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Realistic or Modern Saints May Cry (Looking for a Co-Host)

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Knight boi


The Year is 2042, And World War 3 had just began.

Currently the Allies Make up of the United States of America, The British, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Japan.

And the Axis make up of, Germany, Russia, Austria, Iran, North Korea,

Though this will be a war unlike any other, a war of eras that will be read through time in history books, and be the war of all wars. Tanks and Artillery has changed, the military it’s set has changed, technological advances have been made, there is no use of oil anymore, electricity is the most prized possessions. Troops have more rigorous training, this war will be a bloody one.

This, Story will be taken place in the future of the world, so because of this, futuristic ability’s have been changed, robots and more are used for the war. For example, think of Edge of tommrow or even Star Wars as elements of the role play, though space travel has still yet not been an achievement.

Getting onto the story, this will focus on a group of sharif grunts that are going straight into the envision of the west, Currently entirety taken by the Axis, though England stands strong with their excellent defense. I will give more information out as the rp starts, though the main objective of the rp is take back the west and help out the Nations that can’t defend themselves.


1. I want 18+ for the age requirement for the rp, it’s nothing personal but I’m not that comfortable role playing with minors especially in a war like setting.

2. I would want semi literate to literate responses, and descriptive posts, it’ll be more realistic to me and feel like it’ll belong in the setting.

3. Just wanted to put this in that there will be some triggers, so I’m giving everyone a warning of what’s going to be in here;
Gore, Violence, and Foul language, and more.
You have been warned.

4. Though while the IC is free grounds, the ooc is a different story, there will be no racism, nor anything attack any groups, it’ll follow up with a very fast report.

5.No Mary Sues/Plot armor, your characters might even face death, or injury’s, for example; if your character gets shot in the chest and plays it off, I expect injury’s not just ignoring the pain.

6. I would want a post schedule, not too strict but I don’t want it to be overruled and flow the entire IC with dialogue, I would also want a post made daily or weekly at most, let me know if you can’t.

7. I would want everything to fit inside of the setting I’ll give you a few pictures to flesh out the setting.






8. I’ll post a ooc and a CS when I see interest in the thread

9. Remember to have fun and be creative!

Stay Frosty!

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