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Fandom RWBY: Forgotten Times

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, School
The war with Salem has long past. It's been 300 years. The world has recovered from the ruin and destruction of the war. The conclusion of the war has been lost to time. Many questions remain as to what occurred.
With both Salem and Ozpin dead, the world has progressed beyond the war into what it has become now.

Ruled by the descendants of James Ironwood.
Atlas has become a regime-like kingdom with heavy forces and strict ruling of the Military.

A ruined wasteland of desert scarred by war.
A Shadow Organization known as the Twisted Talons rules over it.
Not much is known besides it was formed by the remains of the White Fang.

A repaired kingdom. A safe place where the cracks of unhappiness and fear slip through in it's citizens.
Many decades were spent fighting off Grimm that crept into vale after the fall of beacon.
Now the kingdom has recovered but things are not what they were.

A utopia in which the rich have thrived and the shadows of crime have run rampant under the control of the rich.

A new generation of huntresses and Huntsmen arrive at Beacon and a new tale begins.
But a rising group of individuals have been pulling strings, manipulating the kingdoms to achieve what Salem once had.
Immortality. Gathering a council of the strongest semblances across remnant. This is what happened.
- The Shadowed One.

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SomebodyElse SomebodyElse Two questions:
Will there be an OOC thread?
Will/can our characters be in teams? Or has the concept of teams fizzled out in the past 300 years?
Soviet Panda Soviet Panda Kenku Kenku
Yeah I think possibly. We have two teams but CSes are coming slow. I might be able to make a third team depending on how things go but for now feel free to make CSes and I’ll see if we can fit you both in somehow

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