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Fandom RWBY Alternate Reboot! (1 slot)

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~Vibing along the cosmos~
What if in an alternate universe, Beacon never fell and the Rwby team never existed or any relations? In this world, everything is fine except for the rumors of Grimm growing more berserk than usual. A darker threat is behind the spike in the Grimm's behavior and the investigation has led to countless deaths, many injured, and sending off Hunters and Huntress experts has left Beacon vulnerable. It will be up to the Beacon's students to protect and preserve the school.

Hello, and welcome to the interest check. Thank you for taking the time to read, my last rp was losing people and so team members were missing. Please don't join unless you're dedicated or can notify me ahead of time, please, and thank you.

The Rules

  • As interesting as it may sound, this is honestly just a casual, chill Rwby chibi like rp but with a bit of plot so there will be more arcs of shenanigans with some points of seriousness
  • All RPN rules apply
  • No god-modding or Mary sue Semblances
  • I will PM discord chat if interested
  • No you can't be a Maiden
  • The lore is the same except the characters we know are gone
  • Having Discord is crucial for all the plotting and suggestions will be in the threads
  • don't be too edgy


Fleeting Starline
Hello! I'm just coming off a hiatus (though really, I wasn't able to dig my teeth into anything before it) but I'd still love to join if you're still open?

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