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Fantasy Saga of the Nineteen Islands recruitment thread


The Traveller
My name is Kadri. I led, for all intents and purposes, a fairly normal life. As a lineaged, that is to say someone directly descended from the ten Aspect Dragons that created our world, I had an education that incorporated magic into my day to day life from a young age. I attended tournaments, as all people in my country of my age did. I travelled my homeland with my friends, as all people in my country of my age did. This all changed, however, when I stumbled upon an amulet.

No ordinary amulet mind you. It was created by the Aspect Dragon I am related to: Arbuzs - the aspect of Lightning. It is an item of great power, and if the stories are true there are nine others out there. And so I began a journey, to see if I could find them. On my quest, I have encountered many things, most seeking to end my life. The most prevalent is a lich, who is hunting the artefacts also, for a nefarious purpose I am uncertain I want to know.

As fortune would have it, I have been joined by several companions. Unfortunately, it is not enough. The challenges we have faced seem to grow exponentially in potency and time runs short to find the other artefacts before the lich does.
And so, dear reader, I invite you to join us on our adventure, for it would be most unfortunate if all of Nineteen Islands were to come under the control of a lich whose side hobbies include raising the dead and decimating the population.


Hello! Thanks for reading so far! This RP is in progress but it is in an ideal spot for new players and characters to jump in! This is a casual/semi-detailed fantasy-adventure RP that has a dedicated core of four players and one duck-loving goat! I will link the lore page here so that you can read more about the setting, though if you have any questions feel free to voice them! OOC takes place almost exclusively on discord but we're all really approachable on RPN too!
Fantasy - Nineteen Islands Lore


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Wow i love what i read! I would love to Join the group i do have some questions though! May I send you a PM or contact you on discord?


The Traveller
Hey for some reason it wont let me send you a msg and i cant seem to find your Discord info if yoi could plz msg me on discord id love to ask my questions amd hopefully join the group I am Taposton #1984
Should be a friend request on discord.

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