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Fandom RWBY (OOC)



Arson on the Orient Express
Although I still think it'd be in character for Raine to see the night Cronan grabbed, and go down and swap the king for it, cause she didn't like the choice of a king.


Tactical Operations Meido
One other quick thing, we can't take the white knights, white rooks, or black bishops as those are already designated in canon, as well as one of the white pawns.


Archetype of Steel
Also, I made a point to hint at one of Spinel's weaknesses I'd yet to mention. You guys can wait for in in-RP or I can explain it now if you guys want.

Aleph Null

World Voyager
Instead of him explaining it here in ooc, I'd prefer to wait we get far enough into the rp that it's explained in detail.


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As always, once I'm asleep, there is an explosion of activity :*D

A quick update: Sadly I am still searching for a replacement for Pup. I really hope it does not take much longer, but would still like HerculePyro HerculePyro (and the rest of you, of course) to wait with your next RP post (unless you want to post some more fighting) as you should finish the battle as a team of 4.

Also, SCR should take the black kings and OSEI the white ones ^^


Hello. Sorry about not posting yesterday. Paid my internet bill and fell asleep. I reworked my character Ozilla Ozilla I'll pm it to you when I get a moment at work today.

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