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Fandom RWBY (OOC)

  • Ozilla

    Junior Member

    Oh, and sleep well Ozilla Ozilla !

    Thanks, I did! c:

    So I see teams have been made. Are the leaders set or nah? Just curious, Isern is not a leader.

    I already said it once or twice, I personally don't have a problem rearranging the teams before the team-formation happens inplay (: Unless everybody wants to keep them like they are right now, of course. But especially with potentially new chars joining, we might find better combos!

    hey y'all got room for one more

    I think that would be quite not bad actually; maybe we do after all get another full squad Ian Temero Ian Temero !
    Also, cool to have another female char! ^.^ Nice touch with the reflective surface buff for Lilith's semblance :xFwink:
    Ian Temero Ian Temero and FROSTBITE4395 FROSTBITE4395 , I think you can actually just start RPing already if you like. Should we end up not having enough PCs for 4 squads, I think we can come up with something (if necessary, we use NPCs).
  • Ozilla

    Junior Member
    Gonna have to correct you a bit, you're mixing up semblance and aura. Pyrrah doesn't unlock his semblance, but she does unlock his aura. Everyone has the potential to have an aura but only those with it unlocked can learn their semblance and gain the ability to activate their aura.
    This. I find it hard to believe that Frost would have survived his training with his weapons without an active aura to protect him :'D

    Also, Heterological Heterological : I really like the CORL idea! If you and your team members want that to be your team name, then that's great!

    FROSTBITE4395 FROSTBITE4395 : As Heterological stated, team names also have to have some relationship to a color. I went for YFEN because not only will this allow Yuri to be the team leader (his name is represented by the first letter of YFEN) which Yuri's player wanted, but it would also be pronounced "wyvern", which is a kind of dragon creature --> red colors
  • Ozilla

    Junior Member
    That would still be


    Just with a different order to change the name (:
    Also, FROSTBITE4395 FROSTBITE4395 , you can start posting now! Regarding everyone else, as I already said, you can progress through the inplay day towards the night where everyone sleeps in the ball room, so that we can then proceed to initiation!
  • Ozilla

    Junior Member
    Okay, so here is what it looks like right now:
    Strikers Rosalina Strikers Rosalina has responded to my PN; they will post when they have time. ToothlessEnt ToothlessEnt and Yuri GreyThorn Yuri GreyThorn have not replied, and I am not willing to wait for them, therefore, you can post independently of them.
    Now, several of you mentioned that you wanted you chars to interact with each other (or at least that is what I got from you), but nobody has done so yet. We can certainly take some more time for that, but only if you guys actually do so finally instead of just waiting for somebody else. I cannot interact with anybody right now as my char is not in the ballroom, so you certainly do not have to wait for me.

    For now, I will give this a day or two more. If nobody starts actually writing something in the RP chat and get things going, then I will upload my next post which is already written and will start initiation.

    Also, I know I said in the recruitment post that I am fine with people not having time to post every day, and I really am fine with that. But I do hope that all of you can post every second or third day at least, or that you let everyone know you won't have time for the next week. As it is now, the RP is stagnating quite strongly, and I am really not ready to let it die just yet.

    Also, something completely different: I have finally uploaded my char pic and some sketches about how he uses his chakrams in combat 😊
  • Ozilla

    Junior Member
    Alright, I have posted in the RP and started initiation. More info later when everybody is active; for now I would just like to remember you that the first char your own char interacts with has to be from the same team; remember that pairs are formed by eye contact after landing!

    Also, should some char from team CISO not be able to do a landing on their own, my char could help (:
  • Ozilla

    Junior Member
    Alright, had him pick the scroll up. Also, great! I also like Calypso better ^^

    Before I forget it again: Heterological Heterological I assume you intended to add the appearance info for Chrom at a later time when you originally uploaded his char sheet? Right now, there is only "info here"; if that was supposed to be a link to a picture or so, it does not work 🤔 Is that something you would like to change?
  • Ozilla

    Junior Member
    No, at this point I don't really want to restart the whole team construction with new chars and all that. You can try to contact them yourself, if you want; maybe you have more success than I did. Otherwise I am afraid your team will not be participating in the RP anymore, sorry :/
  • Ozilla

    Junior Member
    Alright, I updated the teams accordingly in the character thread. You can also find them here:
    SSCR (scarlet)CISO (calypso)

    As you can see, only minor changes were necessary, i.e. I just placed Raine into team scarlet which does not even need to be renamed (just the last letter changes obviously).
    Yakom011001 Yakom011001 : Could you post your character to Raine so that those two can partner up? If you want, you can make something up along the lines of the tides of the future are everchanging and Spinel sees that Aue will not be his partner after all, or you can leave that out and just make Spinel stumble across Raine. HerculePyro HerculePyro
    Aleph Null Aleph Null and Puppernickel Puppernickel : For you two, nothing changes at all (: you can just proceed and post some more in the forest, if you want, or you can wait until Spinel and Raine have found each other
    Soviet Panda Soviet Panda Tessa Heronstairs Tessa Heronstairs PixelSymphony PixelSymphony : Nothing changes for team CISO, therefore all of you can continue posting just fine! The first two of you, if you want, you can write a fight for Clementine and Isern, or you can make your chars find Sumi and Oceanos in preparation of the boss fight!
  • Ozilla

    Junior Member
    As always, once I'm asleep, there is an explosion of activity :*D

    A quick update: Sadly I am still searching for a replacement for Pup. I really hope it does not take much longer, but would still like HerculePyro HerculePyro (and the rest of you, of course) to wait with your next RP post (unless you want to post some more fighting) as you should finish the battle as a team of 4.

    Also, SCR should take the black kings and OSEI the white ones ^^
  • Ozilla

    Junior Member
    Oh those zoom classes xD

    I jumped in to get the three others on your team to the ground. Can you take it from here and post your team back to Beacon? Then I can write the completion of initiation Elysium Elysium
  • Ozilla

    Junior Member
    Oooh, which armies will you be playing with? Soviet Panda Soviet Panda Good luck, even though I have to say, should your friend play Eldar, I am kind of rooting for him xD

    I initiated the fight so that everybody can already start with that :) I would like my team to lose this match (but not without putting up a fight, of course!). Aleph Null Aleph Null Depending on how good of a leader you want Cronan to be from the beginning, this can either be because Cronan is already very good at coordinating everyone or it is just because of individual performances and the fact that Oceanos has no idea what he is doing (and possibly because Sumire's stomach is growling distractingly loud =P). If you want to go for some coordination and give commands to your teammates, feel free to also include Matte and Spinel, I will have them act accordingly.
  • Ozilla

    Junior Member
    Good to hear! I just edited my last post to also include Isern vs Raine, so that you can continue as well, Panda.
    I also removed Oceanos from the fight; as I said, if that is okay with you, I'd like this practice duel to come to an end soon so we can continue (:
  • Ozilla

    Junior Member
    MouseDuke MouseDuke Your char is now in the RP ^^ Also, I believe his last name is spelled Hinomaru? The title of your CS spells it Hinomura.

    Also, I was indeed somewhat apprehensive of the new team name, but turns out Aka is rather well suited so that Ozpin could rename OSEI (Odyssey) to - wait for it, drum rolls - OSAI (Odyssey)! Woohoo! I will change the first post in the char thread

    PixelSymphony PixelSymphony Soviet Panda Soviet Panda
  • Ozilla

    Junior Member
    Alright, so I was thinking after a bit more char IA and a practice fight for Aka (Duke, if you have any preferences for Aka's opponent, please do tell me!), we could do a small time skip. Basically, in the time that we skip, there has been another (off-screen) team fight which OSEI also loses, and then they have another Grim fight in the Forever Fall (this will correlate with the episode of the same name) where things start to go a little bit better; from that point on, we can head into a direction where everyone starts to work together a bit better. This will btw also be a bit of a foreshadowing for something that I have planned for later in the RP 😜

    As always, if anybody would like to have something else included in the RP (or to change something that I wrote), just tell me!

    PixelSymphony PixelSymphony Soviet Panda Soviet Panda MouseDuke MouseDuke
  • Ozilla

    Junior Member
    Hey Rcticwolf Rcticwolf , this is indeed still going, thanks for your interest! Afraid we are full, though, sorry :/

    Grim Wraithe Stjerna Grim Wraithe Stjerna Seems you can post now ^^

    PixelSymphony PixelSymphony Soviet Panda Soviet Panda Sean will have a 1x1 practice fight sometime soon. Would you like to have Sumi and Isern also get their own practice fights? If so, let me know if you have a preferred opponent and if you want to write the fight scene yourself or if I should control the other char!