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Fandom Sailor Moon; The Eclipse Saga (Reboot)

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Sailor Moon; The Eclipse Saga

ynopsis &

Long ago there were three kingdoms on three planets, all living harmoniously with each other. There was no war, no hunger, and nothing evil to be afraid of. These three kingdoms lived on the Moon, the Earth and the Sun. Each kingdom’s citizens looked
like you and me, they were all humanoids, however the Sun and Moon’s kingdoms had magic like the Earth had never seen.

People of the Moon Kingdom all had small gifts of their own, some able to use the light of the moon to heal others and some
able to harness the power of the moon to hold off any dark forces from the universe. The Sun Kingdom was similar, using the sun’s light and power to create fire and help others around them.

The most powerful beings though, were the queens of the two kingdoms; Queen Hizuki of the Moon and Queen Hikari of the
Sun. They had the power of moon and sun manipulation, respectively and could harness the powers of their homes to do
their bidding.

The queens were expected to marry and produce an heir to take over for them when their life cycle ended,
however complications arose when they both fell for the same human prince of Earth. He told both of the women he loved
them and chose them, spending one night each with them that both resulted in pregnancies. When the children were born,
they were each sworn to be protected by their own sailor guardians. The child of the moon would be protected by the inner
and outer planets, while the sun child would be taken care of by the stars of the zodiac. It wasn’t until the two children grew
into toddlers that Hizuki and Hikari noticed the same golden hair that the prince of Earth had.

After confronting him, he admitted what he had done, but the prince ended up choosing the Hizuki to marry and stay with,
while Queen Hikari was left to raise her child alone. Hatred and jealousy festered in her heart and before she knew it
the brightness of the sun had begun to dim. Hikari was unsure what to do, she couldn’t overcome these feelings and
thus couldn’t bring the light back to the sun. Yet the moon was brighter than ever.

Hikari didn’t know what to do, she felt lost. That was when a shooting star passed and she made a wish to save her kingdom.
In that moment the star came hurtling towards them, only it wasn’t a star, it was an asteroid filled with an alien race known as the chimeras from another solar system far away. Their leader, Lord Mazamaki, insisted on granting the wish from the queen
based on the darkness and jealousy in her heart. Though she fought back, the chimeras and Mazamaki forced the very
first lunar eclipse, covering the moon’s light and thus killing their people, but not before Queen Hizuki cast a spell for
her daughter and protectors to be reincarnated.

The Earth race was also destroyed as the sun had moved too close in its travels to cover the moon. As for the sun kingdom, the chimeras took over and killed the queen, but much like Hizuki, Hikari was able to save her daughter and the zodiac guardians by having them be reincarnated one hundred years later.

Now, a hundred years after the destruction of the sun, moon and earth, they have been recreated and our young
princesses reborn with no knowledge of their previous lives. Their protectors, the sailor scouts of planets and stars, have
also been reborn onto this new Earth. Life has been peaceful as they’ve grown up, but now, the chimera’s comet is coming
again and it’s time for the legendary princesses, Sailor Sun and Sailor Moon, to wake up once more and defeat the evil forces of darkness.

- must have discord as ooc will take place there
- characters are not first come first serve, they will be accepted based on which fits best with the rest of the cast
- literacy is required; 2+ paragraphs per response
- be kind to one and other
- must be 17+
- characters will be 18+ and in college instead of high school
- anime faceclaims only, no real people or drawings

Sailor Moon.

open / closed

Sailor Moon is the daughter of the Moon Queen reincarnated on earth as a normal girl. Unlike the original series, this will not be Usagi, but an original character. She'll have faults and virtues like any other human as well as powers that come from the moon. Instead of being the only princess though, her and Sailor Sun have traded in being cousins for twin sisters in this reincarnated life.

sailor sun.

open / closed

Sailor Sun. is the daughter of the Sun Queen, the one who made this all happen in the first place even if it was an accident. Sailor Sun, now sisters with Sailor Moon, has always found her to be annoying, even before her old memories awoke inside of her. Now the two must work together to save their new home on Earth, but can they put aside their differences?

planet scouts.

4/4 open / closed

The Planet Scouts protect Sailor Moon with everything they have. In their prior life, they swore to protect her and left their designated kingdoms in order to do the job. Also reincarnated on Earth as regular college girls, their in for a big surprise when they're awakened with their old memories.

zodiac scouts.

12/12 open/ closed

The Zodiac Scouts protect Sailor Sun with everything they have. In their prior life, they swore to protect her and left their designated kingdoms in order to do the job. Also reincarnated on Earth as regular college girls, their in for a big surprise when they're awakened with their old memories.

the villains.

6/6 open / closed

Lord Mazamaki and the Chimeras are the main villains. Lord Mazamaki is the leader of the Chimeras and the one who tricked the Sun Queen into making a dark wish upon his comet. He lives for all things vicious and evil and expects his chimera creatures to follow suit. The chimeras, on the other hand, while evil and following the command of their lord, are actually beings taken from other worlds and planets under Mazamaki's control. Can Sailor Moon and Sailor Sun find a way to free them?.

the lovers.

2/2 open / closed

The Lovers are part of what Sailor Moon and Sailor Sun are fighting for. Of course, as a whole, they're fighting for their planet, but their lovers are what keeps them steady and grounded. However, there could be twists and turns surrounding them, so get creative!

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