor - can manipulate ki for camouflage (invisibility) or defensive purposes
  • Ki constructs (melee) - can harden ki to be used as weapons
Special Traits:
  • Ki sense,
  • Ki control,
  • Trained in Boidae, Crotalidae, Veladae martial arts,
  • No tail weakness,
  • Can out drink any other OC

Years of Experience: 11
Rank: 3rd class
Role: Intelligence Agent

Age: 23
Height: 5'7
Weight: 163
Body Type: Mesomorph
(Simon or Kamina, take your pick)

Personality: Mush isn't like other saiyans when it comes to their lust for battle. He enjoys a good fight (especially when the odds are stacked against him) but he doesn't actively seek them out. Being constantly mocked for having a low power level has made him jaded and reserved. He prefers to work alone but has no problem operating within a team. He was trained to look for the most efficient method of getting things done. Very level-headed and analytical. Has no desire to move up in ranks as he prefers his freedom. Motivated by booze and money to buy booze (an alcoholic).

Drunk State: With enough alcohol he'll forget how to control his ki and will be in a constant state of max power until he inevitably passes out. Fighting behavior shifts to a sloppy version of Crotalidae.

Biography: Mush was born with a meager power level of 21 and was thus abandoned by his elite parents. In an attempt to erase their shame, Mush's parents sent him to a planet called Monty-Pym, ravaged by constant acid rain and rumored to be inhospitable to anything other than the vicious reptilian creatures that lived there. At the time of his arrival, these same creatures being tribal in nature, were mystified. Several scouts from the surrounding tribes were sent to investigate his pod, but it was the Boilami tribe that was bold enough to make the first move and procure baby Mush.

The distinctive trait of the nomadic Boilami tribe was that they were more snakelike than the other tribes of Monty-Pym. Their massive bodies were long, slender, and frail looking. They lacked legs but their upper body was humanoid like that of the other tribes. The Boilami, were cautious of Mush but took up the responsibility of raising and protecting him from the extremely harsh environment. They were in part able to accomplish this by carrying him around in his pod. During times of rest, they would take Mush out so that he could experience the world around him. Eventually, he would adapt to the environment and the Boilami would teach him their ways. They taught him to hunt, how to act within their culture, and how to protect himself.

By teaching him to hunt, the Boilami inadvertently taught him how to sense and hide his ki. Because he could not sense creatures thermally the way they could, Mush was pushed until he unlocked the ability to alternatively sense ki. Similarly, because he lacked scales, Mush was susceptible to the acid rain and other extreme weathers. He was able to adapt subconsciously using his ki as an armor.

Being nomadic, the Boilami traveled frequently, often stopping to trade with the other tribes. As such, Mush was able to meet and learn from them as well. One of the more useful techniques he picked up is the ability to camouflage himself using ki.

Lastly, he was trained in various martial arts, primarily Boidae. This style focuses on defense and grappling techniques and was designed to be used against superior foes. Through daily training in this style Mush has become extraordinarily flexible and has eliminated the innate weakness saiyans have when it comes to having their tails grabbed, since this style also makes use of having a tail. Other styles include Crotalidae which is more attack focused and Veladae which makes use of various weapons.

Mush would live on Monty-Pym until the age of 12. A unique revolution and constant storms make it so the moon is hardly ever visible but once every fifteen years or so, the various tribes migrate and come together to worship the allusive deity. You can probably tell how the rest goes.

As Mush was never officially sent off to conquer the planet, he came as a surprise to the saiyan squad it was assigned to. Since then he’s been reintroduced to saiyan society, has received proper training, and carries out the duty of an intelligence agent.
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