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Fantasy Saga of Two Worlds Lore



Tu'er Shen the Rabbit God

Spirit World
Something out of a fairytale, the Spirit World is a beautiful lie. Boundless mountains and islands soar through the endless sky, with no solid landmass. Down below a collection of dense clouds creates the base of the Spirit World. They are the border, the barrier between the worlds and through them spirits can watch humans. The mortals cannot look up and see the spirits, however. This barrier or clouds is created by the seemingly endless rivers which flow off of the flowing islands and down towards the human world. The waters end and turn into the dense clouds that divide the realms.

Despite its lush islands and limitless mountains, the Spirit World is not as pretty as it seems. Within this realm, dangerous creatures come in every shape and size. From the prettiest bird, to the smallest humanoid. There are plenty of kind spirits, but telling which you can trust is just as hard as finding a way to travel between the worlds. Every spirit has their home, although some might call a cave home.

There are several temples in the Spirit World which serve as entrances to the human world, but they’re heavily guarded by the most powerful spirits of peace and order. These gateways also require a great deal of power to operate.

With the barrier between the worlds now broken, the humans can see the islands above their heads and the rivers flow down on to the earth. It is now possible to climb or fall into each realm respectively.


Forged through steel and might – The Empire is truly a picture of elegance and refinery, lavish even. The words vast and immerse simply come to mind, another realm entirely, upon when you tread through the cobbled streets.

Every building seems to ooze the quality opulence, through its golden and black structures, dabs of royal blue and red; every citizen is also draped in the very same theme, tying itself together into a unity of what you could only say as grand. Silk canopies align the streets in the merchant’s quarter, wooden carts and the bustle of the crowds only stands assessment to its survival; the aroma of fish and meat is second to none, fresh upon the winds for all visits to bask into. The roads themselves have also been smoothed over; every brick aligned to a perfection that the Empire strives for, white and pristine, marks, none to be seen. Moving down through the golden way, aptly named for the golden arch, which oversees as the main entrance into the smiths quarter.

The smith’s quarter is a little rougher around the edges; black smoke pumping over its towers, houses and citizens, marring the sky almost daily. Every type of weapon is made here – blades, bows, and even some variations of guns can be bought. But the Empire prefers a traditional route in weaponry and coincides with the “Black Hawk School,” training numerous warriors and capable swordsman in the way of combat; producing the best, going onto serve as the royal guard and the massive army. All handled by Master Wong, while age has certainly slowed him down, mentally, he’s sharp as ever.

Away from the smiths quarter, you will begin to see a little more of a tranquil picture of the middle-class, also nicknamed the “Creators Sector” for the numerous plays and creative efforts. The biggest to note would be the crimson stage; decorated with golden and turquoise dragon shapes; steel-like roof that protects the actors from any potential weather disturbances. Only found at the centre of the creative sector, actors and inspiring authors gather daily, entertained from various interpretations of art and original work.

Scholars' Garden is one of the pride and joys of the Empire – vast in knowledge and in beauty; one cannot be without the other when you traverse through its pathways. Alit with crimson lanterns, fixtures that provide a different look altogether when night approaches. Knowledge and learning is greatly encouraged for both genders here. As well as daily classes, taking advantage of the seamless building, while wooden and a little shoddy does have its own charm when you stop by. The greatest among them would be Mistress Zi – she’s become one of the greatest minds and even rumoured advisor to the Emperor. But at the centre, you will find a little magic to Scholars Garden, a massive tree, ancient as day as the Empire begun. The entirety of the tree, from its expansive roots to the leaves hanging from the dense branches up above, faintly glow a soothing light green.

  • Jing Province - Nestled perfectly along the coast of the Empire, The Province hugs the edge of the land and moves with every curve. Jing is full of fishing villages, all perfectly aligned with the land and the water. Several docks span out from the continent into the sea. A river runs through the province and heads inland to feed the surrounding area. It’s thanks to this river that the province is so lush and the soil is so fertile for miles. The villages in, Jing are of a moderate size. They’re scattered apart so they don’t mess with one another in the fishing game. They all have a somewhat country vibe to them as they’re quiet, the homes are all old, and the people who live in these communities all interact with one another.
  • Li Province - The closest to, Jing, Li Province is the ideal place to live if you desire peace, quiet, and a nice view. The land is made up of sprawling hills, streams, and forests. This is perfect farmland and for centuries, the people have been doing just that. Rice fields are dug in deep here, with perfect irrigation systems feeding every farm and garden in the province. The many farming villages cover almost every inch of the province, save for the few paths that lead in and out of it. Farms dealing with livestock are kept downstream so that the animals receive the water after the vegetables. Every now and then they have the occasional wild animal that comes in to ruin the crops or kill the livestock, but the people here have a small group of farmers who are trained to handle just such a situation. There is also the clan which governs the province and protects it from bandits and wild animals alike.
  • Guangdong Province - In the north most part of the empire, Guangdong Province has only three villages. The land here is not very fertile but they’ve managed to maintain a small farm for each village. The weather here is never very great, and the view leaves you wishing you were somewhere else. A single river runs through the province, but the water is rather cold as it comes down from the mountains. A large mountain range is the best sight the province has to offer and one of the three villages is built atop the mountains. Made of finely crafted stone, it’s rumored to have been the home of an emperor or two, but there’s no proof. The pride and joy of this province is its Chi Academy. Several of the empire’s greatest generals attended this secluded academy. Despite it’s fame however, the people have kept to themselves and only the best are permitted to be taught by Master Zhuge. The academy stands alone, outside of the villages, built into the side of one of the mountain ranges.
  • Zhenjiang Province - Sitting between the Empire’s capital and the rest of the eastern provinces, Zhenjiang is second only to the imperial seat. The architecture is a replica of the capital with the same color scheme flowing throughout the province’s one village. It’s towering walls protect it from bandits who would target the, Empire’s second richest city. The surrounding area is full of the most common views however. Plains as far as the eye can see, with a tree or two popping up to obstruct the view. A clan related to the Emperor resides within the village and governs the province. Below the surface however, the city is filled with gangs and crime bubbles up over the walls. The criminals do a good job of avoiding the authorities, so only the citizens know what the city is truly like. Zhenjiang serves as the go between for the capital and the eastern provinces. Whenever anything must go to the capital, it must first pass through this village and be inspected. The many soldiers within the walls ensure that nothing gets through without the governor’s permission.
  • Shanxi Province - On the capital’s west, Shanxi is a Province of war. Their walls are dotted with towers and the single village is squeezed between two mountains. The only way to the capital from the west, is through the village or over the mountains. The village is called, the Iron Village due to its use of the metal on such a large scale. Their walls are made of the metal, several armories, made of iron, are scattered about the village, and within them are weapons made of. Iron. The village has three Chi Academies. The, Lu Bu Academy trains warriors in the use of chi, while the Abe Academy trains Elementalists and Healers. The Xiahou Yuan Academy trains guardians and archers. Each one is named after a famed practitioner from history, although none of them served under the current dynasty. The village is rather cramped as the buildings are large and the population is pretty dense. However, the people here are among some of the strongest.

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