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Fandom RWBY: [Broken World] (Alternate Universe)


Hear The Blackened Call
4 years after beacons fall:
The world is broken, civilizations are at war against one another while the Grimm run rampant under the rule of the dark goddess Salem. Many former students, now grown people, forced themselves to become huntsman and huntresses despite lacking education, though not many unite under one flag. The white fang run rampant with their new Grimm allies under the rule of one Adam Taurus, the relics have fallen in Salem’s grasp and Team JNPR and Team RWBY have both fallen to become her slaves in death. The militaries have fallen by betrayal, propaganda, and deceit.

Truly, there is no hope of peace and prosperity as their once was back before this cruel time.
As a huntsman/huntress, your job is to protect the innocent..but without the governments to keep in check, you now have a few choices.
1. Join Salem to rule over all of Remnant.
2. Continue your job and protect the innocent people from the clutches of death.
3. Become a mercenary, and work for the benefit of money.
4. Travel all of remnant and hope to find a way to put an end to this chaos.

Semi-Canon roles (Available!):
1. Evil Ruby (@Umber )
2. Evil Weiss (Available)
3. Evil Blake (Available)
4. Evil Yang (Available)
5. Evil Jaune (@Kameron Esters- )
6. Evil Nora (Available )
7. Evil Pyrrha (@xAlter )
8. Evil Ren (@xAlter )
9. Salem (@Kameron Esters- )
10. Adam Taurus (@Insidi )
For more information on the semi-canon roles, DM me

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Hear The Blackened Call
Just for the sake of (Nearly) everyone possibly getting a chance of a role before OC’s get involved, I’d say the maximum is 2


Hear The Blackened Call
If you know any RWBY RPers that might be interested, don’t be afraid to spread the word.

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