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Realistic or Modern Running Triangles

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Anime, LGTBQ Friendly, Realistic, Romance, School, Slice of Life


I'm looking for people to join a slice-of-life, romantic story involving characters belonging to a small, everyone knows everyone, rural town where hopeless romanticism runs wild amongst the people. I'm looking for triangles upon triangles like a bag of Doritos up in here, guys. Mothers, fathers, high-school or college students, the local paper guy/girl, the town's mechanic, etc.

The only rule is that your character's love must not be reciprocated off the bat. The mutual development must take place within the story, and who knows, they might fall for someone completely unexpected in the end.

If you make a student, you do not have to prioritize their parents if you don't want to. If you do, I prefer that their parent is another person's character.

There will be frequent time-skipping in this RP because it keeps it fresh. There will be events and important news stories that I'll consistently post within the IC thread to keep members of the town updated with each other's business, etc. Remember... everyone knows everyone if even just their name.

Another important tip here. I don't want character sheets, guys. I'm doing things differently here. Everyone tends to get caught up in the BBcoding business and by the time they've finished their character, they've lost interest and the RP never starts because no one finishes their CS on time. So, what we'll do here is post only our characters' NAMES, AGES, APPEARANCES (image, descriptions, bulletins, or whatever you want), CRUSH, their ROLE/OCCUPATION, and their RUMORS, because everyone has one. As certain details and trivia come up IC, you may add it to your character sheet. So, like, their birthday. Until it is mentioned IC, you don't need it in your CS. I don't want to see a sexuality section in your sheets, though. I want to leave that to the suspicions of our characters, but we'll know, of course, when we see who their crush is.

[image here in spoiler or heightrestricted]
Name: John Pope
Age: 32
Occupation: Town's Journalist
Crush: Peter Parker, Town's Vigilante
Rumor(s): Said to write false claims in his work. Said to have once stolen from the library.)

1. Absolutely no one-liners, but try to keep your posts short enough that we're not getting lost in them.
2. Three-days without posting is a warning, six days and your character will be removed from the story.
3. Fade-to-black when necessary.
4. At the bottom of your "CS" please link me to a recent work of yours so that I can observe your writing style.
5. Try not to duplicate roles/occupations unless it's a student (high-school or college).
6. Characters must be 17 (standard age of a senior in high-school) or older to partake in a romantic relationship, but their partner must not be any older than four years of them. If your character is 21, their partner may be however many years older than them.
7. Two character maximum unless you can prove consistency. At that point, we'll think about more.
8. Sometimes, only sometimes, following a time-skip, I will provide everyone with a generated list of pairings to mix up character interactions because we want everyone to meet each other.
9. More than one character can have the same crush, but that person cannot crush on any of them until through IC situations.

Here is the character thread. You can post a character, but I will not consider you for the RP unless you include some proof-of-literacy. HERE
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I'm at work, right now, but bump. You don't even have to tell me you're interested, just follow the character sheet rules in the tab.


◢ Kitty ◤
Tbh I really like the design of the CS and I've seen so many from fancy and huge jugs of information to simple and plain, but this is just...Good


It's good to put an [Alway Open] on your interest check
Well, it won't always be open (unless someone leaves) but I usually put something to indicate that I'm still accepting characters. At the same time, though, it doesn't say that it's not accepting so I think it'll be okay.
Those who are truly interested will ask ;)

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